Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 418

When Jung Hyuk-jae took the time to come to this studio in Yeouido, the program just started recording. As the general PD, Zhang Jin moved a small bench and sat in front of the monitor. And beside him are a few writers Screenwriter. As a veteran Screenwriter and director who have been in the entertainment industry for a few years, it is not a problem to find a few writers suitable for this program. After all, “SNLKorea” is mainly funny. Variety show writers are more popular.

The layout of the studio of “SNLKorea” is more like the interior of a palace. The door of the palace is where the guests and hosts come out, and on both sides of the door there is a band, from guitars to drums. It can be described as a live soundtrack. After all, program will invite guests from time to time, especially singers. The live soundtrack is also a highlight of “SNL”. There is a stage in front, and the stage is directly facing the audience, because it is a pilot episode. Not many spectators were invited, and the four rows of chairs were full.

“LadiesAndGentleman, WelcomeSuperJunior!”

Different from other variety show programs, there was a host Baba’s poke on the stage to give a few opening remarks before the program started, because there were musical guests joining, So the opening session was “U” by SuperJunior’s dance.

After hearing the shouting of the live DJ, the fans and audience on the scene launched a burst of warm applause and cheers in a timely manner.

On June 17 this year, SuperJunior released the single “U”, and just eight days later, on June 25, SuperJunior won the South Korea SBSTV Station music program “Inkigayo” for the first time with the single “U” After that, “U” won the music program “Inkigayo” for 3 consecutive weeks. It can be said that if SuperJunior really attracted the attention of the circle and overseas fans, it was with this song “U”, which debuted for a year. After that, SuperJunior had its own program “SuperJuniorKissTheRadio” at KBSTV Station on August 21, with Leeteuk and Eunhyuk acting as DJs, and really walked from behind the scenes to the front of the stage.

In a handsome black suit, thirteen members stepped onto the stage from behind the door, and the cheers from the scene almost lifted the roof.

Because there are too many handsome guys in front of you, and Lee Kwang-soo deliberately hid himself behind everyone, the audience and fans may not have noticed that there is a masquerade as among the thirteen people. Having an ability, but Jung Hyuk-jae really saw Lee Kwang-soo’s disguise at a glance. No wonder the future generations will love and hate Lee Kwang-soo fans. This person can still get along with handsome when he is serious. , But as long as he arrived in “RunningMan”, he became one of the ugliest three in RM, and today Lee Kwang-soo is definitely taking the line of handsome men.

“Come on, music!”

After the opening song rang, Leeteuk’s blast, the familiar “U” rang, and the scene immediately transformed from a studio into a concert scene. This song “U” is a fast song with full power, coupled with harmonious singing, is an excellent dance piece. The strong beat and delicate dance style are impressive. The beginning of the song is played by Hong Jun-ho, the strongest guitarist in South Korea. The dynamic beat and emotional melody express the sad love for the lover. , And in line with the overall style of the song, SuperJunior showed a strong masculine charm and gorgeous stage charm.

The beginning of the music song sounded, and the fans in the audience turned into fans in an instant. They didn’t know which handsome guy to stare at, from Leeteuk to Kim Hee-chul, golden bell cloud… Various handsome guys have attracted female audiences and female fans of the overwhelming majority. Even if you don’t like the combination, it’s okay to look at your face.

The audience may be watching the handsome guy they like, while Jung Hyuk-jae is watching Lee Kwang-soo’s performance.

“I forgot myself, how should I forget you

Please let me determine for you that the Knight who guards you is here now

I can’t Imagine how to endure a person’s helplessness when you are not here

OH~How to take my love back out


You belong to me , The most beautiful dream


I want us to hold hands tightly…”

Originally, the first sentence of this song should be Choi Si -won came to sing, but since Choi Si-won is not here today, Lee Kwang-soo’s future program effect as a stand-in will naturally hide at the end of the crowd. While lip-synching, the stage words are also imitated. The artist group produced by SM is known for its blade dance. Both TVXQ and Super Junior are famous for blade dance. More than a dozen dances make you feel like a person, but today it’s a little different. The taller one at the back seems I have been making mistakes, and there always seems to be an awkward feeling. Perhaps this is the birth of the title of Lee Kwang-soo’dancing robot’.

The end of the song, the handsome ending of everyone, as the team leader Leeteuk first introduced himself, “Hello everyone, I am SJLeeteuk!”

“I am Shindong!”

“I’m Ryeowook!”

“I’m Kyuhyun!”

SJ group members introduced themselves one by one, and finally arrived at Lee Kwang- Soo, I saw him put a pose with one hand in his pocket, “Hello everyone, I’m Si-won!”

Different from the previous introductions, maybe it’s a surprise. There were more enthusiastic screams and cheers.

“This person is not Si-won Oppa!”

“Didn’t you say that Si-won Oppa is here?”

Someone reacted, There are still some people who failed to react from here. After hearing everyone’s discussion, they stared at the Si-won substitute on the stage, and couldn’t help but sigh, “This makeup looks like!”

“Yes, although I can see that it is different, I didn’t notice it when I glanced over it!”

Although no one knows what such a variety program will have The content of the program, but everyone felt a surprise from the opening. It seems that this is somewhat different from the current variety program in South Korea.

At the end of the introduction of Kang-in, he immediately turned the topic to Lee Kwang-soo who pretended to be Si-won among the crowd, “That, Si-won, Si-won?”

Lee Kwang-soo then said: “Brother, what’s the matter?” The deliberately pretending indifference and composure made the audience laugh.

“It looks like it really looks like it!” Although everyone in SJ knew the inside story, they couldn’t help but sigh.

For less than five seconds to calm down, Lee Kwang-soo’counseled’, bowed to introduce himself, “Hello everyone, I am Lee Kwang-soo!”

This is Lee Kwang-soo stepped onto the stage for the first time, standing under the spotlight, standing in front of the camera, standing in front of a large audience, for one minute and 47 seconds.

Lee Kwang-soo, who walked off the stage, saw Jung Hyuk-jae standing behind the crowd, and was shocked that a cold sweat broke out on his body. How did the president come here? Did he see all his performance on the stage just now?

Thinking of this, Lee Kwang-soo immediately arrived in front of Jung Hyuk-jae in two steps and one step at a time, “President, are you here?”

“Well, it was pretty good just now. , At least not so nervous…”

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