Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 435

“Shin Hyun Joon, Lee Joon-ki, Kim Hye-soo, Kang Sung-yeon are the winners of this year’s Blue Dragon Film Festival Popularity Award. Congratulations to these four!”

All awards ceremonies have always started from small awards. Blue Dragon movies will naturally be no exception. Looking at last year’s movie circles, “The King and The Clown” made Lee Joon-ki a newcomer in the movie circle. It has become one of the few domestic superstars in South Korea. The birth of the “Old Thousand” movie has also made Kim Hye-soo attract countless fans and become the sexy Goddess of countless men in mind. The popularity award is naturally no exception.

“First of all, I stand here to thank director Lee Joon-ik, who helped me a lot during the filming process, because this film made me even more popular when I gained such a high popularity. Let me strengthen my confidence to continue on the road of actors. I also want to thank my friends and family who have helped me and supported me on this road. Thank you! Of course, I also want to thank the president of our company-Jung. President Hyuk-jae…”

Tonight, the photographer and lighting engineer gave a special face. Hearing Lee Joon-ki’s words, they focused their lens and lights on Lee Joon-ki who was under the stage. He was chatting with the people around him, he had to sit up straight when the light hit, and moved towards the camera beckons with the hand, which attracted cheers and screams from fans on the spot.

“Lee Joon-ki -ssi, a lot of fans who support you came to the scene today, what do you want to tell them?” The fans and little fans who planted light sticks and name tags then asked.

“Thank you for your love and support to me. I am just a newcomer in the film and television industry. In the future, I will devote 200% of my efforts to repay you here and in front of the TV. I love you. !” As he said, Lee Joon-ki moved towards the camera made a blown kiss, and the screams in the audience became louder, almost breaking through the roof of the studio.

After interviewing Lee Joon-ki, the host handed the microphone to Kim Hye-soo again, and the male host could not help but read the white piece of her big V-neck dress. There was a bit of wretchedness in his eyes, because his eyes were too hot, causing Kim Hye-soo to reach out and cover his chest, and then he took the microphone.

“Thank you everyone for supporting me, and also to director Jung Hyuk-jae…” Kim Hye-soo’s remarks were concise, but like Lee Joon-ki, both of them mentioned Jung by appointment. Hyuk-jae.

The camera lens once again aimed at Jung Hyuk-jae below the stage. He stood up and folded his hands together and bowed slightly to express his gratitude to the two actors on the stage. Then he sat down and the actors gave Jung their feet. Hyuk-jae has lost face, so he can’t help but respond.

This year’s Best Couple Award was given to the two leading actors in the phenomenon-level movie “The King and The Clown”-Kam Woo-seong and Lee Joon-ki, when they both received the award on stage When I was interviewed by the host, Kam Woo-seong said that this is the honor given by the Internet public. Lee Joon-ki on the side was just laughed and did not speak.

The influence of “The King and The Clown” is still full of horror for a long time after its final release, just like many rotten girls among netizens, they have formed a pair of them. CP, but Lee Joon-ki is not easy to say anything publicly. He won the award selected by the Internet. To be honest, Lee Joon-ki is not happier. After all, he is also a normal man, and he won the Couple with another man. Award, it’s nothing, so when accepting the award on stage, he always responded with a smile and didn’t say anything.

The best music award was won by Li Bingyou in “The King and The Clown”, and the best photography award was won by Choi Young-hwan from “Old Thousand”.

Everyone on stage, without exception, talked about Jung Hyuk-jae. Although there is nothing about Jung Hyuk-jae at this year’s Blue Dragon Awards, he got the attention from the stage. And attention is definitely more than any actor on the stage.

The next awards have nothing to do with Jung Hyuk-jae’s team. Whether it’s from the best Screenwriter or the best new director, the male newcomer award, the female newcomer award, there are already flowers At his house, Jung Hyuk-jae expression managed well, most of the time there was a smile on his face. Applaud when it is time to applaud, or applaud when it is time to applaud.

As a newcomer in this year’s film industry, the Best New Director Award can be said to be predicted by the media before the Blue Dragon Film Festival that this award is almost 100% won by Jung Hyuk-jae, but Who ever wanted to be won by the two directors of “Young Hero Madonna”, Lee Hae Young and Lee Hae Joon, this scene almost shattered his glasses.


“Hyuk-jae -ssi, it’s okay.” Lee Byung-woo, who won the Best Score Award, approached Jung Hyuk-jae’s side, thinking that he lowered his head because he was sad that the new director award should have been so handy to leave him, so he got to his side and wanted to comfort him.

When I drank water, the water accidentally splashed into my eyes. Jung Hyuk-jae lowered his head and rubbed his eyes, but he never thought that someone would come to him to comfort him.

“Brother Byeongwoo, I’m fine.” Although in the eyes of many newcomer directors, the Newcomer Director Award is an honor to remember for their fledgling young man, but Jung Hyuk- Jae doesn’t take too much attention to these things. In many cases, honor is not as good as money. If Jung Hyuk-jae chooses a movie with a big box office and a big box office, he would rather choose to make a big profit at the box office.

Many times Wenqing and dreams can’t be eaten as meals. If people can’t even live a life, they simply have no ability to pursue their dreams. People always think about buns when they have steamed buns. Think of milk after drinking water. This is a good choice.

“Although the new director didn’t get it, don’t forget that there is a best director!” Kim Hye-soo, who won the Blue Dragon Award for Best Actress, said with a smile hehe, he could get it in one fell swoop Under the Blue Dragon movie queen, Kim Hye-soo looked extremely happy. Not only did he not forget Jung Hyuk-jae, if he missed the new director, and was able to win the best director by virtue of “Lao Qian”, then whether it is for her or Jung Hyuk-jae is a good thing for the entire team.

Hearing Kim Hye-soo’s words, Jung Hyuk-jae waved his hands and showed great modesty. Although there is no such giant beast as “The Host” this year, there are also “Family” like Kim Tae-yong. “The Birth of” is such an excellent film work, and the excellence of “Lao Qian” is based on the popularity of the national comics. It is really hard to say what the result of the collision between the two is.

“Okay, look at the stage…” Kim Hye-soo greeted everyone, and the award for’Best Director’ will be awarded soon. The directors who are shortlisted are getting nervous one by one, Jung Hyuk-jae I couldn’t help but tugged at the tight bow tie, and his eyes fell on the host on the stage…

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