Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 446

“10, 9, 8, 7…3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!”

As the countdown ends, everyone has a new One year, the streamers and passionate music sprayed on the stage turned the scene into a sea of ​​joy.

“Happy New Year.”

I don’t know when Han Ga-in had already taken off the mask, and he reached Jung Hyuk-jae’s ear and whispered “Happy New Year”.

If you say that wearing a mask can be regarded as a layer of disguise, then Han Ga-in who takes off the mask is easier to be recognized by reporters, whether it is a recognizable face or a celebrity artist What she wears, especially the beauty mole on the tip of her nose, is her most eye-catching feature.

But these are not in Jung Hyuk-jae’s consideration. When a beauty’s rosy lips are in front of your eyes, can you guarantee that you just look at it and don’t move your mouth? I don’t know what other people’s choices are, but Jung Hyuk-jae can’t bear it anymore.

As soon as I was about to say something, bad luck over there appeared on the stage, “Brother, give me the lucky money!” He shouted that one was righteous and almost pissed off Jung Hyuk-jae. Die, if not the Little Lass in front of me has grown up, I can’t wait to slap her butt a few times to relieve my hatred.

Looking at Jung Hyuk-jae with a gloomy look, Han Ga-in reacted and put on the mask again with a smile, while gently pushing him as if it was In public.

“Min-joo~ah, there is no money for the new year, but how many slaps are there, how many do you want?” Jung Hyuk-jae said wryly, rubbing his palms deliberately as he prepared. The posture to get started.

Jung Min-joo realized that he did not act properly just now, and hid behind Han Ga-in, “-eonni save me!”

This scene I can’t make Han Ga-in amused, but I’m still talking about the girl’s loyalty and guarding her firmly behind her back. If you want to hit her, hit me first, Jung Hyuk-jae’s original tight face I couldn’t help but be amused, “I’m done, I just scared you just now.”

“Slightly…” Regarding Jung Hyuk-jae, Jung Min-joo said one hundred unbelief. If If Ga-in-eonni isn’t a shield, I guess I’m hard to avoid calamity this time, “I don’t believe it.” He also made a face at Jung Hyuk-jae, which can infuriate Jung Hyuk-jae. It’s not easy, you say that you are a younger sister and don’t help your big brother, and you are always making troubles. This is really tolerable, and my aunt can’t bear it either.

Han Ga-in on one side was sandwiched between these two siblings to help and persuade him to put Jung Min-joo behind him. By the way, he gave Jung Hyuk-jae a look, “I said you are old. What about fogey, what about now? What about Yah with Min-joo!! She is only a child!”

Jung Hyuk-jae said nothing more, but Han Ga-in’s These words are in my heart.

MBCTV Station Gayo Dajeon is over. This also represents the beginning of a new year. Here, Jung Hyuk-jae is protecting Han Ga-in and Jung Min-joo. The phone started to ring, and all kinds of blessing text messages were sent over as if they were free of money, and none of them had any duplicates, but they all seemed to be very careful. Among them, there are colleagues and subordinates of JHJ Entertainment, as well as the staff of OCN Cable TV Station. After all, they all eat together at Jung Hyuk-jae, so naturally they are rushing to express themselves.

There is not a single phone call. It is estimated that everyone is afraid of disturbing him late at night, but what can already be expected is that the phone will ring non-stop early in the morning.

No one dares to call Jung Hyuk-jae at this moment, it does not mean that he will not send other people the blessings of the new year, such as Yoo Jae-seok.

Because I just finished hosting Gayo Dajeon, as soon as I got on the phone, Yoo Jae-seok’s voice could not hide his exhaustion, “Hyuk-jae~ah, why are you now? Haven’t you fallen asleep yet?”

“The program tonight is so wonderful, how can I fall asleep.” Jung Hyuk-jae lightly said with a smile on the phone.

Because of Jung Hyuk-jae’s words, Yoo Jae-seok’s tiredness has disappeared a lot, “Are you there?”

“Well, here is the show Isn’t it over? I’m about to go back.”

“Why are you going back? I will finish packing up here in a while. Let’s have a supper together. Brother Myeong-su and Hong-chul are also there. , Isn’t that right.” Here Yoo Jae-seok was on the phone, and the unchosen members who were also packing their own things gathered around and were curious about Yoo Jae-seok’s side As for the identity of the person on the phone, the gaze looking towards Yoo Jae-seok also brought a few questions. While Jung Hyuk-jae was thinking, Yoo Jae-seok covered the phone’s microphone and whispered. “Jung Hyuk-jae-ssi, the president of JHJ Entertainment and OCN Cable TV Station!”

Hearing Yoo Jae-seok’s explanation, a few people couldn’t help but reveal a hint of surprise in their eyes. They are the artists most worried about What is it? Naturally, there is no program. After all, not everyone is like Yoo Jae-seok and Kang Ho Dong. Each TV Station has its own main MC program. Many times they are also in each TV Station program. Running back and forth in the middle is exhausted. Although tired, everyone still thinks about one more program. After all, this means that one’s income has increased.

Second, it is natural to face the income but not all of their own, a large part of which needs to be distributed by their own brokerage company.

As for why I am so excited when I hear Jung Hyuk-jae’s name, it is naturally because of his dual identity. JHJ Entertainment not only includes the production and distribution of movies and TV series, but it is also a brokerage company. The reputation in the circle is very good, and the treatment is also very good.

Although the OCN cable TV Station has just been revised, its momentum is quite good at present. Whether it is the ratings or popularity of the program, it belongs to the well-known figure in the cable TV Station. Even TVN with the backing of CJ can’t catch up, especially the ratings of “SNLKorea” occupy a leading position in the cable TV Station.

The dual identities are closely related to the performing arts of many artists. Naturally, everyone is surrounded by Yoo Jae-seok, waiting for Jung Hyuk-jae’s answer.

“That may not work today. I have to send Min-joo and Hyun-joo back at the moment. Let’s get together again when I have time.”

From Yoo Jae-seok Hearing the news through his mouth, the disappointment on everyone’s faces was obvious. After all, everyone wanted to have something to do with Jung Hyuk-jae.

Yoo Jae-seok naturally saw the disappointment from everyone’s faces, “Nothing, there will be opportunities in the future.”

If you say this sentence from others, everyone Maybe if you still don’t believe it, then this sentence came out of Yoo Jae-seok’s mouth. Everyone was disappointed and still nodded. After all, I and the others are definitely not as good as Jung Hyuk-jae’s family, so I can only wait for a chance in the future.

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