Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 448

“How old are you, how can you still bite your mouth by yourself?”

The golden mother was counting and digging out a box from the medicine cabinet at home. I poured out two vitamin C tablets, crushed them and took them, walked to Han Ga-in’s side and supported her chin with her hands and said, “Come on, open your mouth!”

“It hurts!” Feeling the stimulation of Vitamin C being crushed into powder and covering the affected area, Han Ga-in couldn’t help but frowned.

Golden mother looked at her expression and was still a little sulking, but now only the pain is left in her eyes, “Does it hurt anymore?”

Exciting Pain is a momentary matter. Han Ga-in threw his mother down and deliberately said coquettishly, “It doesn’t hurt anymore, hehehe!”

Listening to the heartless laughter of his daughter, his brows went up again. Can’t help being locked together, how can such a silly girl get married?

“Hyun-joo, tell me about Hyuk-jae, how does he think about it?”

Golden mother helped Han Ga-in take medicine after taking medicine Sitting next to her, there was a sense of eagerness in the words. After all, when a mother encountered this situation, how could she not be anxious? Let alone Han Ga-in’s belly, this child who is not yet full-term, just If the relationship between the two is not because of the child who has not yet come to the world, Father Kim would not agree with Jung Hyuk-jae at the beginning. Even if Jung Hyuk-jae is mentioned now, Father Kim is full of anger.

It’s fine if you talk about cheating the girl out of the family, and you don’t need to make up the ticket if you get in the car. How can you do this? It’s no wonder that Han Ga-in recently suggested that the two of them go home and have a look. Jung Hyuk-jae is a hundred unwilling, because he is really afraid of being beaten by Father Kim with a few sticks.

“I haven’t asked about this yet.”

“You stupid missy!” Hearing Han Ga-in’s words, the mother of gold suddenly lost her breath in her heart. I’ve already dragged my family with them, and I don’t even know how to solve the problem. “Isn’t it a good month before? Why is there no news on him?” The mother of gold said as he said. I touched the phone on the side of the sofa and saw that this posture was about calling to ask Jung Hyuk-jae for an explanation.

“Mom, don’t do this, he is still at work now!” Because of his mother’s behavior, Han Ga-in was a little panicked in his heart and couldn’t help but stop.

“It’s been a while, are you still helping him speak?” The golden mother who was not slapped was about to slap her on her body, remembering that she had herself in her belly My grandson and granddaughter, Golden Mother won’t be able to get off at in midair.


“Oppa, you come back soon!”

I am talking with the staff sent by MBCTV Station in the company At the time, Jung Hyuk-jae suddenly received a text message from Han Ga-in. After speaking to Nagging everyone in the office, Jung Hyuk-jae decided to call and ask.

“The call you are calling is currently on a call!”

Just as Jung Hyuk-jae was confused because Han Ga-in on the other side hung up the call, here is another text message I sent it over, “My dad is here, come back soon!”

Here, Jung Hyuk-jae just put the phone back in his pocket, and the ringtone of the phone rang again at this time. I took a look. The phone number is his home landline. Jung Hyuk-jae pressed the call button, and his younger sister’s voice came from inside, “Brother, the third trial at home has been set up, so wait till you get back.”

“What do you mean?”

“What else does it mean, that the parents of sister-in-law have come to team up to brush the boss, and they are full-level gods and skills to bring babies! “Jung Min-joo, who recently didn’t know which game he was addicted to, said these nonsense.

“Okay, I see, I’ll go back later.” After hanging up the phone, Jung Hyuk-jae turned and returned to the office.

The person sent by MBCTV Station today is the deputy director of the TV Drama Production Bureau of Taili. He came this time mainly to discuss the production of the next TV drama with Jung Hyuk-jae.

JHJ Entertainment’s branch does not have a publishing house, but in JHJ’s hands it holds the copyrights of many published books and comics, and it is all copyrights except for the publishing copyrights. This was established at the beginning of JHJ Entertainment. Time is a lot of expense. Not all authors are so short-sighted and will give up the copyright in their hands. But in this case, it’s generally just that the money is not in place, that’s all, especially in 0607. The copyright craze is not as crazy as later generations.

It can be said that JHJEntertainment holds so many copyrights. If all of them are exposed, it is shocking enough. These are all currently published and distributed. Sometimes Jung Hyuk-jae also wonders if some of the books The publishing rights of the movie are also collected, and I will build a publishing company myself, and wait until the book is adapted into a TV series or a movie queen, and then take advantage of the popularity of TV dramas and movies?

But in the end, this idea was just an idea that’s all in Jung Hyuk-jae’s mind. He also never made this idea come true. He concentrated on the production and distribution of movies and TV series, and the same model. The brokerage company Kplus cooperates to focus on cultivating celebrities, which is better than anything.

“Walk slowly.”

“President Zheng does not have to send it, then we will cooperate happily in the future!”

Two hours later, the staff of MBCTV Station finally I left with satisfaction. If there is no time for Jung Hyuk-jae, I guess a meal is indispensable.

Sent away MBCTV Station entire group, Jung Hyuk-jae raised his hand and looked at the time, “Help me prepare the car.”

……………………… ………………………………………

In the living room, Han Ga-in looked at the time on the watch hand from time to time, accompanied by the click of the second hand, before his eyes The face of the golden father and golden mother became more and more gloomy. They said they would be back soon. More than two hours have passed. Several people waited in the living room for two hours, so that everyone stopped talking. The air pressure surrounding the body of the golden father and mother is also getting lower and lower.


I don’t know how long it has been. Father Kim couldn’t help being coldly snorted, grabbing the cigarette case on the table as if pulling out a cigarette. A hand suddenly stretched out from the side to interrupt his intention, “What are you doing?” With that, the golden mother motioned to the girl next to her, and the golden father smirked before putting the cigarette back on the table.

Jung Hyuk-jae came back when “click” was low in the living room.

“Mom and dad, why are you here?”

Seeing Jung Hyuk-jae in front of him, Father Kim couldn’t help being coldly snorted, and slapped him on the table with his hands and An intimate encounter came on the desktop, “hmph! Who are your parents? Are you married, just bark?”

Even if Han Ga-in winked at him, Jung Hyuk-jae did. Knowing that his trouble is coming.

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