Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 444

“Min-joo~ah, you and your brother can come out, I will stop at the door now.”

At eight o’clock in the evening, the afternoon session is over. During the commercial shooting, Han Ga-in did not ask the company manager van to give herself away. Although the car was not very good, it was a car she bought with her own money. Her requirements were simple, compact and durable.

“-eonni is all right, we’re ready and we are here.” Jung Min-joo quickly responded on the phone and hung up. Before hanging up, she could still hear her urging. As Jung Hyuk-jae’Brother, hurry up, -eonni has come’, Han Ga-in couldn’t help but smile when he heard the corner of his mouth. This missy still has this personality until now.

In less than ten minutes, Han Ga-in saw a jumping figure through the car window and came to his car. Who else could it be missy like Jung Min-joo?

“Ga-in -eonni!” Jung Min-joo saw the small white car parked at the door with a smile on his face, smiled and waved his hand and shouted, across the distance Jung Min-joo He moved towards here and waved his little hand, “-eonni!”

Han Ga-in lowered the car window and responded, “Ready?”

“Well, but Are you sure you want to take me with you when you are dating?” As a self-aware girl, she was unwilling to this’big light bulb’ before a hundred people. After all, a smart girl like her is the first to encounter this situation. The reaction must be to choose not to bother. It’s obviously a dating opportunity for a couple. Why did this single dog join in the fun in the past?

“By the way, -eonni, do you have money?”

“Why do you ask for money?” Han Ga-in was talking and remembered that the phone call in the morning seemed like Jung Min- Joo also asked himself this question, “What are you going to do?”

Han Ga-in is rich and has many fans as an actor, and his reputation among the audience is good, Han Ga-in is naturally indispensable for the endorsement invitations of various advertisements and various pictorials. For the filming of the promotional video, although the agency that she stayed with had a relatively high percentage of the contract signed with her, she had saved a lot of money over the years. Of course, this money can’t be compared with Jung Hyuk-jae. In comparison, don’t look at Jung Hyuk-jae’s current JHJ Entertainment company and its subsidiaries that have not much liquidity, and the company’s scale is no worse than other established entertainment companies.

“-eonni, then you give me one hundred thousand.”

“No, I heard your brother say, did you ask him three hundred thousand? You Why do you want so much money?” Jung Hyuk-jae is not so good to ask. As Jung Min-joo’s future sister-in-law, Han Ga-in, who is also a woman, is naturally more kind than Jung Hyuk-jae some.

When I heard this, I couldn’t hide it. Jung Min-joo told Han Ga-in the truth, “Actually, I don’t have anything I want to buy. It’s just a little bit between my classmates. Play games and see who can get more money from the parents during the Chinese New Year.” Jung Min-joo, the missy, said with some embarrassment.

“You still know how to blush, how old a person is so naive.” Han Ga-in said while closing the car window. Recently, the temperature has reached minus seven or eight degrees. The snow has not melted until now.

“-eonni you give me one hundred thousand yuan, and then I won’t bother you and my brother’s date, how about?”

“What nonsense, it’s our family Let’s have a meal together.” Han Ga-in glared at her and then opened the car door to let her sit up. He watched Jung Min-joo open the back door and sat in the back seat. Han Ga-in In paused, he said, “Sit in front.”

Hearing Han Ga-in’s words, Jung Min-joo continuously shook his head, “no no no, the seat in front is reserved for my brother.” , The two of you just sit in front of you, I don’t dare to sit.”

“Let you sit in front and come and you will come over.” Han Ga-in said in a deep voice, his complexion a little ugly, there seemed to be something unspeakable. .

“What’s the matter?” Jung Min-joo broke the posture of’break the casserole and ask the end’.

Without waiting for Han Ga-in to answer, the passenger door on the side was opened from the outside. Jung Hyuk-jae looked at Han Ga-in in the driver’s seat and then at the back seat. Jung Min-joo, hesitantly opened the mouth and said, “How about you and Min-joo sitting behind me?”

Han Ga-in resolutely shook the head,” I’m here to drive.”

Jung Hyuk-jae hesitated to sit in the passenger seat. After he fastened the seat belt, he specifically told Jung Min-joo in the back seat, “You too Fasten your seat belt. You have never been in your-eonni car before. After you have taken it, you will know who is safe to drive.”

“Shut up!” Han Ga- in the driver’s seat in screamed with a blushing face, because there was a sister-in-law behind her boyfriend sitting next to her, she was really nervous when she drove all the way, she was really nervous now, the palm of her hand was sweating, the steering wheel in her hand couldn’t help but grip tighter .

The little white car came out of the villa area and walked onto the traffic flow under the night. Because tonight is New Year’s Eve, we are about to enter a brand new year. Cars on the road at night It was a bit more than the peak period in the past. Everyone came out to prepare for the arrival of the new year. Therefore, under this situation, Han Ga-in was even more nervous.

“Eh, put your hands down!” Jung Hyuk-jae in the front passenger seat saw Han Ga-in’s hands on the upper part of the steering wheel, and immediately turned into a driving school Teacher.” Put your hands down a bit, put them on both sides of the steering wheel, don’t put them on it.”

It was okay for Jung Hyuk-jae not to speak, but Han Ga-in became more nervous when he spoke, and his face flashed. A trace of impatience turned his head and whispered in his ear, “I know!”

“Don’t look at me, look at the car in front, you’re about to hit someone’s back ass!” Jung Hyuk-jae pointed to the car in front and said.

“I know, I know!”

“Don’t just say you know, step on the brakes, step on gently!”

Sit in the back seat Jung Min-joo of Jung Min-joo looked at the two people arguing in the front seat. He felt a little big head. Just driving and feeling that these two people could quarrel a few times. One was an’old driver’, and the other was a new one who was not convinced. Driver, the previous contest between the old and new drivers forgive her for not understanding the little girl who can’t drive. Of course, she can still eat a mouthful of dog food from the words of the two. As his younger sister, she feels very heartfelt. tired.

“Turn left, turn left, don’t you know where the restaurant is?” Jung Hyuk-jae, sitting in the passenger seat, reminded him of the incarnation map.

“I know, I know.” Han Ga-in shrugged and twisted the steering wheel. Jung Hyuk-jae on the side saw another fall.

“That’s right, not left!”

“Can you stop talking!” Han Ga-in didn’t hold back his’violent temper’ this time,” I’m driving, not you, the gentleman in the passenger seat, can you stop talking for now?”

“I see.” Jung Hyuk-jae persuaded, seeing that she was two people For the sake of this, he decided not to speak anymore.

Jung Min-joo in the back seat looks at the deflated big brother. His small face has long been unable to hide the smile from the corner of his mouth, and his face is flushed red. If you are not afraid of your big brother Brother fly into a rage out of humiliation on the spot, if he turned his face, I guess he would have laughed out loud.

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