Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 433

No matter if you still refuse to accept, the three major TV stations in South Korea are a hurdle that many directors and screenwriters can’t get around, even if you have CJ Entertainment behind them. Covered by godfather, Tvn can still only be regarded as a well-known figure in the cable TV Station. It is impossible to compare with the mainstream TV Station. At least for now, it is impossible.

As a state-owned TV Station KBS not to mention, it has a background, financial resources and talents. It dominates the audience’s TV sets with at least one big hit every year, from “Autumn in My Heart” to From “Winter Sonata” to “18 Years Old Bride” and “Sassy Girl Chun-hyang”, as the main exporter of South Korea’s pop culture, KBSTV Station until now occupies an extremely important position. At this point, even MBC and SBS also has to admit that, especially in historical dramas, KBS has always been a good player in making such big investments and large background historical dramas, but this time KBS accidentally stumbled and became under MBCTV Station “Huang Zhenyi” The’victim’.

Originally, “Huang Jin Yi” was planned to be relaxed at the end of October, but due to some objective factors and the financial pressure of Jung Hyuk-jae’s company JHJ Entertainment, it was supposed to be broadcast in October. “Hwang Jin Yi” had to be pushed to the end of December, and the originally planned broadcast time could only be given to another drama of MBCTV Station. For this reason, the director of the TV drama production bureau of MBCTV Station couldn’t find Jung Hyuk-jae. Seven or eight times, when I returned to the phone, I asked when the TV series could be finished, which made Jung Hyuk-jae’s head a lot bigger. One was anxious, and the other was getting angry.

“Huang Jinyi” is a joint drama between JHJFilm and MBCTV Station. This is also JHJFilm’s first investment in filming historical TV dramas. As a new company in the film and television industry, JHJFilm’s name is much larger. The newcomer’s identity is extremely inconsistent.

The cooperation between Jung Hyuk-jae and MBCTV Station is mainly on TV drama resources. As TV drama producers, one is to accept investment from MBCTV Station, and both parties own half of “Huang Jinyi” The right of income, which includes domestic and overseas copyrights. As for the copyright of the novel, it remains in the hands of JHJ Entertainment; the second is that the two parties will cooperate to build a film and television base in Gangwon-do, which is mainly used for the shooting of historical dramas and the first film base. The long-term investment is as high as 3 billion Korean Won, and both parties have the right to earn income.

The film and television base belongs to a long-term income business. Although the investment may be delayed and there is no return, he still understands the truth of the “small water and long flow”, relying on the ratings after the broadcast of “Huang Zhenyi” , The reputation of the film and television base will also be played out, when the time comes, naturally many production crews will come automatically.

The news about the shooting of MBC’s large-scale historical drama “Huang Jinyi” was released early, the pick-up time has been selected, and various publicity drafts have been prepared before relaxation, ready to be fiercely touted After a while, the reality has given the long-awaited audience a resounding slap in front of the TV. “Huang Zhenyi” actually bounced? Do you dare to believe this?

As the “Full House” “I’m Sorry, I Love You” and other popular TV drama director writer Jung Hyuk-jae, “Welcome to Dongmakgol” director Park Kwang-hyun directed, Jung Hyuk-jae supervised ” “Huang Zhenyi” received countless attentions before it was broadcast, but before the relaxation, it said that the ticket was skipped, and the broadcast time was delayed. One can imagine the angry mood of the enthusiastic fans. The official website of JHJ Entertainment is full of angry netizens. Our rumors.

“Don’t skip tickets, I’ve been waiting for your TV series for too long! Ahhhhhhh!” This is a heartbroken fan, who can smell her resentment through the computer screen.

“The cold winter was waiting for “Huang Zhenyi” to live. Didn’t expect even bounced tickets. How can I live this!” This is a fan who pretends to be poor.

“I’m going crazy…How can this Yang cheat our feelings?”

“Go, Pokeball! Get me catch Jung Hyuk-jae…”

In short, there are various comments in the message board, one by one, there will definitely be one that will make you smile, what a lovely group of viewers.

The original schedule is invalidated, which definitely has an impact on MBCTV Station, and Jung Hyuk-jae also personally agreed to be responsible for some of the losses caused. TV Station is not a welfare agency, and it will not be due to watching Jung Hyuk-jae’s financial pressure was let go. The loss caused by a single schedule change is incalculable. If it is not MBCTV Station that has a TV series that can be replaced, it is estimated that both parties will go to court to meet. The objective reason is There are many aspects, not just Jung Hyuk-jae’s problem, MBCTV Station is also problematic. In short, the two parties negotiated and came up with a satisfactory result. One party got the resources, and the other party did not get long. This is also in the contract. Mentioned on the supplementary clause.

The filming of “Huang Jin Yi” has been unexpectedly constant, even so, as the director, Park Kwang Hyun has withstood great pressure and completed the filming of the TV series.

Korean dramas have always been a production model that changes the script while filming and broadcasting, but “Huang Jinyi” this time is 100% filmed and produced in advance. When interviewed by the media, Jung Hyuk- Jae also talked about this production model which is different from other Korean dramas, and promised, “Because it is pre-shooting and production, we will do our best to work hard to be close to perfection.”

In the eyes of all people’s expectations, MBCTV Station’s large-scale historical drama “Huang Zhenyi” has finally determined the schedule, and this time it will not bounce again. On December 30th, “Huang Zhenyi” Jin Yi” MBCTV Station premiered. At the same time as the news was announced, the message board of JHJ Entertainment’s official website suddenly became a sea of ​​joy. Netizens from all walks of life congratulated each other, which was even more lively than the upcoming New Year’s Eve.

As the end of the year is approaching, there are many year-end awards ceremonies at major TV Stations. MBCTV Station is no exception. After the first episode of “Huang Zhenyi” is broadcast on December 30th, audiences need Wait a week to see it again, because the TV series need to make way for the MBC song festival on New Year’s Eve.

As soon as the news came out, the comment section and the Internet wailed again.

“When the new year is over, of course it is to watch “Huang Zhenyi”!”

“That is, what is good to see in the New Year, you can watch “Huang Zhenyi”. “

“A bunch of handsome men and women are not as good as my Ha Ji-won elder sister!”

Many netizens went to the MBCTV Station official website to comment on the message board, hoping for songs The time of the festival can be delayed or advanced.


“Is it done?”

Jung Hyuk-jae came The company saw that Park Guangxian was lying on the sofa in a’tragic’ posture waiting for his arrival, and couldn’t help but smile and asked.

Hearing Jung Hyuk-jae’s voice, Park Kwang-hyun was awakened immediately, stood up and frowned, pouring bitterness, “I won’t shoot TV series anymore, I’m so tired…”


Jung Hyuk-jae’s Haha laughed…

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