Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 425

JHJEntertainment is considered to be a “heterogeneous” existence in the entertainment circle. Among the many lions and wolves in the entertainment circle, JHJEntertainment that came in abruptly is like a cute and delicious little white Like a sheep, waiting for other wild beasts to make their mouths, but when the wolves were about to pounce on it, the little white sheep finally revealed its true face, swaying in like a crazy hyena. In the entertainment circle of the film industry, under Jung Hyuk-jae’s “chaotic fist”, the speed of JHJ Entertainment’s development is getting faster and faster, giving everyone no time to prepare and react.

In the eyes of many film production and distribution companies, JHJ Entertainment is like a spoiler, turning the otherwise calm and stagnant entertainment industry into a muddy water. JHJ Entertainment in the muddy water is more comfortable than anyone else.

In other film companies, Jung Hyuk-jae is a spoiler, but in the eyes of the same director and Screenwriter, Jung Hyuk-jae’s existence is no less than the savior of their career. From the “Welcome to At the beginning of “Dongmakgol”, Park Kwang-hyun, who was hitting the wall with the script in his hand, knocked on the doors of many film production companies, but did not get any response from the film production companies. On the contrary, Jung Hyuk-jae was favored here. The literati met Mingjun.

After the release of “Welcome to Dongmakgol”, Jung Hyuk-jae received countless script plans and projects. Many filmmakers hope that their stories can be on the big screen, but In the absence of contacts and funds, Jung Hyuk-jae is obviously their first choice. After all, it seems to be similar to those film companies that are cold or even aloof and remote. Apart from this, Jung Hyuk-jae has devoted great efforts to youth film and television support over the years, especially for the university’s film clubs. For youngster Jung Hyuk-jae, a special youth film and television support fund has been established, so don’t look at Jung Hyuk- Jae is hated by many film production companies, but among this group of future filmmakers, Jung Hyuk-jae is very adored by this group of youngsters.

“I watched “Lao Qian” directed by President Zheng many times in the theater.”

Everyone at the wine table began to talk to each other, Jung Hyuk-jae on the left hand side A middle-aged man held up the wine glass in his hand and toasted and said, “I toast President Zheng. Although the number of viewers at the box office at the end of “Lao Qian” is not a breakthrough of tens of millions, it is still a good and sincere work.”

The middle-aged man in front of him knew Jung Hyuk-jae. He thought he was a free screenwriter and graduated from the Department of Literature of Seoul University of the Arts. Although its name is stated, ordinary person will not be known, but in many movies, He appears in TV dramas, and he also touches on stage plays and dramas. Jung Hyuk-jae picked up the wine on the table, and the two of them lightly touched their wine glasses. Jung Hyuk-jae smiled and opened the mouth and said,” I’m just kidding, it’s mainly comic works, which have a high degree of topicality among the audience.”

“Hey…This is President Zheng, you are too humble.” One person spoke, and everyone followed up.

“That is, to be able to adapt the comics to the big screen, such a sincere work to achieve such results is naturally as it should be by rights.”

Everyone laughed Then, Jung Hyuk-jae responded with a smile one after another, and said nothing more.

As a gathering of film practitioners, everyone will naturally exchange some unique information during the meal, such as which company has received which script and plans to start production, and which company has begun to receive what type The script is out.

Like all regions of the film industry, whenever a type of movie becomes popular, there are always a group of people rushing to make movies of the same type, such as JHJ Entertainment, which is still in theaters recently. Many small studio film production companies have begun to accept scripts for this kind of comedy love movie “The Trouble of Beauty”, and they want to catch the last train of “The Trouble of Beauty”. Larger film production companies have Their own detailed production plan has a clear preparation from market trend consultation to pre-coordination, and will not do so, but will also do a deeper analysis of the reasons behind the popularity of such movies. In contrast, they are Jung Hyuk-jae has more analysis than movies.

“I heard that under the sponsorship of the Youth Film and Television Support Fund established by President Zheng, a short film shot by a student of Yonsei University was nominated for an international award?” At this time, a person at the wine table told the latest news. After hearing this person’s words, everyone’s eyes fell on Jung Hyuk-jae, wanting to get a more accurate answer from him.

For this news, Jung Hyuk-jae only learned about it in the morning. The original youth film and television support fund would choose one or two or several young film and television scripts every year to give funds to help filming. Most of these are short-form movies. Jung Hyuk-jae will put these not-so-sophisticated movies in his own theaters, not for money, but to help this group of young filmmakers.

After these two years of development, many young filmmakers have benefited from this. This is the first time that a short film has been nominated for an international short film. From now on, it can be seen that this youth film and television support fund still has Effective. However, even if it does not win an international award, Jung Hyuk-jae will not give up support for the Youth Film and Television Support Fund. After all, this is also a good name. As a young director, Jung Hyuk-jae is a kind of support for the future of national films. No one can say badly about this matter.

“I only found out this morning, but this is only a nomination for the best short film. It’s still a matter of two to say whether you can win the award.” With that, Jung Hyuk-jae picked up the table Said to everyone present here.

As a partner of Jung Hyuk-jae, Lee Joon-ik, who is also a filmmaker, has seen better than anyone else. For Jung Hyuk-jae, he is an excellent success It’s not enough to say that it’s an excellent film director. After all, although a piece of “Lao Qian” proves that Jung Hyuk-jae is capable of directing feature films, ability is different from being excellent. Although Jung Hyuk-jae can’t be called excellent, he definitely has to work harder than anyone else, trying to enrich himself and running forward, regardless of whether there are other film companies behind him or not, Jung Hyuk -jae did not give up.

The Youth Film and Television Support Fund was personally organized by Jung Hyuk-jae. As the leader of young directors, he founded a fund specifically for young filmmakers. Lee Joon-ik also admired it.

“Whether we win or lose, this is a huge encouragement to young filmmakers, isn’t it?” One of them raised his glass and said with emotion, “If we were young when we were able to have such a If the support fund helps, let’s walk sideways on Chungmuru Road now?”

Although the words are a joke, they clearly express what everyone thinks. For young people to be so supported, then What about us middle-aged and elderly people? Jung Hyuk-jae heard the meaning of their words, and he put the glass back on the table again, thinking carefully…

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