Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 434

As the New Year approaches, the activities of major TV Stations continue. In order to welcome the coming of the new year, all kinds of variety programs have unanimously launched the production of New Year’s Eve specials. Even “SNL-Korea”, which has little to do with it, has produced several funny skits related to the New Year, and it also incorporates the most recently happened new things into the skits, and the audience’s response is also very good. Because of the broadcast committee’s review and pressure on the program, “SNL-Korea” did not deliberately lead the program to vulgarity after the official broadcast, and the heart of the program’s production team was also tense. .

Cable TV Station is like this, not to mention wireless TV Station. From the award ceremonies of major TV shows and variety shows to Gayo Dajeon and song festivals, all kinds of dazzling programs and celebrities are dotted with it. Countless spectators can’t look away.

On December 15th, the 27th Blue Dragon Awards will be held as scheduled at the KBS studio in Seoul, South Korea. If you follow the wheels of history, “The Host” will be the Blue Dragon Award. The biggest winner of “The Host” was just because of Jung Hyuk-jae’s intervention, the shooting time of “The Host” was later than the original history, and the director of Jung Hyuk-jae Sunbae, Bong Joon-woo, had no intention of saving him money. , All kinds of props, even the setting, and strive to be perfect. This is already at the end of 2006. “The Host” has not been released yet, and the post-production is less than half completed. Bong Joon-woo originally planned to invite “The Lord of the Rings.” The special effects team was in the late production stage, but due to insufficient budget and time preparation, the final special effects was still entrusted to several domestic special effects companies. The one acquired by Jung Hyuk-jae was also among them, which can be regarded as his own special effects team. Practicing hands, the expected release time is estimated to be the end of January.

Without the “monster” of “The Host” to compete with everyone, the color of the Blue Dragon Award seems to be dimmed a lot, but there are still a lot of good movies this year, and we choose from them. Best actor and actress, best film, screenplay, this is not a difficult task for the judges.

“Director Jung Hyuk-jae, are you here?”

After nearly half a year, the team of “Lao Qian” finally got together at the table again, and everyone looked abnormal Happy, “Lao Qian” photography team leader Cui Yonghuan just saw Jung Hyuk-jae and said, “long time no see!”

Jung Hyuk-jae casually found an empty seat to sit down, “Yeah, how is everyone? Are you okay?”

“Just like that……”

And the opening of the 27th Blue Dragon movie will be the ropes on the stage. With the tightrope walker and the familiar soundtrack, we brought everyone back to the movie. Lee Joon-ki in the audience could not help but laugh as he watched the authentic tightrope walker on the stage

“Yes” The King and The Clown “Ah!”

“Is That Man Jun Ki Oppa?”

“No, definitely not… That Man has a beard, how could it be Jun Ki? Oppa!” The girls in the audience discussed.

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