Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 441

“The ratings are here!”

As the colleague who was holding the report came in, everyone’s eyes fell on the stack of thin sheets in his hand. The thin folder contains not only everyone’s expectations, but also whether you can get a good night’s sleep, have a good meal in the morning, and have a good mood at work tomorrow morning.

“Quick, quick, quick! What is the audience rating?” Several colleagues at the door could not wait to surround him.

“dang~ dang~ dang~ dang~!” Seeing everyone around him, holding the ratings chart in his hand, he still wanted to amuse the Sunbae colleagues present, and quickly opened the folder again. Close it immediately, it’s so fast that you can’t see what’s written on the paper.


Because of ratings pressure and other issues, everyone’s tempers are obviously a bit grumpy. A few big Sunbae’s slaps have found his head, a few crisp sounds “Yah!! Get it here!”

“Oh.” Holding his aching head, he handed out the ratings meter in his hand, “The ratings… “

“Don’t be spoiled!”

The crowd surrounded Sunbae, arguing and squeezing forward, “Sunbae, what is the audience rating?”

“Let me take a look at the previous one.”

“Say it quickly, don’t keep your mouth open, it makes me feel uncomfortable.”

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The colleagues who couldn’t squeeze in front were like countless cat’s claws scratching their necks.



What was broken? Just listening to the excitement of the previous colleagues shouting one by one, everyone became more curious, and they kept shouting: “What?” “Let us take a look!” “Why don’t you tell us?”

“The first broadcast ratings exceeded 20%, and the highest ratings were 0.05% lower than the highest ratings of the other two TV Stations, which is not a difference at all.”

The fast ratings table has been circulated in everyone’s hands. When they saw the ratings of the TV series, everyone’s faces immediately showed smiles, worrying that the big guy’s heart for the whole night would finally put it back where it should be. I can get a good night’s sleep when I go home from work, and I will have a good mood tomorrow even if the weather is bad.


“Awesome, didn’t expect, the final result is so twisty…”

Know the other two TV Station is another gorgeous stage, and Gayo Dajeon joined by a big star in the entertainment industry. The ratings of a new TV series almost rubbed the two TV Stations on the ground. Although the average ratings look like the audience is still There are more variety shows like Gayo Dajeon, but the ratings of “Huang Jinyi” gradually began to counterattack after the broadcast, all the way from 18% breakthrough to 20%, and the highest ratings reached 20.72%. I have to say yes. A miracle at the end of the year.

It is reasonable to say that such a miracle is impossible to happen, but it is actually happening in front of everyone. Not only SBS and KBSTV Station don’t believe it, but even the staff of MBCTV Station who were worried before. I can’t believe it when I see the ratings table in my hand.

“We succeeded?”

“Yes, we succeeded!”

No matter how high the ratings of “Huang Zhenyi” can be broadcast at the end of the year What is the reason for this? Now that the facts are in front of us, then next is the carnival belonging to MBC and the end of the other two TV Stations, because they are facing the baptism of the boss’s various rainstorm hair dryers.


The time is about to enter 2007, and the Internet has greatly shortened the relationship between people. The distance between the TV Station program has just ended, and there are already program fragments on the Internet. Netizens even leave messages and chat directly below the video, turning the comment area below into a small chat room.

Naver is the largest search engine website in South Korea. In addition to attracting netizens, it also has its own video website, which is also very impressive. Everyday all, countless netizens submit their own video works or programs to it. Recorded video, and tonight everyone contributed the most video clips of the stars in TV Station Gayo Dajeon. The main contributors are fans of the stars or the support group of the support club.

In the comment area, there is also a slick of comments. The handsome men and the beautiful women, just to look at it makes people feel that this is a gathering place for the Secret cult. The fanaticism of ordinary people is not to resist. Live,

“Our Oppa is so handsome! I sing so good songs!”

“It’s almost a year. When will the new album be released? All my money Are you ready, don’t you comeback?”

“If you don’t comeback, I will go to the company gate tomorrow to throw bricks.”

“Add me upstairs. ”

The homepage of Naver video website was swiped by this wave of videos. The number of clicks and comments is increasing rapidly. In this video clip of Gayo Dajeon, there are several The newly uploaded video was also liked by fans, but this group of fans is not a fan of a star or Idol, but a TV series, which is called “Huang Zhenyi”.

When “Huang Jin Yi” had problems in the shooting due to various factors, Jung Hyuk-jae publicly expressed his opinions to audiences and fans on the Internet, and 100% of “Huang Jin Yi” was produced beforehand. “We will do our best to show the most perfect “Huang Jin Yi” in front of everyone. Judging from the ratings at the end of the first episode and the audience’s love, Jung Hyuk-jae is indeed Achieved, this TV series from filming to setting to music and actors can be seen from MBCTV Station and Jung Hyuk-jae’s intentions.

Among these videos, there is a video that has been discussed the most by everyone. It is an unbroadcasted picture from MBCTV Station. The background music is very nice and brisk. You can imagine it when you close your eyes. Come out, it will be the cool scenery of late summer and autumn. Huang Jinyi gently tiptoes up and walks on the slightly yellow grass. The breeze gently raises the hem of her skirt and her long hair is fluttering. Floating, she looked back suddenly and smiled softly at everyone. At that moment, time seemed to have stopped…

Although everyone could not understand the plot of this video clip, the video was played by Ha Ji-won. Huang Zhenyi danced gracefully, but it was so relaxed and comfortable with the music. The sound of the music sounded in everyone’s heart and there was an urge to dance on tiptoes.

In the comment area, in addition to some netizens asking what TV series this is, more people still want to ask what background music is used in the video clip.

“The background music is so good that I can’t help but stand on tiptoes when I go out and walk!”

“When I heard this song, If there is a For a girl, I think I will invite her to dance…”

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