Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 438

“Brother, am I the first to call you?”

When I came outside, Jung Hyuk-jae pressed the answer button and heard A little girl’s clear voice came from the microphone, with a hint of girly sweetness, Jung Hyuk-jae couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yes, you are the first one!”

“Sister-in-law is also by my side. Would you like to say something to her?” Jung Min was on the phone -joo said.

Jung Hyuk-jae glanced at the people drinking in the private room. The slightly stuffy air in the private room also made him feel a little uncomfortable. He simply walked out of the hotel and went to the street outside, taking a few breaths of freshness. Air, “Are you still asleep?”

Han Ga-in on the side took the phone handed by Jung Min-joo and said with a smile, “Isn’t this just finished watching the awards, congratulations? , The great director!”

Han Ga-in usually calls him by his name or Oppa directly when he is at home. She hasn’t called him the term “great director” for a long time.

“The best director is not as good as the’big director’ in your mouth!” Jung Hyuk-jae didn’t think Corny when he said this because he drank some wine, but Han Ga The face of Jung Min-joo on the side of -in changed, and his face turned red and “mocking” at Han Ga-in in front of him.

“-eonni, don’t you think Corny?”

Although he has a slightly red face, he has experienced more things than Jung Min-joo’s little missy. Many, Han Ga-in pretended to be calm and shook his head replied: “What’s the matter with Corny, but it’s just a very ordinary conversation.”

“Oh, are you old man already? “

Ignoring the troublemaker Jung Min-joo on the side, Han Ga-in said on the phone: “Oppa, drink less wine at night, and let your colleague send you back when you come back.”


Jung Hyuk-jae heard Han Ga-in’s words nodded, and after a few more inquiries on the phone, Jung Hyuk-jae stayed outside for a while before returning to the private room. Everyone saw it after a long time. Jung Hyuk-jae, who came back, immediately sat him in the middle, and all kinds of wine glasses surrounded him.

“Director Zheng, why are you the protagonist today running out for so long? No! You must be fined!”

“Yes, fined!”

The people on the side are still reconciling.


Wake up, Jung Hyuk-jae finds himself lying in the living room at home On the sofa in the living room, the heating in the living room was fully turned on, so there was only a thin blanket on his body and it was not cold at all. Although he didn’t remember much of his drinking last night, he still remembered that he was still I vomited, which may also be related to that, so I woke up early in the morning and the signs of a hangover were much lighter. I sat on the sofa and got sober. Here I got up and went to the bathroom to wash.

“Oppa, are you awake?”

Hearing the movement in the living room, a Ga-in walked out of the kitchen, holding a bowl of hangover soup in his hand, with silk on it. The heat of silk seems to have just come out of the pot, “Drink some, the hangover soup my mother taught me last time seems to work very well.”

“en. “Jung Hyuk-jae He wiped his face casually and took the hangover soup from Han Ga-in’s hand, and drank a few sips along the edge of the bowl, and his spirit was refreshed a lot.

We are about to welcome the arrival of 2007. Looking back at 2006, Jung Hyuk-jae did a lot of things, with constant big moves, and it has developed JHJ Entertainment into a new life in the film and television industry. A well-known figure of power, and in terms of cable TV, it has acquired OCN cable channels to compete with CJ Entertainment’s Tvn. Generally speaking, Jung Hyuk-jae has focused on his career during the year. On the contrary, he insisted on the path of director until now but had to make concessions for his career.

Jung Hyuk-jae has many titles, but if he really lets Jung Hyuk-jae choose one, he hopes that the director will be ahead of the company president. After all, in business, he can only It is a Boss who has just passed the passing line.

Han Ga-in sat opposite Jung Hyuk-jae, and seemed to have something to say to him, but he was embarrassed to say it. After struggling for a while, he made up his mind to raise his head to welcome him. I caught Jung Hyuk-jae’s gaze, “Oppa, I got a drama from SBSTV Station.”

“What drama?” Jung Hyuk-jae’s head was still a little dizzy, for a while He couldn’t remember anything from the memory of his previous life.

“This year’s SBSTV Station’s opening drama “WItch Yoo-hee”……” At this point, Han Ga-in did not continue.

In terms of personality, Jung Hyuk-jae is a machismo with a traditional man. He also talked to her when the two were talking before. If you get married in the future, I hope she will stop. To be public, it is good for men to make money, and Jung Hyuk-jae is also working hard in this direction. At present, JHJ Entertainment can be said to be the most profitable film production and distribution company in the film industry, and other Branch offices are also injecting fresh vitality into JHJ Entertainment.

The special effects production company acquired by JHJ Entertainment has become one of the very best special effects production team in South Korea, because there are not many special effects shots in “The Host”. The invited professional special effects team produces together. By the way, I also learn from the advanced experience of foreign countries. It can be said that special effects production companies are the most profitable besides film production and distribution.

Not to mention the JHJ theater line, it can have more voice in the movie circle, and it also brings a lot of benefits to JHJ Entertainment. Recently, many theaters have joined or merged into JHJ theater. In addition to the JHJ’s own theaters, JHJ Cinemas has become a force that cannot be ignored by South Korea’s domestic film production and distribution companies.

Although the artist agency and model agency are still in their infancy, there are not many artists, but with the release of many movies and TV series of JHJ Entertainment, more and more artists are also attracting attention. They may be because of the contract. There is no expiration and no indication, maybe it is still in the wait-and-see stage, but JHJEntertainment is a good choice anyway.

Jung Hyuk-jae is not the richest man in the country, but he is definitely the most famous among youngsters born 80 years later.

It is precisely because of the above considerations that Han Ga-in hesitates when talking about this new drama of SBSTV Station. After all, Jung Hyuk-jae also talked about him and SBSTV Station. Some kind of grievances.

After listening to Han Ga-in’s words, Jung Hyuk-jae originally planned to stop him, but he seemed to have something in his mind. After a while, he said, “Do you like this character very much?” “

“I really want to say I like it, but compared to my previous role, this can be considered a kind of breakthrough.”

Is it really a breakthrough? Jung Hyuk-jae didn’t think so in his heart. After all, although “WItch Yoo-hee” occupied the audience’s screen when it was first broadcast, it was later compared by MBCTV Station’s “Thank you”, Han Ga -in’s “Ma Youxi” is even called “No Brain Youxi” by netizens. Should such a TV series with high topicality and attention be accepted? Jung Hyuk-jae pondered for a few seconds. I just made up my mind, but didn’t say it directly. Instead, I asked in a roundabout way: “Is there a script? Come back and see.”

After all, Jung Hyuk-jae is also a director and writer. Han Ga-in did not doubt that he had nodded to agree.

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