Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 431

“It’s Jung Hyuk-jae!”

“Jung Hyuk-jae PD.”

“Jung Hyuk-jae Director…”

Although there are many titles and identities on Jung Hyuk-jae, many fans and audiences at the scene are most familiar with the title of director Jung Hyuk-jae. After all, from variety shows to TV series to movies , He brought laughter to countless people. Although he was behind the scenes with low exposure, Jung Hyuk-jae was obviously not among them. Everyone recognized him when they saw him. Someone who didn’t know passed the explanation of his friends. , It was also a sudden realization on his face, “So he made that TV show?” ‘.

He stood in the interview area in a decent suit and waved to some fans who greeted him wildly before he began to accept questions from reporters.

“Excuse me, did you receive an invitation from Kang Ho Dong-ssi?” The first question that came up, a reporter from an unknown tabloid came up and asked a stupid question, attracting glaring eyes from everyone , I didn’t leave much time for interviews. At this time, asking such stupid questions is not about making trouble.

For this question, Jung Hyuk-jae didn’t say anything, nodded smiled and replied: “Yeah, didn’t expect Ho-dong hyeong, someone who looks so rough, he was so corny when he wrote love words. “

Before this, Kang Ho Dong’s invitation has been exposed on the Internet, especially the love poem written by himself, “10-20 years old, I am a strongman Jiang with a leg rope; 20-30 years old, I am the host Jiang with a microphone in hand; and 30-40 years old, I will hold a woman’s hand each other!” All netizens expressed their deep admiration for the words on the invitation. Many female netizens even said that if it is a blessing to be able to meet such a person, they said that Kang Ho Dong has a delicate heart under his rough appearance. It is simply a G-spot of a certain type of woman. I hate it. Meet when you are not married.

“Then how much money did Jung Hyuk-jae-ssi prepare this time?” A reporter on the side said’harboring malicious intentions’, although Jung Hyuk-jae and Kang Ho Dongben knew each other , The relationship between the two is also pretty good, but after all, his current identity is the president of an entertainment company, and everyone cares about how many of his casual elements are.

For this question, Jung Hyuk-jae chose to avoid discussing it, and tell the specific numbers to let other guest artists think?

“Ho-dong hyeong is an MC that I like very much, and hyeong that I am very close to, he will be very satisfied with the amount of gift money.” After answering this question, Jung Hyuk-jae did not continue. The interview area stayed, after all, there were celebrities and guests coming right away. Jung Hyuk-jae made room for future generations and walked towards Kang Ho Dong and his wife.

“Ho-dong hyeong, congratulations!” As he said, Jung Hyuk-jae looked at the bride at the endearing little bird east of Kang Ho, “sister-in-law is good.”

“Here?” Kang Ho Dong said with a smile, his small eyes narrowed into a slit. He is very happy that Jung Hyuk-jae can come over today. As an old man in the immersive circle for many years, Kang Ho Dong has a lot of personal connections, but there are really no young and capable people like Jung Hyuk-jae. Any fool can see that Jung Hyuk-jae’s future achievements are insignificant. Limited.

“Okay, Hyuk-jae, you go in.” Let the guests stand outside and chat with themselves. This is not a way of hospitality. Kang Ho hurriedly urged him to go in. Mrs. Jiang also spoke in agreement.

Jung Hyuk-jae nodded, “Then I will go in first.”

Jung Hyuk-jae didn’t have much time to go in, Kang Ho Dong’s future little brother-in-law He ran out in a hurry. Today his task is to collect gifts. I haven’t seen him panic this morning. This time he rushed to his brother-in-law whispered: “brother-in-law, just went in Who is that?”

“You brother-in-law, PD, the producer of my original program, is now the president of an entertainment company. What’s wrong?” Kang Ho Dong showed a puzzled look Asked.

“Brother-in-law, you must have a good relationship with him?” The man in front of him deliberatedly opened the mouth and said.

“It’s okay.” Kang Ho Dong thought for a while and said, “What’s the matter?”

“He just gave me a card, I checked it There are fifty million.” Kang Ho Dong’s little brother-in-law approached his brother-in-law whispered.

That’s a good idea. Kang Ho Dong and his newlywed wife are both stunned. Isn’t this too much? After listening, Kang Ho talked to the people on the side and walked into the hotel. The surrounding reporters’ eyes were on the newlyweds. Now Kang Ho, the groom, left, everyone naturally felt that There must be a big news in it, and it was about to be crowded around. Fortunately, at this time, the hotel security formed a wall to stop the group of reporters who had been treated with stimulants.

The wedding venue has already been arranged in the hotel. The artists are sitting separately, most of them are looking for the artists they know to chat with, while Jung Hyuk-jae casually finds a seat and sits down. Only then did I find Yoon Eun-hye sitting across from him.

Yoon Eun-hye also didn’t expect to meet his own president here, and when he was nervous, he planned to get up and greet him, but Jung Hyuk-jae waved his hand, “Okay, okay! Sit down.”

“Why did you come here today?”

I never thought that Jung Hyuk-jae’s words attracted Yoon Eun-hye’s very hidden eyes. , “President, I am also the’girl hero’ in “X-man” anyway. “X-man” brought Yoon Eun-hye’s popularity after solo flight, and the image of’girl hero’ also gave her It attracted a lot of fans. As Kang Ho Dong who took good care of her in the program, she naturally wanted to come over to attend Kang Ho Dong’s wedding.

“Ho-dong hyeong, congratulations!”

“Sunbae, happy wedding, but what about sister-in-law?”

Everyone gathers together After chatting, after seeing Kang Ho Dong coming in and thinking that the wedding was about to begin, everyone congratulated him in unison, but only saw Kang Ho Dong walked straight to the table where Jung Hyuk-jae was.

“Hyuk-jae, are you coming here?”

Kang Ho Dong beckoned him aside, holding a card in his hand and handing it to Jung Hyuk-jae.

“You can come here, this gift money is not without you, this is too much.” Although Kang Ho Dong is already a host in the circle, the appearance fee is higher than before. Many, but the 50 million Korean Won still needs him to rely on more than a dozen issues of program recording to earn it back, not to mention that his brokerage company has to draw, and maybe 50 million is left with more than 20 million.

“Ho-dong hyeong, just take it!”

The two couldn’t help but Yoo Jae-seok, who was the wedding host, came to the two of them. Nervous, thinking that there was a conflict between the two of them.

“What’s the matter?”

Yoo Jae-seok listened to Kang Ho Dong’s explanation, and suddenly felt that he didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, I had never seen it before Some people thought that the gift money was too much, and Kang Ho Dong accepted the card only after a good meal between Yoo Jae-seok and Jung Hyuk-jae.

Looking at the back of Kang Ho going east, Yoo Jae-seok couldn’t help but said with emotion: “Hyuk-jae~ah, you are so generous.”

“Nothing, Brother, when you got married, the red envelope was not smaller than this!” Jung Hyuk-jae said with a smile.

“Is this what you said?” Yoo Jae-seok hurriedly responded.

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