Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 432

most recently Kim Jong-kook can be said to be very busy. 2005 was the year when Kim Jong-kook’s singing career took off. He released the third chapter of his solo album in 2005. Songs such as “Walk in Place” and “Love You” became one of the most popular songs of the year, and he won various music awards at the end of the year alone. He is also the only solo triple champion in the South Korea music scene in the past two decades. It is also the second solo triple crown after Sunbae Zhao Rongbi 22 years ago, and was voted by netizens as the most successful male solo singer.

2005 was a lucky year, but before he won the title of Triple Crown, he didn’t wait for Kim Jong-kook’s career to be helped. A bad news came to Kim Jong-kook’s ears. He was required to enlist in the army.

Yes, when a male singer’s career was booming, he was asked to enlist in the army, and the mandatory enlistment must be enforced. Obviously, a “triple crown” makes a lot of entertainment. The company became anxious. If, taking advantage of this wave of limelight, it is very likely that Kim Jong-kook will be crushed by the mountain in the next year or two. The newcomers of their company will never make their heads. That’s why. So Kim Jong-kook had to enlist in the army and had no other choice.

After joining the army, Kim Jong-kook released his fourth solo album “TheFourthLetter”, which is to consolidate his position and maintain his popularity. The next thing waiting for him is two years of military service. Kim Jong-kook doesn’t know how important two years are to a singer, but he has no way to prevent this from happening. As a country that is jealous of xenophobia, pathological and patriotic, and cyber-violent, South Korea’s netizens do not want to escape military service. Artists do not have the slightest affection, not to mention the loss of fans, the rapid decline in popularity, and the stigma of many netizens.

On March 30 this year, Kim Jong-kook officially enlisted in the army. By the end of the year, he had spent nearly a year in the army. The boring and disciplined army life smoothed his temper. , I seem to have really let go of the fact that I had to join the army before my career took off.

Like many male artists, Kim Jong-kook compulsory military service is a public welfare soldier. The management is a little looser than that of a formal soldier. This is also suitable for him alone. This is not the next year in 2006. In half a year, many friends in Kim Jong-kook’s circle got married and invited Kim Jong-kook to sing the congratulatory song. For example, on June 2nd, attended the wedding of Cha Tae-hyun and sang the congratulatory song “Letter” and “Lovely” , On October 21st, attended Kim Jung-min’s wedding and sang the congratulatory song “A Man”, and now facing the Kang Ho Dong couple live singing “The Oath of Love”, he really became a professional accountant in the team. .

“Let’s ask my lovely younger brother Kim Jong-kook to offer my blessings and sing a song of congratulations.” The host Yoo Jae-seok said loudly, the applause and cheers of the crowd rang out, and their eyes couldn’t help but fall on On the tall figure on the stage, although nearly a year has passed, everyone still remembers the’foul wind and bloody rain’ that the man in front of him set off in the music industry.

“It’s my honor to be able to come to the wedding this time. It’s a blessing to see Ho-dong hyeong at such a happy moment!” Xu Shi hasn’t been on stage for a long time, and Kim Jong-kook faced him. When everyone in the circle and the camera, he said nervously.

“I received a lot of help from Ho-dong hyeong in the past. Today I can witness such a happy moment. I hope that the two will grow old and send blessing songs. It is very suitable for Ho-dong hyeong’s wedding. With the atmosphere of today’s scene, I hope everyone will like it!”

The live music rang, the gentle voice sang happy songs, and the people who wanted to stay together for a lifetime were by their side. Everything is so lucky…

Different people’s weddings have different forms. The wedding of Kang Ho Dong is obviously much more noisy than the weddings of some artists. I thought he was a Gagman and presented it on stage. Many of the friends and younger generations who wished to blessing took the funny route, and the impromptu skits on the scene made the big guys laugh, and the atmosphere was very lively at one time.

Jung Hyuk-jae has participated in many weddings, but it’s the first time that the Kang Ho East Wedding is as joyous as today. Recently, Jung Hyuk-jae, who has been overwhelmed by various trivial matters, is also very hard to get involved. After entering, the body and mind are particularly relaxed after laughed.

As the Shilla Hotel in Seoul often hosts celebrity weddings, in addition to its location, star rating and service, the cuisine here is also a major feature. Open, a table of people chatting and eating, so uncomfortable.

“Oh, the bride and groom are here?”

One of the people at the table has sharp eyes, and they saw Kang Ho Dong and his wife walking towards this side with wine glasses. Everyone put down their chopsticks. , Filled his own glass, and poured himself a drink for those who did not drink.

“Ho-dong hyeong, happy wedding, I will do it first!” Kang Ho and the Dong couple came to the table. I was taken aback for a while.

Kang Ho on the side stopped immediately. Although they said that eating at the banquet is good, but drinking too much is not good. In recent years, many artist car accidents were caused by drunk driving. He laughed. He grabbed the man’s glass, “Come on, thank you for your blessings, I’ll do it first.”

Speaking, Kang Ho Dong poured himself a glass of white wine and drank it all, attracting There was a burst of applause from everyone.


“Ho-dong hyeong should be like this.”


“Real man, Bold!”

Kang Ho is so proud, the bride is naturally not ashamed, and a glass of red wine is followed by her belly.

“sister-in-law is amazing!”

“Girls’ high school hero!”

Kang Ho said with a smile: “Everyone eats and drinks Okay, just tell me if you need it.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, Ho-dong hyeong, you can go to work first.”

Be the busiest person at the wedding. , Kang Ho moved around from table to table, and soon came to the table of Jung Hyuk-jae. At the same table, they were all friends and partners of Kang Ho Dong’s circle. Today, Yoo Jae- is the host of the wedding. Seok sits next to Jung Hyuk-jae, and they are all old acquaintances in the circle.

“Ho-dong hyeong is here?” As the host and atmosphere controller of the wedding, where Yoo Jae-seok is there, there will be no loneliness. It’s not that Kang Ho Dong just stood at the table , Yoo Jae-seok picked up a freshly poured drink and handed it to the bride, “Thank you sister-in-law, thank you sister-in-law for saving a lonely and helpless’wild boar’ for thirty-seven years. You have made an indelible contribution to this World.”

Receiving the drink from Yoo Jae-seok, Li Hyo-jin couldn’t help but laughed, and Kang Ho, Haha on the side, laughed, his face The smile on the face is both happiness and reluctance.

Everyone stood up to express their blessings to the couple in front of them. In the same blessings from everyone, Jung Hyuk-jae’s blessings can be described as unconventional, “I wish Kang Ho Dong-ssi a happy wedding, “Wild boar “Finally found my own forest.”

The same ridicule with Kang Ho Dong’s nickname, everyone couldn’t help but laughed out loud. Among them, Yoo Jae-seok is the most joyful laugh. one of.

Jung Hyuk-jae’s tone barely fell, Kang Ho Dong turned his eyes to the’culprit’ Yoo Jae-seok who was aside, “I heard that Jae-seok’s girlfriend is the anchor. Only the’grasshopper’ has finally found its own bushes. I don’t know when we will be lucky enough to attend your wedding?”

Everyone’s laughter sounded again, but the object of this time was changed to Yoo Jae-seok.

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