Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 456

If Jung Hyuk-jae and Han Ga-in’s marriage a few days ago were considered to be big news, then ET Entertainment and DE-CHOCOLATE Entertainment broke out by an entertainment newspaper The company was reorganized and renamed as DE-CHOCOLATE-ET. Of course, the merger and reorganization is a bit inappropriate. Everyone in the circle knows that the president of ET Entertainment, which is Shin Dong-yup’s university Sunbae, sold his company’s shares. Given to DE-CHOCOLATE entertainment company, Shin Dong-yup’s shares are not very useful in it, and naturally there is no way to stop it.

like a Wake up in the night, there is another big thing in the entertainment circle, DE-CHOCOLATE-ET entertainment company, although most of its contracted artists are Gagman and Gagwoman, but everyone knows this entertainment The birth of the company is no less than an earthquake in the entertainment industry, and the impact continues to spread to the middle.

“Wow, Jae-seok, we are in the same company this time!”

After the news of the establishment of DE-CHOCOLATE-ET was released, Kang Ho Donghe Yoo Jae-seok and the two met and came to a barbecue restaurant near Kang Ho Dong’s home. While sitting down and eating barbecue, when Kang Ho Dong and Yoo Jae-seok talked about it, there was an unreal feeling. .

“Ho-dong hyeong, I really didn’t expect.”

Although Jung Hyuk-jae had already informed Yoo Jae-seok of the news in advance, wait until things are true When it happened, Yoo Jae-seok felt like a dream.

“Yes, I still feel the same as in my dream.”

Speaking of which DE-CHOCOLATE Entertainment is also good for Kang Ho, whether it’s from In terms of resources, DE-CHOCOLATE has done its best in terms of the strength of the company’s support. After all, when the “Love Letter” project was first launched, SBSTV Station was not the number one candidate in the selection of the program host. , That is, under the support of Jung Hyuk-jae and the operation behind DE-CHOCOLATE, Kang Ho Dong is regarded as the MC of “Love Letter”, and “Love Letter” has also become the most solid cornerstone of Kang Ho Dong’s career path. .

After speaking, the two looked at each other, and there was a bit of embarrassment hidden under the smiles on their faces. If said that they are both in different companies, if they are fighting for a program or a certain In the award ceremony, who can succeed depends on the strength and operation behind each company, but now that the two of them are in the same company, no matter how good friends they are, there is a competitive relationship in terms of resources. Do you think this can be felt? Subtle embarrassment?

After a meal, Yoo Jae-seok and Kang Ho Dong didn’t say anything, just casually chatting with Nana at home. As one of the most important Gagman and MC in the circle, the two of them normally The itinerary is full, and it is not easy to be able to spare a day and a half.

On the Internet, viewers face the newly established DE-CHOCOLATE-ET entertainment company, and at most they think, “Wow, the new company has Yoo Jae-seok and Kang Ho Dong, so awesome. Ah, most of you didn’t think so deeply about this kind of thought, but everyone in the circle was surprised when they saw the news, and a backbone of cold sweat broke out behind them. This is a new monster company!

Since Yoo Jae-seok hosted “X-man”, his popularity has continued to rise, and his program invitations have been softened, such as “Come To Play”, “Infinite Challenge”, and “HappyTogether”. It even dominates the variety show programs of the three major TV Stations. You can always see him no matter which TV Station you open.

As for Kang Ho Dong, it’s also not simple. After “X-man”, Kang Ho Dong’s career has continued to rise, especially in hosting the variety show “Love Letter”. “, has set the highest ratings of 29%. After the audience lost the freshness of the stars and games in “Love Letter”, the ratings of “Love Letter” declined rapidly in the third season. Finally, the curtain came to an end on October 28, 2006 with a highlight clip editing and Kang Ho Dong’s announcement of his marriage.

Although “Love Letter” has ended, Kang Ho East is still the most extremely powerful and arrogant comedian in the circle, especially the most recently, about the major TV Stations inviting Kang Ho to open new programs. The planning books are piled up on a table, and it is the main MC. As long as Kang Ho Dong can come and the major TV stations fully support his new program, it is enough to show the popularity of Kang Ho Dong in the South Korea entertainment circle.

The mass effect produced by two people like this is not as simple as 1+1=2, plus Shin Dong-yup and Lee Hwi-jae under the DE-CHOCOLATE-ET entertainment company. A crowd of comedians and hosts, it can be said that as long as it is TV Station’s variety show program, DE-CHOCOLATE-ET entertainment company cannot be bypassed. There are many Idol artists in the entertainment circle, but it is not the laughter that can support the variety show program This group of comedians?

In terms of scale and volume alone, DE-CHOCOLATE-ET Entertainment Company may only be considered as a medium-sized company in the entertainment industry, but from a long-term perspective, the future of DE-CHOCOLATE-ET is definitely It is SM company, which is also an aircraft carrier in the entertainment industry, and it occupies many voices in the industry. Such companies dedicated to comedian are somewhat like Yoshimoto Kogyo and Ota in the Japan entertainment industry, and their development potential is absolutely huge.

When the news of the newly established DE-CHOCOLATE-ET entertainment company came out, Jung Hyuk-jae was not surprised at all when faced with the news, although history sometimes depends on his own This little butterfly made a small bend, but in the end it still walked on the road of the previous life.

DE-CHOCOLATE-ET entertainment company cannot be said to be bad. In the early stage, DE-CHOCOLATE-ET treated its artists well, and the fault lies with DE-CHOCOLATE-ET entertainment company. In the later period, due to the growing growth of the two mountain ranges of Yoo Jae-seok and Kang Ho East, DE-CHOCOLATE-ET also has a lot of voice in the entertainment circle, and they have reached the point where they can wrestle with TV Station. At this time DE-CHOCOLATE-ET’s ambitions were also exposed, threatening TV Station to replace outsourcing companies and influence the recording of the program, so that at the later stage, because of the lack of liquid funds, it began to deduct artists’ performances. Cost. In this regard, DE-CHOCOLATE-ET is better than ET. After all, ET is still a bit face to know that things shouldn’t be a big deal, but at that time, DE-CHOCOLATE-ET didn’t care about the lives and lives of its artists, the performance fee said. Deduction is deduction, even if Yoo Jae-seok asks TV Station to send the performance fee directly to their account, TV Station dare not do so.

From here, we can also see how strong DE-CHOCOLATE-ET was at that time. It can be said that it is the black society in Comedian.

“Chaos!” Thinking of the increasingly chaotic entertainment world from now on, and the increasingly complex forms in the future, Jung Hyuk-jae couldn’t help but touch the tip of his nose. For the future of JHJ Entertainment The plan in my heart became clearer and clearer along the way.

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