Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 440

Compared with the shooting routines of many Korean dramas, the shooting of “Huang Jin Yi” can be described as suffering untold hardships.

‘Broadcast while filming’ has always been a traditional way of shooting Korean dramas. It can save time and money, and secondly, you can determine the future development direction of the plot based on the audience’s reaction after the broadcast last week. , Because the script was in the process of change before filming, no one knew which version was finalized, only the script that the actors got on the day of filming was the final version.

The benefits of such a shooting method are obvious, but the shooting of “Huang Jinyi” has been affected by many objective factors. The “compelled by circumstances” has been changed to 100% pre-production, and post-event promotion. Mode, these two modes can’t say which one is better and which is not good, each has its own advantages and disadvantages that’s all.

On December 30th, MBCTV Station, which had various stage activities at the end of the year, did not arrange this kind of program during the prime time of the night. Instead, it gave the golden time to a TV series. MBCTV Station’s internal variety show department and TV drama production bureau were a little uncomfortable, and this result naturally attracted a lot of private discussions and quarrels.

“Have you heard? The golden time in the evening is given to a TV series…” In the bathroom, two colleagues in the variety department went to the bathroom and chatted gossip, “damn, for so many years This is the first time here!”

“Why haven’t I heard, I heard that this is still a historical drama!”

“What a good time period to give a historical drama, I really don’t know what the leaders think? The other two TV Stations are either Gayo Dajeon or the Performing Arts Awards Ceremony. MBC is not good, and new dramas will be shown at the end of the year. Hey, this is the first time I have encountered them. “

In fact, it is not only that they do not understand, but even many people in the TV drama production bureau do not understand what the big boss is for. It is reasonable to say that the closer it is to the end of the year, the more it should be. Broadcast some fun variety show programs or programs like Gayo Dajeon that can attract fans to watch instead of historical dramas like “Huang Jinyi”. Even if it is not a historical drama, it is a modern drama that cannot be broadcast at the end of the year, because it is for variety shows. program gives way.

If the variety show department is puzzled and angry in the face of the current situation, then the TV drama department is nervous and uneasy. The closer the TV series is, the more nervous the big guy will be. , If “Huang Zhenyi” can be an instant hit, you don’t need to face such a big pressure next, after all, not everyone has a big heart; but if “Huang Zhenyi” first broadcast ratings Didn’t meet the expectations of the Boss, is it just to let others read his own jokes?

When I think of this, everyone in the TV drama department feels that the burden on them has become heavier.


“Wow, they are all singing and dancing programs? They Really, I don’t know if I’m tired…” In an apartment Ne, a man living alone watched the various idol groups involuntarily singing and dancing on the TV.

Although he is inferior and ugly and has no girlfriend, he does not chase stars, nor will he be excited to see a female artist appearing on the TV screen like those little boys without long hair. It’s like fainting. In his opinion, chasing stars is just an act of wasting time and energy, so seeing SBSTV Station and other TV Station’s song music war programs, naturally, he is not interested in watching it for a few minutes. Changed the remote control to another TV Station.

“Hello everyone, we are…” A certain newly debuted group on TV introduced himself to the camera lens, and when he saw this, he immediately changed the channel.

“Eh, is this?” There are no beautiful programs from SBS to other TV Stations. Soon he scanned the TV Station program again and arrived at MBCTV Station again, perhaps because it was playing just now. Advertising, so when he transferred to MBC, he happened to see the first episode of “Huang Zhenyi” being broadcast. Because he didn’t watch it from the beginning, when he watched it next, the plot of the TV series was somewhat unclear. local.

‘A TV series that actually played? ‘Looking at the picture on the TV, the man couldn’t help being whispered.

If you say that other TV Stations are all kinds of’beautiful bastards’ who invite celebrities to’jump the gods’, then MBCTV Station is simply a clear stream in TV Station at the end of the year. Such TV Stations are really good It’s so simple and unpretentious, it’s not the same as other coquettish bitches!

Although most of the remote controls in the home at the end of the year are in the hands of the children, it is the parents in the family who hold the final say, especially when the parents see the group on the TV are going crazy When I was a star, everyone held the remote control tightly in their hands, and they were determined not to let their children watch these, but how could they avoid the various ceremonies and awards at the end of the year, so when MBCTV Station played ” When “Huang Zhenyi” fell into their eyes, after all, it was a historical drama with a heavy feeling from the attribute, and it gave people a good feeling from the heart.

“Wow, at the end of this year, MBCTV Station is also showing TV series?” This is a surprise.

“TV series? I like it!” This is joy.

“Why do you play a TV series, how about my Oppas?” This is the puzzle and doubt from the fans.

In just one hour of “Huang Zhenyi”, among the audience’s dismay, the sound of the ending song also heralded the end of the first episode.

Although “Huang Zhenyi” had a lot of publicity activities before the airing, the intensity and time of the promotion were still far from enough. After watching the first episode of “Huang Zhenyi”, no After the official response of MBCTV Station, the audience’s rumors have been swept through the MBCTV Station official website message board.

“When is the second episode?”

“I heard that the second episode will not be broadcast tomorrow, why?”

“If is another type I don’t want to watch it, I’m going to watch “Huang Zhenyi”!”

Although only the first episode was broadcast, with the excellent production and the lens of those comparable to movies, It has already attracted a lot of audience fans.

The first episode of “Huang Zhenyi” has just been aired. As a result, the staff of TV Station has just sighed in relief, and then there are tense ratings statistics. Can you eat meat and soup in the future? It’s all reflected in the ratings.

“Guess what the ratings, everyone?” someone from the same group suggested.

The atmosphere froze after he finished speaking. Obviously, his proposal was not heard in everyone’s hearts, and the more nervous he was, the less he dared to take it lightly.

“The ratings are coming!”

It’s unlikely that a staff member ran to the office with a piece of paper in his hand. The joy on his face couldn’t be blocked. Look. Looks like good news…

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