Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 423

If the previous impression of OCN cable channels is more like a platform for overseas movies and TV shows, then it’s Jung Hyuk-jae’s turn to take OCN cable channels in his hands If so, then its future development direction will need to be changed accordingly.

As a pilot episode of “SNL-Korea”, because the pre-publicity work has been done before the broadcast, the natural audience rating is higher than the tone, the highest instantaneous audience rating reached 1.14% Cable TV Station and wireless TV Station have different ratings calculation methods. Generally speaking, cable TV Station is a toll station. Generally speaking, cable TV Station is multiplied by ten. It is almost the wireless TV Station’s ratings, that is to say as a trial broadcast. The highest rating of “SNL-Korea” broadcasted by the episode is equivalent to 11.4% of the wireless station. It can be said that it has made a good start.

According to the statistics of Nelson South Korea, the average viewership rate of “SNL-Korea” broadcasted yesterday on the paid platform was 1.05%, and the highest viewership rate reached 1.14%. It is worth noting that SNL It ranks first in the ratings of 30-year-old males and 20-40-year-old females, showing the universal appeal of SNL for all ages. Because the program Early-Stage was approved as an eighteenth banned program for review, it stayed The broadcast time for “SNL-Korea” is only at 9:45 in the middle of the night. In this time period, the average audience rating of 1% or more is sufficient to prove the success of “SNL-Korea”.

“First of all congratulations to our Zhang Zhen PD, Yoo Jae-seok-ssi has been in front of and behind the scenes of “SNL-Korea”. It is precisely because of your contributions that the program can get a good start. Achievements.” In the small Conference Hall, Jung Hyuk-jae said while applauding and congratulating.

“Where, where, President Zheng provided us with such a good program, we are just following the route you set…” Everyone clapped and complimented.

Jung Hyuk-jae heard the compliments from other people, although he was dark in his heart, but on the surface he waved his hands again and again, “You can’t do so without your hard work!”

“It’s better to be led by President Zheng.”

Lee Joon-ik on the side looked at everyone and tried to flatter each other, and hurriedly started to stop him, “Okay, let’s talk about it, it will be dark after a while. , Let’s get down to business, President Zheng, let’s start?”

“en.” Jung Hyuk-jae is nodded.

“SNL-Korea” handed over a satisfactory answer sheet. When the ratings of the program were announced, many merchants and advertisers had already come to their door, in order to be able to catch up with “SNL-Korea”. In this shuttle bus of “Korea”, the profit point of the cable TV Station is not only the audience’s payment, but also the sponsorship of advertisers. What do businesses and enterprises like about a program? Naturally, it is the ratings. There are so many programs with high ratings, and they have been shared by other companies. Now a brand-new program has emerged, and it surely attracts many businesses.

The entire conference was held by Chief-In-Charge Lee Joon-ik, the content of the current OCN Cable TV Station. Lee Joon-ik, as a film director of tens of millions, is the first time he has been in charge of the official title. Although it is the first time, after all, it is a person who has been immersed in the entertainment industry for most of his life. From the name of the title, he can still guess what he is mainly responsible for. In addition to the recent period of reading and absorption, the Conference Hall talks about it. And talk about it.

“First of all, I still want to congratulate Zhang Jin’s PD for such a good result.” Lee Joon-ik also used “SNL-Korea” as his opening remarks. Just after speaking, everyone was ready to applaud. Lee Joon -ik waved his hand hurriedly, “Okay, no more!”

“The audience of the pilot episode has responded very well on the official website. I hope everyone will continue to work hard. These are some of what I have intercepted from the official website. The audience’s messages, everyone can read each other’s messages. I hope that the next two pilot episodes will continue to work hard and strive to create better results!”

Lee Joon-ik commented on “SNL-Korea” in the Conference Hall. “The staff encourages, “This is what President Zheng and I expect from everyone.”


“No problem!”

Everyone They expressed their opinions one after another, one by one, they were full of confidence.

“After talking about “SNL-Korea”, let’s talk about the future direction of the channel. In short, “Entertainment is king”!” Lee Joon-ik referred him to Jung Hyuk-jae After discussing these four words, everyone in front of them was dumbfounded, not surprisingly.

The cable channels before tvn mostly broadcast some foreign movies and TV shows, attracting a small number of hobbyists to pay, and more often it is like a movie theater on a TV set, and the audience pays for it. Buy a ticket to enter and watch. However, in the previous life, Tvn under CJ Entertainment has made the cake of cable channel entertainment bigger and bigger, becoming the most famous pioneer. When many TV people are still immersed in the traditional way of TV broadcasting in the past, tvn has carved the word’entertainment’ into the corporate culture, not to mention the slogan of TVn cable channels ahead of time, after the red station logo. The tvn slogan’contenttrendleader’-content leader, said by a female voice, became the benchmark of South Korea cable channels.

Jung Hyuk-jae talked with Lee Joon-ik all night, talking about the entire entertainment industry in the future. Although the wireless TV Station is still big, it is a good day from the wireless TV Station. The end is not far away. The future is a war between wireless TV Station and cable channels, and now is only the beginning of this war.

“President Zheng told me yesterday that it is “OCN is only a fine product”. Although we have not many cards in our hand, we need to treat each card carefully and carefully manage the cards in our hands. , Tvn looks aggressive, it’s just what it looks like.”

Entertainment, boutique, and fashion. This is the summary of Lee Joon-ik’s words. Simply put, OCN limited channel It is designed to be “tall”, relying on programs to attract audiences of different ages, especially youngster. This is “fashion”. Close to the forefront of fashion, it can naturally attract a lot of young audiences, this time “SNL-Korea” is an example. The emergence of SuperJunior has brought a lot of vitality to the program, and also attracted many new paying audiences.

It’s about the future of OCN’s limited channel. The meeting runs from morning to five in the afternoon. Lunch is always a takeaway from the secretary. After a brief meal, everyone resumes the morning meeting.

“Well, today’s meeting will end here. Finally, I want to talk about the new slogan of our OCN cable channel’CntentTendLader’. I hope everyone can move towards this goal and keep working hard!”


First set a small goal, and that is to change the slogan.

Now that Jung Hyuk-jae has run to the front of Tvn, Jung Hyuk-jae doesn’t mind borrowing tvn’s future slogan. This time his goal is not as simple as catching up with Tvn. This time Jung Hyuk-jae chose to Tvn stepped on the foot, although the goal is very ambitious, but it always requires people to work hard, right?

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