Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 450

“I’m sorry to inform you so late. It’s my decision not to announce the wedding. Hyun-joo and I only invited relatives and some friends in the circle. Although the wedding In the eyes of many people, the event was a bit hurried and simple, but Hyun-joo and I have been carefully thought out. From now on, we will be grateful, take care of each other, respect each other, and live happily. Thank you.”

This statement of less than a hundred words seems to all netizens to simply quench thirst by Wangmei. Many people have already started smashing their keyboards in front of their computers. This is not what we want to see!

Although this statement is short, many media reporters tried to analyze it verbatim. First of all, it apologized. Jung Hyuk-jae took all the responsibility for not publicizing the wedding to himself.

Artists have their own privacy, but audiences and fans cannot accept to conceal it. Jung Hyuk-jae is nothing. After all, he is not an artist, and he still earns money even if he is scolded. It’s not a damaging thing, but Han Ga-in is different. The artist’s identity is a bit embarrassing. If you announce the wedding to the public, it will immediately attract the attention of countless media. Fan Anti bites people everywhere.

No, in Han Ga-in’s FanClub, there are a lot of black fans posting with rhythm at this time, similar to something like’Han Ga-in doesn’t respect fans at all” She only knows that she enjoys it, but she throws aside the fans who have always supported her’ and so on. Fortunately, FanClub’s management team responded in a timely manner, and has never been soft on such posts and speeches. At least ten cycles to go.

If it is said that before the official website of JHJ Entertainment announced this statement, countless fans of Han Ga-in still have at least a trace of hope in their hearts. Han Ga-in’s marriage is a fake news made up by the media. , Then when Jung Hyuk-jae issued a statement through his own company, the search rate of “Jung Hyuk-jae” on the Internet surpassed the search popularity of “Jung Hyuk-jae Han Ga-in married” in a short time, and netizens The reason for searching for related entries of’Jung Hyuk-jae’ is also very simple. Naturally, it is to send blades!

“Who is this Jung Hyuk-jae anyway?”

As a behind-the-scenes worker in the circle, Jung Hyuk-jae doesn’t actually have many chances to show his face to the outside world, more Most of the time, I have accepted interviews with several media for the promotion of movies and TV shows. It is normal that some netizens don’t know or have not heard of this name. Soon other netizens help this netizen to resolve their confusion.

“Have you seen “Reverse Theatre”, the work he wrote. Have you seen “Love Story In Harvard”? The novel he wrote. Have you seen “I’m Sorry, I Love You”? His director’s works…” A series of works came out from the mouths of netizens. It is estimated that the netizen who inquired was a little dazed, and he couldn’t help wondering whether he was an ancient person or not, even if he didn’t even know these.

“My God, I didn’t know until now that these are all his works, so the words of the two are quite suitable.” A netizen who is a crowd of melon eaters suddenly quoted an unintentional sentence. Fans irritated by the affair came.

“Do you dare to say this sentence again?”

“What a good match, That Man is not worthy of Ga-in-noona at all!”

“Ga-in -noona, wait for me, wait for me to be an adult…”

“Brother, dare to report your position, I will go over and meet you , To see if we two match each other?”

“Although I haven’t seen you, but from the way you speak, I also feel that we two match well. Can’t we meet each other?”


In short, because of these angry fans, the netizen who knew he had said the wrong thing began to pretend to be an ostrich. No matter how the netizen in the forum summoned him, he wouldn’t come out and talk, Ma Ma This group of fans is too terrifying!

Actually, after the news of Jung Hyuk-jae Han Ga-in’s marriage broke out, not only did public opinion explode on the Internet, but the entertainment circle cast a fatty child, shocked!

“Not good means, I also just learned about it.”

“Sorry, I just learned about this news from the Internet.”

When Han Ga-in had collaborated with artists, most of the artists said they didn’t know and didn’t understand.

In interviews, male artists generally expressed regretful expressions. Facing reporters, they even expressed bluntly, “Jung Hyuk-jae, you are a lucky guy.” If said, male artists’ performance here is overall If the above is still good, then the female artist here is all living beings. After learning from the reporter about Han Ga-in’s marriage, a female artist couldn’t hold back the smile at the corner of her mouth, although there was no scene at the time. The photo was left, but after private word of mouth by gossip reporters, it has already been circulated on the Internet, and it was enough for the artist’s agency to have a headache for a while.

“That artist is really enough. I heard that Han Ga-in is married. Maybe her heart is blooming, right? Is she missing a competitor, she thinks her chance is coming?”

“Opportunity? It doesn’t exist. Even if Han Ga-in gets married, what if Han Ga-in’s is still hers. As for this woman with no brain, please quit entertainment sooner.” Forget it!”

“It is estimated that her agency is also having a headache. This kind of fool is still in the entertainment industry. It is embarrassing.”

” Well, even if we are married, Ga-in-noona is better than this kind of artist who only knows to take pleasure in other people’s misfortune!”

The comment section on interviews with artiste looks like this. Of course, fans who wash the floor for her are also waving the cheers, but in terms of the huge number of Han Ga-in fans, this fan of washing the floor is not a big deal at all.

“Although you are so bitter with Ga-in-eonni, as the negative person of the well-known Screenwriter and director Jung Hyuk-jae, in the future, our Ga-in-eonni has no works to calculate I lose!” One comment replied.

This kind of female artists who don’t know what the business is, after all, are only a minority. Most of the artists have offered their blessings. Although the relationship with Han Ga-in is average, they have not even contacted much, but On the surface, you have done a lot of effort. As for whether it is joy or blessing in private, this is not what the outsiders can understand.

Jung Hyuk-jae mentioned in the statement that’only relatives and friends and some friends in the circle were invited.’ Many media have looked around in the entertainment circle and have not found this part of the friends in the circle. Who is it? In the end, with Yoo Jae-seok and the others as a member of the relatives and friends group, I posted a few live photos on the Internet and called them “a good match.” For a while, Yoo Jae-seok and the others became the entertainment reporters. Object, really embarrassed.

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