Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 442

South Korea Jeonju

At five o’clock in the morning, the entire group, which is armed with various camera equipment on its shoulders, attracted the attention of many people as soon as it left the train station. The crowd of people stretched out their hands to point to the pedestrian, and they were discussing something from time to time, and they began to guess the identity of the pedestrian.

“Oh? Is it MBC?” A sharp-eyed passerby saw a small’MBC’ pattern embroidered on the front of someone’s coat on this trip, and suddenly understood that it was probably TV Station that came to Jeonju to record. program is here.

A bold passerby approached a female writer on this trip and asked, “Are you from MBCTV Station?”

“Yes.” The female writer heard Someone asked themselves questions and replied with a smile.

“What program do you want to film?” the passerby asked again.

“This is a new variety show program at MBCTV Station, which belongs to the parent-child category.” Because the program has not yet started filming, the female writer did not disclose the specific content of the filming to passers-by. “Please look forward to the future Broadcast.”

“Parent-child category?” In the minds of passers-by, the variety program of “Parent-child category” is not all in the studio where parents and children play games. Look at the large and small in front of you. The staff of MBCTV Station at bags, such a big movement turned out to be a parent-child program?

“Okay, everyone pack everything. The ordered bus is here.”

The bus runs through Jeonju downtown Ne, and the roads in the early morning are always so The traffic is unobstructed, and there is no such congestion in the morning and evening peaks. In less than half an hour, the bus taken by the entire group of the film crew stopped at the gate of a community. The community looked quite historical, and the floor style was the same as the previous one. Everyone took the photographic equipment and got off the car and looked at the dilapidated community in front of them. It was unbelievable, “Does that president live here?”

“Yes, the address given here is correct. It’s just that this community is a bit too old, isn’t it?”

Everyone is still sighing, the head of the film crew patted everyone’s attention, “Okay, don’t discuss it, but there’s nothing wrong here, everyone. Try to act lightly and don’t disturb other residents here.”

It was almost six in the morning. The elderly people who came out for morning exercises in the community looked at this strange group of people and cast their curiosity. Gaze.

“Ding dong, ding dong!”

The door bell rang, and the big guy outside the door didn’t dare to press more. They were waiting patiently. The door opened a few minutes later, shaggy. A man opened the door and saw the camera laughed in front of him, “Come on? Come in.”

The female writer looked at the man in front of him, her heart was a little excited, “Teacher Jung!”

“Okay, come in if it’s cold outside.” The man waved his hand to stop him.

I heard the man say that the entire group came into the house, and couldn’t help but focus on the interior decoration. From the decoration, it can be seen that it was newly renovated. Although the community looks a bit old outside, The interior layout is pretty good-three bedrooms and one living room, plus the meticulous decoration and lighting, it is very warm.

“Where is your wife?”

Under the camera shooting, the female writer asked according to the program process.

“Still asleep.” At this point, the man pointed his finger at the master bedroom with the door closed, with a cowardly smile on his face, “You know, beauty always needs A lot of sleep to supplement.”

“Oh yes, I know you are coming, I made more porridge. After a while everyone will drink a bowl to warm up. Jeonju is quite cold this winter. Surely I haven’t eaten when I came here early?” The man said and went straight to the kitchen.

“Teacher, don’t have to be so troublesome.” The film crew’s writer and the others hurriedly said. They were a little embarrassed to bother people Qingmeng early in the morning and let the owner cook for themselves. .

“It’s okay, you sit in the living room for a while, and you’ll be ready soon.” The voice came from the kitchen.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay. They seemed to be unable to believe what was happening in front of them. It was not like this in everyone’s original imagination, and the image of the protagonist in front of them was very different from what they had imagined. Far away, where is the legendary “Godfather of Entertainment”, more like an ordinary parent around everyone.

A photographer came to the kitchen door to take pictures of some men cooking. Hearing the movement behind him, the man looked back and saw a camera. He immediately waved his hand and said, ” You don’t need to take these, you just sit down.”

The master said so, the photographer had to give up, and took the camera back to the living room. At this time, the door of the second bedroom was opened from the inside. A small figure came out from inside, rubbing his eyes as he walked, a soft voice in his mouth called “father…”

“Eh!” Hearing the baby girl calling herself, The man immediately rushed out of the kitchen, came to his daughter and squatted down, stretched out his hand to help straighten her daughter’s frizzy hair, “Jia, are you awake?”

little girl nodded, Rubbing his eyes and raising his fleshy little arms around father’s neck, he saw some strange Uncle Aunt in the living room, and Uncle Aunt also held a thing and pointed it at himself. Seeing this, little girl His arms tightened, and his mouth reached father’s ear and asked in a low voice, “Father, who are they?”

The man explained with a smile, pointing his finger at the people in front of him, “They are Uncle Aunt of TV Station, remember that father told you before to shoot a program? This is it.”

Perhaps because there are strangers in front of me, the little girl is a little shy and can’t let go. Encouraged by him, he straightened his body and greeted them, “Hello Uncle Aunt, my name is Zheng Zhiya, I am five years old this year!”

While talking about the little girl, she stretched out her flesh Hu’s little hand gestured out’five’, attracting the encouraging look of the man, “We Zhiya is awesome!”

Little girl’s father mother was originally a handsome man and a beautiful girl, so powerful The little girl is naturally beautiful. Although she looks a little confused because she just woke up, she does not compromise her beauty. It adds a point of cuteness to her. The female writer of the film crew has already seen her eyes. Xinxin, If is not scrupulous about the man in front of me, I can’t wait to hold the little girl in front of me and kiss him.

“father!” Xu Ye’s female writer’s gaze was a little too exposed, and the little girl once again hid behind the man.

“What’s the matter, do you want to hush?” The man knelt down again and asked.

Being asked this question by father in front of so many people, even a five-year-old little girl is a little embarrassed. After all, the group of blames Uncle and Aunt have listened to it, and the little girl naturally appears She was extremely shy, and a bit of blush was added to her fleshy little face.

“Okay, let’s go to the bathroom.”


The man here was just about to pick up the girl, and the bedroom door of the master bedroom opened. The woman walked out of the bedroom, her unfaced face was fairer than many female celebrities in the circle, her hair was simply tied into a single ponytail, revealing her smooth forehead.

“You see your mother is up, let your mother take you to the bathroom, okay?” The man bit his ear with his daughter and said, the little girl was cleverly nodded when she heard the father’s words, she straightened down from him Rushed to the mother’s arms.

“mother!” The soft voice came again, and it was more lovely in everyone’s ears.

“My Zhiya, did you sleep well last night?”

When I heard my mother, little girl nodded, her arms became tighter.

Taking advantage of this way to go to the bathroom, the man opened the door of another bedroom by the way, and the photographer followed to take pictures of the scene in the bedroom, and saw that there was one sleeping on a small bed in the bedroom. Unidentified little creature with its head covered in bed and curled up into a ball, I don’t know if it is cold or because of fear.

The man came to the bedroom and turned on the light first, and then he reached the bedside and reached out to the Unknown Creature in the patted bed and said, “Ah! Zheng Minyu, what time is it and I can’t get up?”

The Little Brat in the bed was startled first, and then he got up, his little head was exposed from the bed, he turned his head and looked at the father in front of him, and then at the strange boy holding the camera at the door, Xiao His face was shocked, and he immediately went back into the bed. “Dad, what is that Uncle taking?”

“Of course I was taking you.”

“Don’t , I haven’t washed my face yet!” Little Brat said in a low, muffled voice in the bed, maybe because mother is a star, Little Brat is very sensitive to the camera, so I dare to show it in front of the camera without makeup.

The man on the side was overjoyed when he heard his son’s words, “Smelly!” As he spoke, he stretched out his feet and kicked his feet under the covers, “Okay, stop pretending, get up and eat quickly Now!”

Looking at the scene before him, the photographer suppressed the smile at the corner of his mouth. The man in front of him and the father who was gentle in front of his daughter were clearly two people. No wonder,’The daughter is father’s. Intimate little cotton jacket’, this old saying seems particularly reasonable to him.

After hearing the words of father, Little Brat in the bed reluctantly got up and got out of bed, and came to the photographer to greet him, “Uncle, my name is Zheng Minyu, I am five years old this year. Now.”

When the female writer in the living room heard the movement in the bedroom here, she gathered up early and looked at Little Brat in front of her. There were many small stars in her eyes, and her heart became more I lamented the genes of this family. Even though Little Brat was only five years old, the small appearance of red lips and white teeth did not know how many Aunts’ eyes were attracted.

“Let’s go, wash your face!” The man behind him lifted his foot and kicked his ass lightly and said.

This action is even more distressing in the eyes of the female writer. I can’t wait to hold Little Brat in front of me and rub it. On the surface, it looks like “Your father doesn’t love you, we Aunt loves you.” ‘Looks. In this scene, the photographer who was’harboring malicious intentions’ was also shot Ne, and couldn’t help but chuckled softly.

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