Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 419

A few minutes later, Jung Hyuk-jae left. After Jung Hyuk-jae left, Lee Kwang-soo felt that his breathing became much easier. I don’t know why, anyway. He felt very stressed when facing Jung Hyuk-jae just now.

Jung Hyuk-jae came to the studio and took a look. He did not disturb other people when he came. After all, the purpose of his trip was to come and see, not to supervise, since The program has been handed over to Zhang Zhen, then enough trust must be given to the other party.

Because of the previous contact through “Welcome to Dongmakgol”, Jung Hyuk-jae has a good impression of Zhang Jin, although he has not shown his talents in the variety show, but Jung Hyuk-jae is also willing to try it through “SNLKorea”. A new variety show program impossible from the very beginning will go smoothly. Detours and bumps are indispensable.

“Did anyone come here just now?”

An audience member in the audience noticed that someone was speaking behind him just now, and when she turned her head to look, there was no one. However, she still saw the substitute Si-won standing on the side, and had to admit that the makeup artist’s dexterity, forcibly made Lee Kwang-soo and Choi Si-won similar to seven points, although the tall boy in front of her is not It’s not Si-won, but looking at him with the face of Choi Si-won, just looking at it is also a pleasure.

“Oppa, what was your name on the stage just now?” the fan asked without words.

Hearing someone calling himself, Lee Kwang-soo immediately reacted with a smile on his face and re-introduced: “I am Lee Kwang-soo!” Looking at the cute soft girl in front of him, Lee Kwang The smile on -soo’s face is even brighter, and there is a voice in his heart yelling, seeing that I don’t have a fan anymore!

“Kwang-soo Oppa, can I call you Kwang-soo Oppa?” the little girl asked sweetly. This sentence directly penetrated Lee Kwang-soo’s heart, how great A fan of ah.

This may be his first fan. Lee Kwang-soo naturally didn’t dare to neglect, and he agreed, “Of course!”

I got Lee Kwang-soo The little girl smiled better, “Kwang-soo Oppa, you are so tall!” Seeing the Lee Kwang-soo female fan in front of her, her face was full of surprise, “Oppa, how tall are you? Huh?”

“I am one meter nine.” Lee Kwang-soo replied.

“Wow, no wonder!” The little girl stared at Lee Kwang-soo’s long legs and coveted. The conversation between fans and artists did not affect other audiences. After all, this is the last one. At the end of the row.

“Oppa, come on, I will always follow you!”

The little fan fisted and encouraged. She also knows that Lee Kwang-soo can talk to herself for such a long time. It is not easy, so she dared not continue to disturb.

Because of this episode, the smile on Lee Kwang-soo’s face didn’t fall for a long time until Lee Kwang-soo returned to the dressing room. Yoo Jae-seok, who was putting on makeup early, saw Lee Kwang-soo’s face. After expression, he was naturally very strange. Before he took the stage, he was still nervous. He recovered so quickly?

“Kwang-soo, did you encounter any good things?” Yoo Jae-seok asked curiously.

“Jae-seok Sunbae, when I walked off the stage, a fan stopped me and said she liked me very much.” Lee Kwang-soo explained, the smile on his face continued. You can understand his feelings from the expression on his face at a glance.

Hearing Lee Kwang-soo’s words, Yoo Jae-seok couldn’t help but sigh with emotion: “I think my legs almost collapsed when I walked off the stage back then. Now the newcomer is It’s not the same.” Facing Lee Kwang-soo Yoo Jae-seok, he praised without hesitation.


The filming of the entire “SNLKorea” program took quite a while In one day, after all, there are a lot of skits similar to one-act dramas in “SNLKorea”. If the actors don’t pay attention or are distracted, they have to re-record it. If is one or two times, it’s okay, but If does it again and again. Come on, even the best-tempered PD will not be able to suppress the inner anger, not to mention that today is the live audience who came over to make up the number without compensation. If it is not a meal at noon, and the food is good, it is estimated that it will be early It was gone in the afternoon.

This is how the recording of variety show programs is. If it doesn’t work once, then twice, if both sides don’t work, then three times. There will always be a time to pass, but more and more truly in person variety show programs will be available in later generations. Come out, the audience prefers to watch the real performance of the artists.

“Hyuk-jae~ah, are you here?”

The recording work here is over. Jung Hyuk-jae drove to the studio again, sharp-eyed Yoo Jae-seok saw Jung Hyuk-jae at the entrance of the studio at a glance, beckoned and shouted.

“Jae-seok -hyeong, is the program finished?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked.

“Well, isn’t this just over!” Yoo Jae-seok said and walked to Jung Hyuk-jae’s side, “This is today’s guest SuperJunior, this is JHJ Entertainment’s Jung Hyuk-jae President Zheng “

SuperJuniordidn’t expect Yoo Jae-seok, who was packing up and leaving, would introduce them to Jung Hyuk-jae, but there was no response for a while. Fortunately, SJ’s team leader Leeteuk responded quickly. Immediately led his teammates to greet, “Hello, President Jeong!”

“Hello.” After speaking, Jung Hyuk-jae said to Yoo Jae-seok who was aside, “Jae-seok -hyeong, for a while Did you have anything tonight?”

“It’s okay, just go home.”

“Today also happens to be the first recording of our “SNLKorea”, we will go out together later I’ve decided on a place for dinner, and it’s very close here.”

“Okay, no problem!” Yoo Jae-seok agreed in one fell swoop, and then his eyes fell on SuperJunior. , “Leeteuk -ssi, do you want to stay for a meal?”

“Jae-seok Sunbae, this is not necessary, we have a schedule to run in a while, I’m really sorry. “Leeteuk explained somewhat apologetically. After all, Sunbae’s refusal is definitely not appropriate.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, the schedule is important!”

“Then, Jung Hyuk-jae, Jae-seok Sunbae, we will go back first.”

At this time, Zhang Zhen, who had finished work on the sidelines, also joined in, “President Zheng, are you here?”

“Zhang Zhen-ssi, how about today’s first phase of shooting smoothly?” Jung Hyuk-jae asked.

“It’s okay, within the acceptable range.” Zhang Zhen thought about replied, but the expression on his face didn’t say that.

Jung Hyuk-jae laughed, this is also under his consideration, so he patted his hand, “Okay, Zhang Zhen-ssi, call all the members of the program group, let’s go to dinner, I guess everyone I’m hungry too.”

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