Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 424

“President, our company has less than 1 billion on the books.” The company’s financial director opened the door and opened his mouth to complain to Jung Hyuk-jae.

When Jung Hyuk-jae heard what the financial director said, a trace of puzzlement flashed across his face, “What’s the matter?”

“Of course you spend it elsewhere. Now.” The financial director also looked entangled.

JHJ Entertainment has made greater strides in the past six months than ever before. From the investment and distribution of movies to the construction of movie theaters, and the acquisition of OCN cable channels, these all require money, not to mention these early stages. In a short period of time, there is no profit at all. Just like the OCN cable channel, Jung Hyuk-jae has made a three-year unprofitable plan for this, in order to seize the future cake of the line TV Station. Tvn in the background competed.

The money was put in, but it disappeared in a blink of an eye like a water drift. The stall was spread out, and it seemed a bit too big.

“I will figure out a solution for the money issue. You can go ahead.” Jung Hyuk-jae frowns waved her hand to indicate that she can leave. The financial director opened the door and walked out, leaving the office alone. Jung Hyuk-jae frowned, thinking about a solution.

At present, JHJEntertainment and JHJFilm of Jung Hyuk-jae mainly earn money from the box office share of the movie. The box office share of the two movies of “Old Thousand” and “Beauty Also Worry” will come soon, when the time comes It can alleviate the current difficulties. JHJ Entertainment has a model agency and a small artist studio. With the auto show, there is some surplus every month, which is better than nothing. As for OCN cable channels, it’s good if they don’t drag their feet. Without a good program, the audience’s ratings will not be attracted. Advertisers and companies will not choose such cable TV stations, although they are currently relying on “SNL-Korea”. A handful of them, but the OCN cable channel still needs Jung Hyuk-jae to spend money in it to get results.

TV dramas, variety shows, entertainment, these all are OCN cable channels need to work hard in the next direction, not careless.

The feeling of lack of money is uncomfortable, and Jung Hyuk-jae understands this deeply.


Jung Hyuk-jae returned home and left him with an empty living room and a cold kitchen, no one He was alone when he was not at home and called his younger sister. It turned out that the two went to the hospital with the manager for an examination. After hanging up the phone, Jung Hyuk-jae took off his shirt and threw it on the sofa, and sat down on the sofa. I feel sore and unable to exert strength.

Most recently things seem to have rushed together. It is rare to have two days off when the OCN cable channel issues made him have to come forward to solve it. Tvn now likes a tiger watching his prey on OCNglare, At this time, the OCN cable channel led by Jung Hyuk-jae can’t go the wrong way. If you can’t keep up with one step, then you can’t keep up with each step.

OCN cable channel has Jung Hyuk-jae in the future direction selection, and Lee Joon-ik is responsible for the content of the program. Except for the trial episode of “SNL-Korea”, it has already received In addition to the program that has been widely followed, Lee Joon-ik and several Screenwriter directors have finalized the production of a morning drama. Entertainment news and music programs are also under intense preparations. After all, the production costs have been smashed. If you are watching If it is not ideal, without Jung Hyuk-jae coming forward, Lee Joon-ik, Chief-In-Charge as the content, can eat the staff in the counter.

Jung Hyuk-jae wants to develop step by step. The key is to see whether CJ Entertainment and Tvn will give him this opportunity, although JHJ Entertainment and CJ Entertainment have also had a period because of the release of the movie. Time’s honeymoon period, but with JHJ Entertainment choosing to intervene in the film distribution business, preparing for the movie theater line and cable TV Station, JHJ Entertainment and CJ Entertainment are in relative positions, and neither wants the other to get the better of it.

Tvn is backed by the mountain of CJ Entertainment. It is naturally rich and imposing, but OCN cable channels need to be planned carefully. Jung Hyuk-jae feels that he has lost more hair most recently than before.

Just as Jung Hyuk-jae was lying on the sofa thinking about it, Lee Joon-ik’s call came at this time, and Jung Hyuk-jae saw the caller ID on the phone and thought it happened in the station What happened? I picked up the phone and listened to the explanation on the other end. It turned out that I was inviting myself out for dinner.

“President Zheng, can you come out for dinner if you have time?” Lee Joon-ik said on the phone, “They are all from the Screenwriter director circle. Everyone comes out to get to know each other.”

There is no one in the house, and the kitchen is full of cold pots and stoves. He still doesn’t want to start cooking. Now it seems that going out to eat with Lee Joon-ik seems to be a good choice, “Okay, I’ll be there, you guys now Where are you?”

“Oh, we are in a Pub on Yeouido, come here.”

Half an hour later, Jung Hyuk-jae came to Lee Joon The Pub mentioned by -ik, under the guidance of the waiter, he came to a private room, pushed the door into Jung Hyuk-jae, and saw Lee Joon-ik, the initiator of today’s table. The directors of these Screenwriters sitting there are He knew, some looked familiar, and some did not know. Lee Joon-ik, who has been immersed in the director circle for many years, has no contacts and said that if it were not for this reason, Jung Hyuk-jae would not install him. The title of OCN cable channel content is responsible. What I want is to use his contacts to attract more vitality to his channel. Screenwriter director that many, some of which have appointments with the three major wireless TV stations, even now There is no way to help Jung Hyuk-jae. It is not too late to make a good relationship. After the contract is over, I am attracted to my TV Station. This is a kind of victory.

“Come on, let me introduce you to the one in front of you. I believe everyone is already very familiar with him. He is the president of JHJ Entertainment, Jung Hyuk-jae-ssi.”

The moment Jung Hyuk-jae opened the door and came in, the eyes of the big guys here all fell on Jung Hyuk-jae’s body. A pair of eyes seemed to be looking at the youngster in front of him. How could he be entertaining? Do you have such a side world in the circle?


“Hello, Jung Hyuk-jae-ssi.”

“President Zheng, hello, at the last reception I have also spoken to you.” Everyone is the same in terms of identity, but in the position of the wine table, it is obvious that Jung Hyuk-jae and Lee Joon-ik are the heads, and Lee Joon-ik is a veteran director in the circle. He won the Grand Bell Award for Best Director by virtue of “Mount Huang” and “The King and The Clown”. As a Sunbae, he naturally has to sit in front.

Jung Hyuk-jae is because of his identity as the president of JHJ Entertainment. In South Korea, the development of the entertainment industry has also attracted many people to join this industry. There are countless screenwriter directors and related practitioners. TV There are only a few Stations, and that many directors and Screenwriters are needed. Too many people see familiar faces. As Screenwriter directors, they can only beat their hands. Because of this, they beat their ideas. It’s on Jung Hyuk-jae’s head, that’s why I’m so passionate when I see it or sit.

“Okay, let’s serve the food when everyone is here…” Lee Joon-ik on the side hosted it.

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