Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 457

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In the beginning of 2007, South Korea’s film industry organizations signed a contract to jointly support the domestic Small Accomplishment film and youth film industry, and continue to provide various talents for the South Korea film industry chain. JHJ Entertainment, the founder of South Korea’s domestic youth film support program, Jung Hyuk-jae also attended the signing of the contract, and gave a speech as a representative of youth films, encouraging young domestic filmmakers, and the speech ended. Aroused rounds of applause at the scene.

Along with the news that the film industry group signed the contract was released by the media, the discussion about Jung Hyuk-jae once again appeared on Naver’s hot search list, and this time Jung Hyuk-jae represents the identity Is a young filmmaker.

Korean has a blind self-esteem for domestically produced things. You cannot say whether this self-esteem is good or bad. For example, the Korean boycott of imported beef and the boycott of Hollywood movies. There are advantages and disadvantages. As a representative of young filmmakers, Jung Hyuk-jae's support and encouragement for domestic young filmmakers broke out, which made Jung Hyuk-jae's favorability in South Korean Citizen's heart rise. , So much so that because of the marriage of Jung Hyuk-jae Han Ga-in, the netizens who clamored for a good-looking meal for Jung Hyuk-jae on the Internet also changed their voices. This made Jung Hyuk-jae somewhat unexpected. .

This year’s New Year, Jung Hyuk-jae did not plan to return to Jeonju for the New Year, because Han Ga-in is pregnant and not suitable for long-distance travel, so he won’t go back this year, and wait until the child is born before going back and telling his parents. Therefore, the family of Jung Hyuk-jae at the 2007 Spring Festival also plans to spend a year in Seoul.

I was still in school earlier, and had to work part-time to take care of the younger sister. Jung Hyuk-jae doesn’t have much memory of'Jiuzheng' or Spring Festival, but Jung Min-joo remembers it clearly. , Speaking can say one day one night.

"I remember when I was in elementary school, my big brother gave me 10,000 yuan in New Year's Eve money during the Chinese New Year. At that time, I remember that I was very happy because it was the one I received the most once. I took my pocket money and went out to buy something with the money. Later I didn’t know how to give up the money. At that time, I cried in a hurry, for fear that my brother would beat me when I returned home. Later, my brother saw me cry and learned the reason. After that, I didn’t say anything. I took out another 10,000 yuan and handed it to me..."

Originally, I said something happy on New Year’s Eve. I don’t know why Jung Min-joo talked about it. When he came, his eyes were red, "I know that my brother's hourly salary was less than 4,000 yuan. This is already his part-time income for a day, and he has to go to class to study."

From the side upstairs. Jung Hyuk-jae, who came down, heard his younger sister's words, his face showed a trace of distress. Seeing the younger sister's red eyes, he said in his mouth, "What do you say about this?"

" Okay, let’s not talk about it.” Han Ga-in took out the wet wipes and wiped the eyes of the sister-in-law, and said comfortingly, then his eyes fell on Jung Hyuk-jae's body. In the past, Jung Hyuk-jae had never Don't talk to her about his past.

Jung Hyuk-jae sat on the sofa and saw Han Ga-in's eyes, waved his hand with a wry smile, "these all are old things, talk about them, except to add to my heart It’s useless outside."

In Han Ga-in’s view, Jung Hyuk-jae in front of him will always be the man who goes forward bravely in the movie circle. He who dares to enter and fight until now is all posted on him. The label on his body, because JHJ Entertainment is growing stronger and stronger, and the imposing manner of the uppermost person on his body is getting heavier and heavier. Often a look in his eyes can bring infinite oppression. At home, he will always be the upright person in the house. He stretches out his arms to block the wind and rain from the outside. Han Ga-in never expected him to experience these things before.

"At the time, school was due to tuition and living expenses, plus the rent and so on. I was just a poor student and made money by working part-time in a convenience store. The hard work was hard work, but it was too hard. It's a good exercise, at least if I didn't have the hardship, I guess I can't hold on to the bad things when JHJ Entertainment was founded. Fortunately, life is a constant upward slope, at least it's not getting better and better now. Has the development of the development of the future?" Jung Hyuk-jae sat next to Han Ga-in, stretched out his arms and gently hugged her waist, and Han Ga-in also gently leaned his head on his shoulders. Neither of them made a sound, quietly enjoying a moment of beauty.


"What kind of hard work is this, man." Jung Hyuk-jae lightly said with a smile.

The atmosphere at this time If there is no trouble by the younger sister next to it, the atmosphere will be better. Then Jung Min-joo's words disturbed the atmosphere at this time.

Jung Min-joo wiped her eyes, and realized that some of her memories were not very suitable. After all, everyone in the New Year would talk about some happy things, so she also cracked a joke. He said to Jung Hyuk-jae: "Brother, actually I just wanted to say, when you owe me the lucky money you owe me all these years!"

When I heard Jung Min-joo's words , Jung Hyuk-jae didn’t know whether to cry or laugh expression on his face, "Yah!! Do you love money so much?"

"That’s not true, I’m better than money I love you big brother more!" Saying Jung Min-joo extend the hand, I came to Jung Hyuk-jae Near Heart, "I love you the big brother the most!"

I laughed and laughed, one family I started to prepare for New Year’s Eve dinner. Although Jung Hyuk-jae repeatedly told Han Ga-in that he only needs to sit in the living room, but according to the tradition, all the dishes on the New Year’s Eve meal must be made by the wife, but Taking into account Han Ga-in's body, Jung Hyuk-jae helped her wash out Yundou, soybeans, rice, etc., and then let her sit on the sidelines and prohibit cooking.

"Hyuk-jae? Hyun-joo?"

When the New Year’s Eve dinner was halfway through, the Golden Father and Golden Mother had already arrived. As a New Year’s Eve reunion, the Golden Father and Golden Mother This time I came here with large and small bags too, for fear that my daughter would not have a good time.

"Parents, what are you doing? Are you moving?" Han Ga-in couldn't help showing a trace of embarrassment on his face when his parents came in with large and small bags. There is no shortage of food and clothing, what is this for!

"What else can it be? It's not for you, but for my future grandson and daughter!" Golden Mother glared at Han Ga-in before saying.

Hearing the movement in the living room, Jung Hyuk-jae leaned out from the kitchen and said, "Mom and dad, are you here?"

"Hmm, here it is!" heard Greetings from my son-in-law, the golden mother showed a kind smile on her face, "Hyuk-jae~ah, come out, let me cook this meal!"

"It's okay, it's okay." Even with that, Jung Hyuk-jae was pushed out of the kitchen by Golden Mother. In the living room, Jung Hyuk-jae and Golden Father, two elders, look at me and I will look at you. Weng and Son-in-law don’t know. What to say, a few polite remarks that the weather is good and the road is not blocked, the living room is plunged into a dull atmosphere again.

Weng and son-in-law are watching TV, and it is a program of their own TV Station OCN. At this time, they are playing a trailer for the upcoming movie "The Host", which is given to them by their TV Station. Isn't it an exaggeration to help promote the movie? It is also a kind of publicity method. Although there are still a few days before the release time of "The Host", various activities have already started, and online and offline activities are in full swing. Obviously JHJ Entertainment is very supportive of this. The movie is very confident.

The trailer of just a few minutes showed the affection that the film wanted to express vividly and thoroughly, so that Father Kim was fascinated by it. After the trailer, he turned his head and talked to Jung. Hyuk-jae said: "I watched the final ending subtitles of the movie just now that your company produced and distributed?"

"en." Hearing the words of his father-in-law, Jung Hyuk-jae answered nodded.

"The shot is good." Jung Hyuk-jae couldn't help but laugh when he was rarely affirmed by Father Kim.

Speaking of the movie, Jung Hyuk-jae’s words are obviously compared to what I just said, "In fact, it’s mainly budget and post-production troubles. Originally, this movie was planned to be released last year. , But for the sake of post-production and editing effects, I asked Bong Joon-woo -ssi to lengthen the post-production time and use more time and expense to produce a more perfect work."

"Bong Joon-woo? Is that the director who made "Memories of Murder"?"

As a 2003 work, Bong Joon-woo's "Memories of Murder" is in the audience The status of mind has always been very good, and it has a very high evaluation. Many people claim that this is a perfect work. There are very few perfect movies in the history of film. Most people are not willing to definitely have a perfect existence. Because everyone in mind has a Hamlet, "Citizen Kane" and "Eight and a half" are listed impressively, "Seven Deadly Sins" and "Exorcise Fiend" are listed, and "Memories of Murder" are also listed.

In the last shot, Song Kang-ho stared at you in front of the screen. You are the murderer. The whole movie is to help you remember how you murdered. The murderer is the ordinary person. It may be right in front of the screen, even if so long has passed, every time I think of this, my back feels numb.

"Yes, it is also the Senior of my school. Because the budget cost of filming "The Host" was too high, the previous film production companies all withdrew, and I took over again." Jung Hyuk-jae explained.

"What is the production cost?"

There is no need to keep secret about the production cost. After all, there is a lot of news on the Internet, "plus post-production and publicity, probably more than 100 100 million." Jung Hyuk-jae probably said a number.

Father Kim couldn’t help but startled when he heard this number. As an ordinary Seoul citizen, the most money he handles is 100 million, but it’s not just one hundred or two hundred million for a little bit of money. Ah, this is a full 10 billion. "So much?"

"Although the investment is not small, the return after the movie is released will not be small." Jung Hyuk-jae is particularly confident about this. .

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