Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 422

As the copyrighted “SNL-KOREA”, the design of the title also followed the American version, lighting, slow motion, Seoul night scenes and nightclubs, dazzling nightclubs Several hosts of “SNL-KOREA” under the light showed up one after another, or showed themselves in the opening of the film, either handsomely or funny, Yoo Jae-seok was even more excited to show his confident buttocks, making him wait on the TV The audience in front of it was full of enthusiasm.

“Hurry up, let’s get started!”

The SJ fans who are already waiting in front of the TV are excitedly recruiting friends and waiting for the moment when the program officially starts.

On June 17 this year, superjunior released the single “u”, and just eight days later, on June 25, superjunior won the South Korea sbsTV Station music program “Inkigayo” for the first time with the single “u” After that, “u” won a music program “Inkigayo” for three consecutive weeks. It can be said that if superjunior really attracted the attention of the circle and overseas fans, it was with this song “u”, which debuted for a year After that, superjunior had his own program “superjuniorkisstheradio” at kbsTV Station on August 21, with Leeteuk and Eunhyuk acting as djs, and he really walked from behind the scenes to the front of the stage.

In a handsome black suit, thirteen members stepped onto the stage from behind the door, and the cheers from the scene almost lifted the roof.

“Come on, music!”

After the opening song rang, Leeteuk’s blast, the familiar “u” rang, and the scene immediately transformed from a studio into a concert scene. This “u” is a fast song with full power, coupled with a harmonious singing, is a fine dance masterpiece. The strong beat and delicate dance style are impressive. The beginning of the song is played by Hong Jun-ho, the strongest guitarist in South Korea. The dynamic beat and emotional melody express the sad love for the lover. , And with the overall style of the song, the superjunior showed a strong masculine charm and gorgeous stage charm.

The beginning of the music song sounded, and the fans in the audience turned into fans in an instant. They didn’t know which handsome guy to stare at, from Leeteuk to Kim Hee-chul, golden bell cloud… Various handsome guys have attracted female audiences and female fans of the overwhelming majority. Even if you don’t like the combination, it’s okay to look at your face.

Not only the scene during the recording, when the music sounded and SuperJunior came out, the fans in front of the TV were all very excited, dancing and dancing in front of the TV without understanding the situation. People thought they had a convulsion or they were still doing this.

“I forgot myself, how should I forget you

Please let me determine for you that the Knight who guards you is here now

I can’t Imagine how you don’t want to endure the helplessness of a person next to you

oh~how to take my love back out


You belong to me, The most beautiful dream


I want our hands to hold tightly…”

The artist group produced by sm is known for its blade dance, regardless of Is it TVXQ or superjunior is famous for blade dance, more than a dozen dances make you feel like a person, but today it’s a bit different, the tall one at the back seems to be making mistakes all the time, and there always seems to be an awkward feeling. .

When recording the scene, it was not obvious that Lee Kwang-soo was mixed in the SuperJunior dance group. After all, under the interference of live music and lighting, the state of many fans during the incarnation concert, their Although I saw Lee Kwang-soo, I didn’t have too much doubt, but when the program aired, the fans waiting in front of the TV could tell at a glance that there seemed to be a guy with masquerade as having an ability in the crowd, and That guy is quite tall.

The end of the song, the handsome ending of everyone, as the team leader Leeteuk first introduced himself, “Hello everyone, I am sjLeeteuk!”

“I am Shindong!”

“I am Ryeowook!”

“I am Kyuhyun!”

The members of SuperJunior introduced themselves one by one, and finally arrived at Lee Kwang- Soo, I saw him pose with a hand in his pocket, “Hello everyone, I am Si-won!”

“No, you are not!” The camera has not yet scanned the program audience From our lens, the fans in front of the TV have already realized that this is Choi Si-won. Although he is quite tall, it can be seen at a glance that he is not.

“This person is not Si-won oppa!”

“But this makeup looks like!”

At the end of the introduction, the Kang-in ends, followed by He turned the topic to Lee Kwang-soo, who was pretending to be Si-won among the crowd, “That, Si-won, Si-won?”

Lee Kwang-soo then said: “Brother, what’s the matter? Is it?” The deliberately pretending indifference and composure made the audience laugh.

“It looks like it really looks like it!” Although everyone in sj already knew the inside story, they couldn’t help but sigh.

For less than five seconds to calm down, Lee Kwang-soo’counseled’ and bowed to introduce himself, “Hello everyone, I am the assistant MCLee Kwang-soo of “SNL-Korea”!”


Although I did not see the long-awaited Choi Si-won Oppa in my mind, the audience still responded with warm applause.

“Welcome to our SuperJunior!”

After the group dance and introduction, Yoo Jae-seok stood in the middle of the crowd as the main MC and began to take over this variety show formally.


“dīng líng líng ……”

Early in the morning on 2nd day, Jung Hyuk-jae in the office was reading the company’s latest financial report. The mobile phone on the table rang at this time. I saw that the mobile phone was called by Yoo Jae-seok, Jung Hyuk- Jae thought of “SNL-Korea” which was only aired last night, didn’t expect Yoo Jae-seok so impatient, he called early in the morning.

“Hey, Jae-seok -hyeong?”

“Hyuk-jae~ah, where are you now?”

Because the same original agent recently The company’s troubles were not very happy, and the ratings of several programs he had on hand were sluggish, Yoo Jae-seok most recently scratched his head, and called Jung Hyuk-jae early in the morning. He wanted to ask first. Naturally, it is the viewership of the program. Although the broadcast is a pilot episode, although the TV Station is the OCN cable TV Station, Yoo Jae-seok is equally uneasy. As a Virgo, Virgo plus a perfectionist is the ultimate self-abuse. Doing programs with Yoo Jae-seok not only requires him to be strict, but also treats the people around him the same way. It can even be said that the work is harsh. ‘Now, it is precisely because of his personality traits that he can achieve immediate results among many Gagmans, and the effort is proportional to the return.

“In the office.”

After the two exchanged a few words on the phone, Yoo Jae-seok made an appointment to meet in an hour. After hanging up the phone, Jung Hyuk-jae continued to be busy with the work at hand, but it seemed that someone did not do it like him. After a while, the secretary knocked on the door and said, “SNL-Korea” PD Jang Jin is already waiting in the Conference Hall, Jung Hyuk-jae nodded said that he knew it, and motioned to the secretary to pass by himself for a while.

Jang Jin is here, Yoo Jae-seok will be there soon, Jung Hyuk-jae grabbed the phone in his hand and called Chief-In-Charge -Lee Joon-, which is very busy recently. ik, a meeting concerning the future of OCN’s limited channel seems to have to be held…

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