Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 426

“I’m back.”

Jung Min-joo jumped into the living room while talking, and saw him sitting on the sofa sobering in the living room. Jung Hyuk-jae, “Brother, are you drinking again?”

Hearing the younger sister’s voice, Jung Hyuk-jae turned to look at the younger sister, and looked behind her again, “Why? Are you alone? Where’s your Ga-in sister?”

When I heard Jung Hyuk-jae’s words, Jung Min-joo came up with a little temper, and it really was, “I have a wife and forget the younger sister.” ‘, I’m already worried about it before I marry home. What should I do if I marry back?


Jung Hyuk-jae stood up as soon as he heard this. His head, which had been confused by drinking, instantly came to his senses, “Lost? Why did you lose it, where did you lose it?”


Looking at the fiery appearance of his big brother, Jung Min-joo, the little missy, couldn’t help but laugh. One pair knows that you will have such a small expression, which looks extraordinarily playful.

“Sometimes I wonder if I am your younger sister, or else how can you remember me that Ga-in doesn’t remember?” Jung Min-joo stared directly at his big brother , Ridicule said without leaving any affection.

As the little missy is getting bigger and bigger and more sensible, Jung Hyuk-jae is a little harder to deal with this missy. When he was a child, he could cheat a bit, but now it’s better when he grows up. Without being deceived by her, Jung Hyuk-jae is already burning the incense, and a sly plan when his eyes roll.

“What are you talking about, your brother is most concerned about you.”

“I don’t believe it.”

Jung Hyuk-jae is a bit speechless, “How can you believe it?”

“Brother, I recently saw one…”

Until Jung Min-joo finishes his words, Jung Hyuk-jae will do it She interrupted her, “Okay, stop making trouble, why didn’t your Ga-in come back with you?”

Jung Min-joo, who was interrupted, looked like “You don’t love me” I’m a little expression, I want to rush to bite him, but because of my status as a lady, I have to give up this option and help Jung Hyuk-jae to help Jung Hyuk-jae’s doubts, “Sister Ga-in is back home, maybe something is in the house. What’s the matter?”

“Oh.” After listening to Jung Min-joo’s explanation, Jung Hyuk-jae remembered to ask how she came back, but it was her younger sister. A pair of white eyes.

“Oppa, you really hurt me, really!”

According to Jung Min-joo, she was personally sent back by Han Ga-in’s manager Home, after all, it’s already nine o’clock in the evening. It’s not safe for a little girl to take the subway back by herself, not to mention that this little girl’s identity is not ordinary, she is the younger sister of her immediate boss, so Han Ga-in’s Manager Hong Su-jin was even more cautious. He was cold and warm along the way. When Jung Min-joo was at the gate, he wanted to invite her in and sit down, but he knew that President Zheng was at home by looking at the shining lights in the villa. Wherever he dared to go in, Hong Su-jin refused to leave.

“By the way, brother! Is sister Ga-in pregnant with a boy or a girl?” Jung Min-joo, who wants to be an aunt, has been confused about this problem for a long time, holding an ice cream in his hand. While asking, the little girl is still very good today, and an ice cream will no longer be entangled with the previous question.

“Where can it be so fast…”


There is no dream in the body, The biological clock made Jung Hyuk-jae wake up at six o’clock on time, got up and jogged around the roads of the community for half an hour. Jung Hyuk-jae only then returned home and simply washed it down in the kitchen to prepare a simple breakfast. .

Milk bread omelette, a simple breakfast will be ready within a few minutes, although the breakfast is simple but nourishment at all, make breakfast Jung Hyuk-jae sitting on the sofa, can not help but reach out and knead it After rubbing his head for a night of hangover, his head is still a little groggy and feels uncomfortable.

Jung Hyuk-jae originally didn’t plan to drink, but everyone here is the director Screenwriter in the film and television circle. It’s too unreasonable not to drink. Every time I put some meaning, but even if it’s a circle or two. The pull-down also instilled Jung Hyuk-jae, and the accumulation of less will make a lot of money.

The banquet for one night is not that absolutely does not have a harvest. At least some of the directors present that night have their contracts with the three major TV Stations that are about to expire. They have no plans to renew for the time being. The cumbersome structure of the three major wireless TV stations has long been unable to stay. If there is no liquidated damage limit, they would have changed to freelance. Now the contract is about to expire. It just happens that the new cable channel power OCN needs more Talent, so I just wanted to give it a try.

Although other people didn’t make a clear statement, they were all familiar with each other, and also let them know about OCN’s current “rich and imposing”, although the wired TV Station has more than the wireless TV Station. However, it is the most suitable development direction for them.

“Min-joo, I have dinner.”

As Jung Min-joo who is still in school, morning is the time when she least likes to move, especially in the current weather It’s so cold, the bed always seems to be tempting her. She can sleep for a while, and she will never get up until the last moment, but today she is an exception. Just as Jung Hyuk-jae downstairs spoke, the stairs just passed. There was a small shattering sound.

“Brother, I went to school.” I saw a silhouette rushing to the dining table, picking up a piece of bread, holding it in his mouth, and rushing out the door.

Jung Hyuk-jae hurriedly stopped her when she saw it, “What are you going to do? It’s not too late to go after eating.”

“Class, I’ll be late soon.” Jung Min-joo fingered the time displayed on the watch on his wrist, and said in a panic.

Jung Hyuk-jae glanced at her watch, and saw that the pointer on it was already pointing to a quarter past eight. No wonder she was so flustered when she came down, she didn’t even have time to clean her hair, “Your watch is broken. It’s just seven o’clock now.”

“Really?” Relaxed Jung Min-joo sat down at the table and said, “Scare me. I thought I must be late today. That’s it.”

Jung Hyuk-jae looked at the somewhat old watch on the table, looked up to his younger sister and said, “This watch should have been replaced after so many years.”

Hearing what his big brother said, Jung Min-joo firmly shook the head, “No, it’s dead. I’ll just change the battery later.” Saying Jung Min-joo’s special baby Putting the watch back in his pocket, he said nothing to make Jung Hyuk-jae move.

Looking at the familiar watch, Jung Hyuk-jae seemed to think of something. Isn’t that watch the first gift he bought for younger sister with the money he earned from his part-time job? She didn’t expect that she was so well preserved. Jung Hyuk-jae didn’t think of it before. The reason is that time has passed so long that Jung Hyuk-jae has forgotten it.

Jung Hyuk-jae shook his head and came back to his senses, “If you don’t change it, don’t change it, eat and eat……”

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