Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 415

Lee Kwang-soo has been waiting at the door of Jung Hyuk-jae’s office for more than half an hour. Some colleagues and artists passing by from the company were surprised to see him. Everyone looked at him. Falling on Lee Kwang-soo made him feel a weird feeling, as if he had taken off his clothes and stood in front of everyone.

With regard to the fight, Lee Kwang-soo knew that he had only turned his head back when he was angry, but if there is a chance, he will definitely do it again, but the consequences are now on him. In front of him, all the consequences need to be borne by him, so he will stand in front of Jung Hyuk-jae’s office, waiting for the moment when he decides his own Fate, no matter what kind of punishment he will choose to accept.

“Is he the newcomer of our company?” In the office area not far away, a few women gathered together and stared at Lee Kwang-soo, their eyes were a little bright, I don’t know. Is he coveting his appearance or height? I have to admit that although Lee Kwang-soo’s appearance is not that popular and handsome in the entertainment industry to a certain extent, he is a good type of man, and his height also has extra points, which naturally attracts him. Part of the female fans, and the company’s female colleagues are one of them.

Hearing what my girlfriend said, the woman beside him immediately said: “Well, I saw him at the door of our company last time. He is really tall, and the young man has a very humble attitude. I know I call me’-noona’ from our company, and there seems to be such a younger brother!”

“I think you are a real nympho, don’t you?” Looking at my friend, he looked like a idiot. , Girlfriends can’t stand it anymore.

Looking at Lee Kwang-soo, who has been standing in front of Jung Hyuk-jae’s office for at least an hour, the doubts in everyone’s hearts are constantly rising, “You said why he has been standing In front of the president’s office? Isn’t the president talking to the president of the KPlus company on business matters?”

“Yes, it’s been over an hour, our president is still talking in the Conference Hall What’s the matter, how about you go up and tell your little brother to stop him from waiting?” The girlfriend said with a smile on her face, and when she said she knocked her shoulder against her friend, “You didn’t mean you want to Such a younger brother? Take this opportunity to go up and tell him, take this opportunity to get to know each other, maybe you will be dragged to the bed in the future! Haha…”

A group of unmarried people The big married wife and the small wife talk about a relatively large scale. It is estimated that if you are not working at work, the scale may be even larger.

“Yeah! What are you talking about? Am I that kind of person?” The woman being spoken said with a serious face, but she probably didn’t believe it, and her firm expression has not been maintained. It took five seconds to break the power. “Haha…you guys are so dirty!”

“Where are you dirty, I want to put our company’s lovely So-shin People caught on their own bed to do some hehe things!”

“Yes, yes! Where is you dirty!”

“No more, I’m going to remind you This little brother, let him be on guard against you as a female sex wolf…”

“Dead little girl, are you itchy skin again!”

“Ah Haha, -eonni, don’t mess around!”

For a while, I guess I realized that my discussion was a little louder. All the female sex and wolves became low-key. The report should be written. Work, work, in short, have returned to their posts, and everything just now seems to have never happened.

“Eh eh eh, I know why this younger brother is waiting in front of the president’s office…” A gossip came and the women who love gossip got together again chirp chirp twitter Twitter up, the level of excitement is not worse than before.

“What’s the matter?”

“Where did you get the news?”

“Quickly talk!” Facing the gossip, These women are more interested than usual.

After buying it for a while, the woman said, “I heard from others that this younger brother had a fight with other artists in the bar last night, and I heard that The other party gave a hard hit, otherwise the president of the company would not come to the door.”

“Really? Didn’t expect this little brother looks quite harmless, didn’t expect T expect turned out to be an expert in fighting?”

“Yes, find a boyfriend who can fight, so I feel safe, but I am more and more interested in this younger brother now. !”

“Nympho, don’t make trouble! The presidents of other companies have come to the door. What do you think will happen to this younger brother?” said the girlfriend with a serious face.

“It’s not that serious? Isn’t it just a fight, isn’t it?”

Perhaps because of this gossip news, more and more people’s eyes are gathered. Come on Lee Kwang-soo.


Compared with the many enchanting females here, Lee Kwang-soo is waiting here It’s a lot more worrying, because he still doesn’t know what kind of path is waiting for him, and what is his punishment…

A fine? Suppress performance opportunities? Or should it be refrigerated about a year?

The fine here is probably the best result for him, and the rest is not something he can afford, whether it is to suppress the opportunity to play or to refrigerate it.

Just when Lee Kwang-soo was in fear, the door of the Conference Hall was opened from inside at this time. Under the company of Jung Hyuk-jae, President Yoon of KPlus Agency and Jung Hyuk-jae After shaking hands and leaving peacefully and friendly, it seems that the matter has been successfully resolved, then the next thing waiting for him is the final Fate.

The expressions on Lee Kwang-soo’s face are tangled together, and his heart is restless. He touched his trousers with both hands and didn’t know where to put it.

After sending President Yoon of the KPlus agency out of the company, Jung Hyuk-jae turned around and saw Lee Kwang-soo, who was waiting in front of his office not far away. From Jung Hyuk-jae’s point of view , Lee Kwang-soo looked towards More restless in his own eyes.


Lee Kwang-soo is standing in front of Jung Hyuk-jae. He is seven or eight centimeters taller than Jung Hyuk-jae, but in the eyes of outsiders It seems to be shorter than Jung Hyuk-jae.

“Come in!” Jung Hyuk-jae nodded then said, as Jung Hyuk-jae glanced over the many enchanting females gathered not far away, he hadn’t said anything yet , Everyone had fled around, and was caught by the Boss until they were chatting. Several women were as worried as Lee Kwang-soo.

Lee Kwang-soo nodded, then walked in front of Jung Hyuk-jae and opened the door, “President, please!”

“Okay, come in.” Jung Hyuk-jae held up the door while talking, and closed the door when Lee Kwang-soo came in.

“Kwang-soo, what do you want to drink?” Jung Hyuk-jae walked to the water dispenser in the office. There was a small refrigerator beside it, which contained various kinds of drinks.

“Water will do!” Lee Kwang-soo felt wrong right after he finished speaking. As an artist, how could Boss pour water on himself?

After reacting, Lee Kwang-soo hurriedly stood up and said with a panic face: “President, sit down, I will do it!”

“Okay, sit down Sit down, I don’t eat people.”

Although Jung Hyuk-jae is a very young boss, no one in the company dares to despise him, let alone outside that Xie once despised Jung. Hyuk-jae, people who underestimate JHJEntertainment, have been beaten by Jung Hyuk-jae now without exception, and they are the kind of face that hurts.

Jung Hyuk-jae put the water in front of Lee Kwang-soo, “Okay, sit down!”

“Thank you, President!”

Lee Kwang-soo’s buttocks sat down close to the edge of the sofa, and he didn’t dare to sit down, just like sprinting on the sofa.

Jung Hyuk-jae sat opposite Lee Kwang-soo, and pointed to the farce of the fight last night, and asked, “Which beer glass was so cool last night?”

“Uh…” Faced with this question, Lee Kwang-soo didn’t answer any questions, and could only respond with silence.

“I will analyze with you the consequences of this incident.” Jung Hyuk-jae calculated with him with his fingers, “It is natural that you are at a loss if you fight first. Before that, if you are reasonable, you will be at a loss because of this reason. Then, you didn’t cause any serious damage to him. If a beer glass opened his head, the more important point If he was seriously injured or It’s death. The other party or passerby must call the police? The police come and take you away. What do you think is waiting for you even if the company helps you deal with it?”

“The identity of the model Become a prisoner? You wasted your good time in jail? Your family is very sad because of you. After a few years, you will come out of jail. What will be waiting for you? Not a good job, no job, no home, no girlfriend, nothing!”

Lee Kwang-soo fights this matter, although the matter is small but the nature is unusual, youngsters are irritating. Vigor is understandable. Even if you vent on the bed or on a woman, no one cares about it, but if you want to vent on things like fighting, it is really not worth it. Regarding the consequences of this matter, Jung Hyuk -jae, of course, he said in a bigger place.

“President, I was wrong!” Lee Kwang-soo admitted his mistake and lowered his head deeply. He didn’t even dare to lift the head to see Jung Hyuk-jae. “The company is right. I can accept whatever punishment I am.”

“Really?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked rhetorically.

“Yes!” Lee Kwang-soo replied, already giving up in his heart, waiting for him must be severely punished.

“Take a visit to this address tomorrow and find this person!” Jung Hyuk-jae threw a note to Lee Kwang-soo.

Lee Kwang-soo took it with both hands and glanced at the address on it. This is… This is the address of the OCN cable channel? Yoo Jae-seok? It turned out to be Yoo Jae-seok?

“Tomorrow “SNLKorea” will record the first trial episode!”

At this moment, Lee Kwang-soo’s heart was filled with ecstasy, and he was going to be in the variety show. Did you make a debut?

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