Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 427

“What is Ga-in’s itinerary today?”

As a company’s Big Boss, Jung Hyuk-jae made a special call to someone in spare time Phone.

“Ga-in was shooting two print ads today, and a cosmetics endorsement campaign.” Hong Su-jin, who was placed next to Han Ga-in as an’undercover’ as Jung Hyuk-jae, sent a text message Said, Hong Su-jin should have been closer to his artist, after all, for that many years, but who made Jung Hyuk-jae the one who paid her, so Jung Hyuk-jae called She took the time to call and ran to the side to retrieve the text message.

Han Ga-in, who was applying makeup under the spotlight, stopped the makeup artist’s hand, looked at the makeup artist’s foundation and other things that the advertiser found in front of him, and asked carefully: “This Cosmetics are not hormonal cosmetics, right?”

No wonder Han Ga-in is so careful now, and generally speaking, skin care products can be used during pregnancy, but for the baby’s health, you must carefully choose pregnancy skin care products. Han Ga-in changed the cosmetics on his dressing table long ago, choosing special skin care products for pregnant women, because ordinary cosmetics contain chemical ingredients that may harm the fetus, which can harm the baby in the stomach to a certain extent. It can cause malformed fetuses. Han Ga-in doesn’t want to take this risk.

“No, we are all natural cosmetics.” The makeup artist stood aside with embarrassment and explained in a low voice.

Han Ga-in felt relieved after hearing what the makeup artist said. He turned his eyes on the manager who texted somebody beside the studio and said, “Sister Jin, what are you doing?”

Because someone called himself behind him, Hong Su-jin immediately put away his mobile phone, “It’s nothing, I will reply a text message.”

Hearing her explanation, Han Ga-in didn’t either. Continue to ask, “Sister Jin, what is our next schedule?”

“Next?” Hong Su-jin came back to his senses and said, all the schedule is in her mind Remember, a little bit will not forget, “Next is also a pictorial shoot for a graphic magazine. Today you will have to work harder.” As the manager of Han Ga-in, Hong Su-jin performed better than anyone else. Han Ga is in front of him. -in, not to mention the sister-like relationship between the two for so many years, if not so Han Ga-in will not pull Hong Su-jin over when he changes the agency; let’s talk about Han Ga in front of me -in There is also a Little Darling in her belly. Hong Su-jin had already said before she became pregnant that she would be the godmother of this child, and the baby would be tight before she was born.

“What’s the hard work, didn’t you always come here like this before.” Han Ga-in laughed like self-deprecating.

“It’s different now…you don’t need to work so hard.” Hong Su-jin poured Han Ga-in’Essence Soup’ as Jung Hyuk-jae meant.

Because there is a makeup artist on the side, there are some things Han Ga-in can’t say directly. The corner of his mouth slightly smiled and turned to work.

As an actor, Han Ga-in does not make many TV series every year, but speaking of which is also regarded as a “rich woman” who is neither too big nor too small. After all, the living environment of actors in the entertainment industry She is still much better than the singer model, especially for her who is known for her innocent beauty. Various cosmetics manufacturers almost brought money to her, although most of these endorsements were taken away by her previous agency. , But the rest is still enough for her to live a small life that makes many women in the entertainment circle happy.

Although from the original owner to the entertainment company under JHJ, Han Ga-in still has an advertising contract on his body. In addition to the necessary advertising print advertising shooting, song promotion activities also require her to come With cooperation, it’s strange that you don’t get tired after all kinds of activities. This is why Jung Hyuk-jae puts an “undercover” next to her.

After the print advertisement was shot in the city, Han Ga-in and Hong Su-jin got on the managerial van and rolled up the glass behind the driver’s seat. The back seat of the managerial van became very private. space.

“Sister Jin!”

Hong Su-jin on the side turned on the heating function of the seat and put on clothes for Han Ga-in and said, “How Is it?”

“Nothing…” Seeing Hong Su-jin turned his head and looked at him, Han Ga-in stopped talking, his eyes silently looked out the window, not knowing what he was thinking. .

Although we don’t know the reason so far, known common sense tells us that pregnant women like crazy thinking. Even doctors and psychologists can’t explain this. Maybe it’s due to the unknown in the heart. The fear of life, perhaps the awe for the new life? Han Ga-in has recently fallen into a blind alley of his own fantasies. This may be the legendary “pregnancy phobia”, which is as famous as the “marriage phobia”.

In the past two days, she has been thinking about it. Even the dreams she dreams about sleeping at night are about her future and Jung Hyuk-jae’s future. Han Ga-in is not superstitious, just something that can be remembered. Looking back on the dream, I feel a little scared. Jung Hyuk-jae in the dream seems to have become another person, and her own marriage to Jung Hyuk-jae is not as happy as expected. Everything in the dream seems to imply What, it’s no wonder she thinks wildly.

Because of the arrival of this unexpected little life in his life, Han Ga-in was pushed to the front by Fate’s wheels, from a girl to a woman, without being prepared at all. When it comes to mother, the change of one after another status makes her a little bit of nowhere to follow. The parents in the family are urging her to marry again. Han Ga-in knows that Jung Hyuk-jae loves himself, but is also concerned about the unknown life. I feel terrified, and even Jung Hyuk-jae has recently started to doubt his feelings. They got married not because of love, but because of this unexpected little life. The more you think about Han Ga-in, the more It can’t be pulled out, like an ostrich with its head buried in the ground, and it can’t be seen clearly.

“Ga-in, do you have something on your mind?” Even if Hong Su-jin is blind, he can tell that Han Ga-in’s state is a bit wrong, and he can’t help but reach out and silently. On his forehead, he asked with concern: “Are you feeling uncomfortable?” While speaking, he asked the driver to turn around.

“No, I just feel a little uncomfortable…” Han Ga-in immediately stopped her when she saw this.

“What’s the matter? Tell me!” Hong Su-jin on the side is now playing the role of a close elder sister. She also knows that the pressure in the entertainment industry is particularly high, so she has been Encouraging Han Ga-in to marry, after all, it is not easy to meet someone who loves you, and this person is also the one you love.

“I want to beat him…”

In the words, Han Ga-in was a little hesitant and vague, but Hong Su-jin on the side immediately reacted.

“What did you say?”

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