Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 439

“Show Sister Jin, I’m really going crazy…”

In the backstage dressing room of MBCTV Station, Han Ga-in endured the makeup artist’s All kinds of natural and additive-free cosmetics were applied to his face, while the manager Hong Su-jin at the same side confided his worries.

“What’s wrong?”

Because the last time Han Ga-in was so depressed that he was’little,’ Hong Su-jin is now obedient to her in various ways, for fear of her If she accidentally moved her fetus, if Jung Hyuk-jae is said to be her boss as’the emperor’, then the unborn child in Han Ga-in’s belly is the emperor. How can Hong Su-jin dare to delay.

“He made you angry again?” Hong Su-jin did not pronounce Jung Hyuk-jae’s name because of the presence of outsiders.

Han Ga-in shook the head said: “-eonni, what do you think of the script of SBSTV Station’s “WItch Yoo-hee”?”

Because Korean dramas have always pursued ‘Broadcasting while filming, collecting viewers’ opinions while broadcasting, and then revising the script’, so the script that SBSTV Station handed over to Han Ga-in is only the first episode of this TV series. In her opinion, this TV series is quite right. Her appetite, but sometimes this kind of TV series always can’t hide from the ending of tiger’s head and snake’s tail, so Han Ga-in asked Hong Su-jin’s opinion.

“Why, do you really want to take this TV series?” Hong Su-jin heard Han Ga-in’s words and looked towards her like a lunatic, “Yah!! The TV series are shot for several months. Are you sure you can stand the continuous shooting during the day and night? Even if you don’t think about it for yourself, you still have to…”

Speaking of Hong Su-jin here, it’s paused. After he waved his hand to signal that the makeup artist left, he spoke of which again. As the manager and friend of Han Ga-in, Hong Su-jin asked with concern, “Besides, don’t you lack this money? Let’s talk about it. As the president, he can rest assured to let you go filming?”

“He said he wanted to read the script and then…” Han Ga-in truthfully repeated Jung Hyuk-jae’s original words, so listen to Hong Su -jin’s face is even more ugly.

“It’s not just that you’re crazy, but he’s also a lunatic!” When Hong Su-jin said this, he didn’t care about honorific and non-honorific words anymore, “could he just didn’t expect your body?”

Hearing Hong Su-jin’s words on the side, Han Ga-in couldn’t help but help Jung Hyuk-jae with a few words of excuse, “I actually beg Oppa If you want to act, let him want to look at the specific script and talk about the next thing.”

“Look at you, these two have not come together yet, and now help him speak. You will feel better in the future!” As a person who came by, Hong Su-jin rarely persuaded her: “A woman is like a flower from a distance, and a beautiful woman is even more so, and once a man approaches and picks it off With it, a man will let the flowers wither, so he doesn’t care if you are short of water or fat.” Hong Su-jin said earnestly, Han Ga-in in front of him was nodded while listening, but No one knows the specifics.

“Although I have been telling you to hug this golden tortoise tightly and prevent other women from approaching, you should also understand that a woman is not a vassal of a man. She needs to have her own career.”

Han Ga-in listened to Hong Su-jin’s words, but suddenly remembered what she had said to herself before. Obviously they were two extremes, “-eonni, what you said was a bit self-conscious. Contradictory? Besides, I want to take over SBSTV Station “WItch Yoo-hee”. Isn’t I just trying to impress the audience in mind before marriage!”

“Yeah! You are stupid Missy, why haven’t you understood?” After listening to Han Ga-in’s words, Hong Su-jin didn’t know what to say. You said she’s smart, she’s also a smart woman, but now what? So stupid?

“Your main task now is it!” After that, Hong Su-jin pointed to Han Ga-in’s belly and said, “Don’t think about other things. I didn’t find out that I recently gave Do you receive a lot less endorsements, pictorial and other shooting? All you need to do is take a break, take it seriously!”

“Why is it so troublesome?” I am about to be a mother for the first time in my life. How could she adapt to the change in identity, thinking that she was the girl who was jumping and worry-free, but she never thought that she would be a mother soon.

“Trouble? When you have a child, it will be more troublesome…”

Hong Su-jin’s words are not finished. Raising a child is always a hassle but it is pleasant The things to do, from watching the child with a big palm to the toddler, to the first time he called’father”mother’, there are many hard but happy things in it, but in the same way, these things are about to take over Han. Ga-in has spent a few years, unless she decides to let the nanny bring her after giving birth to the child, her focus in life is entirely on the child, where there is any energy to come back.

How many female celebrities in the entertainment circle choose to live together and teach their children after marrying, Han Ga-in will not be the first and will not be the last.


“WItch Yoo-hee” script release On Jung Hyuk-jae’s desk, there is no trace of flipping through it. In fact, you don’t need Jung Hyuk-jae to look at it. “WItch Yoo-hee” belongs to the type of tiger’s head, snake’s tail in many Korean dramas. If it’s not because of this, it won’t attract that many scolding at the end of the TV series, whether it is for the TV series, the staff, or the actors, “WItch Yoo-hee” belongs to this type.

Whether it is for Han Ga-in’s consideration or for the child in her stomach, Jung Hyuk-jae will not let her take this TV series. Because of this, Jung Hyuk- Jae didn’t even watch the script. As for who SBSTV Station will choose to replace Han Ga-in in the end, that is not what Jung Hyuk-jae is considering.

In the final analysis, Jung Hyuk-jae’s bones are still the traditional man full of male chauvinism. The term “male lead outside female lead internal” until now is the entry that Jung Hyuk-jae believes in. From This is how Old Ancestor started thousands of years ago. As for the various jobs that Han Ga-in is currently taking, they are all easy jobs selected by Jung Hyuk-jae for her help. I’m bored, or have some other not-so-good thoughts, such as my temper tantrum last time.

This is also because Jung Hyuk-jae is the company’s boss, and Han Ga-in is also his wife. If you put it in other brokerage companies, you must squeeze it before you become pregnant. Surplus value, after all, once a female artist gets married and has children, it means that her acting career has begun to go downhill, and the value of profit creation has begun to slowly decline. This is why so many artists in the South Korea entertainment circle choose hidden marriages. The reason is that female artists are in their forties and still dare not fall in love. Even if they are in love, they dare not let the public know. This is extremely pitiful…

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