Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 437

“Then I shall call you by your pen name, introduce myself, I am Lee Soo-in, Lee Soo-in in “Love Story in Harvard”!”

Kim Tae-hee’s self-introduction is eye-catching. Lee Soo-in is exactly the character of the heroine Min in “Love Story In Harvard”, and the original author of this TV series is right in front of her. It is difficult to make such an introduction without attracting Jung Hyuk-jae’s attention.

“Oh, hello!”

Receiving the trophy and bouquet from Kim Tae-hee’s hand, Jung Hyuk-jae reached out and shook her gently.

“Congratulations, the youngest director of the Blue Dragon Film Festival!” Although the Blue Dragon Film Festival has been held for 27 sessions so far, Jung Hyuk-jae is the youngest winner of the Best Director , Kim Tae-hee’s congratulations is not an exaggeration.

“Thank you!” Jung Hyuk-jae stood still while talking and prepared to give his acceptance speech. Kim Tae-hee on the side saw his long legs that were nowhere to be placed and his eyes The microphone, whose sight was flat, reached out to help him adjust the height of the microphone.

“There are that many good movies and good directors. I can give this award to me. I think this is the credit of our actors and staff. Thank you.” Jung Hyuk-jae’s acceptance speech was simple Although the name of this award is called “Best Director”, he did not forget the staff behind the scenes who worked with him behind the scenes. After a few words of thanks, he handed the stage to the next host.

Jung Hyuk-jae walked backstage with Kim Tae-hee. It was the guest of the next award who came to take over. Jung Hyuk-jae looked familiar but couldn’t call her name.

“Director Jung Hyuk-jae, I hope we can have a chance to cooperate next time.” As an actor in the circle, Kim Tae-hee naturally knows what Jung Hyuk-jae represents. If Being able to work with him in a movie that is both acclaimed and well-received will naturally rise in value, and the benefits are self-evident.

Everyone wants to climb up the pyramid of this entertainment circle. The higher the pyramid is, the more revenue and resources will be obtained. Naturally, Kim Tae-hee will not let go. I didn’t have a good time to go online before, but today I took advantage of the Blue Dragon Film Festival’s relationship as an award-giving guest. Isn’t it a good opportunity?

Kim Tae-hee thought so in his heart that he didn’t have any leisure in his hands. Although he had no paper or pen, he still asked: “How about leaving a contact information? When he appeared in “Love Story” In Harvard, I wanted to contact the original author, but I never had a chance.”

Kim Tae-hee has already spoken in person, and Jung Hyuk-jae did not hide it. After all, his phone number It’s not a secret in the circle. At most, Kim Tae-hee can get it by asking a few people around him. However, the phone call is definitely not as good as in person.

Bid farewell to Kim Tae-hee, Jung Hyuk-jae returned to the stage with the trophy, and handed the trophy to the production crew and the other staff for them to pass it on. Jung Hyuk-jae’s eyes have fallen on For the next awards.

Best director and best film are both the best praise for a director, but in actual reality, which award is the best, no one can tell, but there is One thing is generally recognized. If you say that the “best director” is the greatest praise for the director, the production crew controller, then the “best film” is the greatest reward for the entire Production crew member, whether it is the behind-the-scenes staff or the actors.

The best film is mainly to test the comprehensive quality of the film, including the level of directorship, various techniques, actor performance, scripting level and other technical departments. This is why the best film generally won at least three or more Awards.

Jung Hyuk-jae To be fair, “Lao Qian” is a good movie, and its commercial performance has achieved the best level that a restricted movie can do, single self-love art or In other respects, it’s not so good. It can only be said to be above the horizontal line. This year, the performance of the South Korea movie Shi Chang is also relatively average. How good is “Thousands” depends on peers.

“Lao Qian” naturally has advantages, otherwise Jung Hyuk-jae would not be awarded the best director of this year’s Blue Dragon Film Festival with this film, but in terms of artistry, “Lao Qian” It’s really not as good as this year’s few movies with low box office results, but good reputation, especially “The Birth of a Family”.

After a midfield performance, the host and the award-giving guests stepped onto the stage. Next, the award for the best film will be awarded, which is different from Kim Tae-hee’s previous teasing of the nominees. As the guest of “Best Picture”, the deputy director of KBSTV Station opened the envelope and directly revealed the winner.

“The best picture of this year’s Blue Dragon Film Festival was-“The Birth of a Family”.”

In the end, there was no award!

Jung Hyuk-jae looked at Kim Tae-yong and his team who received the award on stage. While feeling a little depressed, he still applauded his face. It was a bit of etiquette. Can’t fault it. The big guys beside Jung Hyuk-jae all stood up to congratulate, and occasionally showed a trace of envy in their eyes. After all, it was the best film of the Blue Dragon Film Festival. After working hard for a few months, I didn’t hope to win an award to comfort me. Just look at yourself, watching the “Birth of the Family” team on the stage laughed one by one, everyone in the “Lao Qian” team on the stage felt a little regretful.

Although the best film did not fall into the bosom, it was able to win photography, best director and other awards at the Blue Dragon Film Festival. This is not a small thing for “” Lao Qian, who is still a little immature. Encouragement, although missed the best film caused a bad mood, but Jung Hyuk-jae has his own tricks, what should I do if I am in a bad mood?

One word “eat”!

“Cheers everyone!”

“I have been working hard for a while, everyone’s task tonight is to eat and drink well. Those who have not reached the goal are not allowed to leave! “

Jung Hyuk-jae was surrounded by big guys in the middle and said that the people who came to dinner today were all Production crew staff, or they were familiar friends, everyone knew each other, some even from the Very beginning cooperation has already begun, like “Welcome to Dongmakgol” and “The King and The Clown” to “Lao Qian”, after many cooperation, they have become friends, this is a good phenomenon, a mature An orderly team is a necessary element for success.

“Congratulations to Director Jung!”

Jung Hyuk-jae, who listened to all the congratulations all night, was about to puff up his ears. He waved his hands for everyone to start. At this moment he At this moment, Jung Hyuk-jae shook the head’s mobile phone rang. Seeing everyone’s attention, Jung Hyuk-jae shook the head signaled to go out to take the call, and then took the mobile phone to the outside.

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