Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 449

If the Kang Ho East wedding was considered a major event in the entertainment industry some time ago, then at 11 o’clock in the evening on a certain day, an unknown small newspaper broke the news. When’Goddess Han Ga-in, the female artist in the circle and the artist in mind, got married’, everyone doubted whether today’s sun came out from the west?

Although there are endless reports about Han Ga-in’s love affairs, the many artists in the circle and fans outside the circle have not taken it seriously. After all, they are used to seeing the scores of so many lovers in the circle. Hehe, everyone doubts whether Jung Hyuk-jae and Han Ga-in can go to the end. Because of the itinerary, the few gatherings and the greater the separation, to a large extent, they will be in the same city. The two forcibly formed a long-distance relationship, and it was too common to break up naturally.

“What? My Goddess is married? Tell me this is not true!” On forums about artists, countless netizens expressed their shock by posting, “This is definitely not true , Definitely not.”

“Yes, it’s just a little-known newspaper. I can do anything for sales, despise it!” Some netizens said that they also sent out a series of’contempt ‘The expression does not express my anger towards this newspaper.

“I also support the upstairs. Even for sales and attention, I can’t be so unrestrained and unlimited, right? Is there any quality of news media people who want to make big news all day long? “

When everyone was still opening up this unqualified newspaper in the forum, this one who first broke the news of Han Ga-in’s marriage posted a po on its own website. A few photos can be seen from the blur degree of the photos. These photos were obviously taken secretly, but let’s not discuss the source of the photos for the time being. The blurry pair of Golden Couples in the photos has already exploded the Internet. The pot.

“Ahhhh! This is definitely a fake photo. The woman is so vague, how could it be my Goddess? My Goddess is not that way even in a wedding dress.”

” That’s right, it’s definitely fake!”

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”

If you said that before the photo was released, most of the netizens who knew the news were still able to If you stay calm, then when these secretly taken photos broke out on the Internet, the entire Internet seemed to fall into silence for a moment, and then the disturbing information swept through every corner of the Internet like a tsunami, even if it was a tsunami. The ordinary person who doesn’t care much about the star also learned about this explosive news. Then the incarnation people eat melons, watching the performance of the crying fans on the Internet, and their hearts are very happy.

“The blade is ready, when will everyone send it to this man.”

Jung Hyuk-jae has no name among these angry netizens, but instead’ “This man” has become his pronoun, similar to “that bastard”, “that who” and so on. As for the names that are more unpleasant, so far, if you have ranked the artist with the most Anti fans, the Ranking List. , Then Jung Hyuk-jae will top the list as a non-acting celebrity, together with the list of “the person who most wants to send a blade”, “the person who most wants to kill” and so on. single.

Starting from the unfamiliar tabloids breaking the news and ending at two o’clock in the morning on the 2nd day, the search for’Han Ga-in’ and’Jung Hyuk-jae’ has gone from the first 100 people to Naver. The top five on the Ranking List of search are all news about’Jung Hyuk-jae Han Ga-in Wedding’. The original rest day everyone should have a good night’s sleep to relieve the fatigue of working days, but this explosion news broke out. It really made many people who eat melons take their heart. Everyone frantically searched for news about Han Ga-in and Jung Hyuk-jae. Various discussion posts popped up like bamboo shoots after a rain.

No matter how true and accurate the news broke on the Internet, there are always some people who believe in’Won’t shed tears till you have seen your coffin’, and many people have come to JHJEntertainment I started to leave messages on the official website of Han Ga-in. After all, as Han Ga-in’s current brokerage company, no newspaper or agency is more reliable than JHJ’s statement.

Unfortunately, starting from the news, the official website of JHJ Entertainment, which is the official throat of JHJ Entertainment, is as calm as stagnant water. The latest news on the official website is still the live photos of Lee Joon-ki attending an endorsement event two days ago. JHJEntertainment remained silent as if it didn’t know the news on the Internet, and there were more and more messages and comments on the official website. The anger of netizens also increased with the passage of time, and it seemed that only a fire was needed. The star can ignite.


“Omo…, I’m exhausted!”

In a high-end office building in Seoul, it is used as South Korea is the office of the country’s most influential entertainment weekly magazine. A dozen editors who worked overtime for a whole night finally found some time to stretch and feel free to work for a whole night, even if it’s hard work. Even more how they didn’t even drink a little water when they arrived, and several editors snored as soon as they touched their heads on the table.

Several editor girls who were excited and sleepless all gathered together and chatted quietly, discussing the hottest gossip on the Internet, don’t people live by gossip?

“Han Ga-in just got married like this? She is still very young, especially now that she is in the development period of her career, why is she willing to get married?”

Listen When the colleague’s speech, the editor on the side immediately retorted: “Why can’t we get married? Although many female artists in the circle always get married late, but that’s all they didn’t meet the right person, if I’m Han Ga-in Faced with a white horse Prince like Jung Hyuk-jae, I also choose to get married.”

“Just you, just blow it up! I guess Jung Hyuk-jae won’t look at you.”


“Go to hell!” Her anger was met by the colleague who accidentally revealed the short story.

“If you can reach one-tenth of Han Ga-in’s, then it is estimated that Jung Hyuk-jae will give you a glance.” This is another accurate compensation.

How long has there been no such hot news in the circle?

“Quickly, quickly, get up! JHJEntertainment has issued a statement!”

There is another tumultuous jump in the office. It’s not easy. It has passed since the news broke. After eight hours, just as everyone was about to turn off the computer and go to sleep, a statement from JHJ Entertainment rekindled the gossip hearts of netizens.

“I’m sorry to inform you so late…”

When countless netizens saw the statement on JHJ Entertainment’s official website, the first sentence made many netizens completely give up… …

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