Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 458

With the promotion of “The Host” in theaters all over the country, the movie’s release time is getting closer and closer. As a project from the project to the start of filming almost aborted and then to new investment Joining the promotion now, it can be said that this movie has attracted thousands of fans, and the number of trailers and promotional videos about “The Host” on the Internet has reached tens of millions. It can be said that everyone is already looking forward to this movie. For a long time.

As for why you look forward to it, because everyone has never seen a domestic disaster film, especially this kind of special effects film. South Korea’s quota system protects domestic movies, like Hollywood movies to South Korea’s domestic film industry. The impact will be much less.

The South Korea film quota system has been implemented for a long time. As early as 1965, the South Korea Film Law established that the import volume of foreign films cannot exceed 13 domestic films; in 1985, the law was amended and re-stated Cinemas must have 13 screening days each year to show domestic films. In 1995, the South Korea government stipulated that cinemas must have 146 days of local movies in each hall each year; this government protective policy directly contributed to the take-off of South Korea films. But just last year, the South Korean government has been trying to change the original 146 days to 73 days due to U.S. trade pressure. This was strongly opposed by South Korean filmmakers, and they did not hesitate to engage in sacrificial confrontation. Therefore, the government repeatedly failed. Able to implement the bill.

The protests at the time were almost every day. The practitioners in the film industry, the directors and actors in the film circle, all joined for their own golden rice bowls. I can’t say exactly what this kind of protest is. Whether it’s right or wrong, but with the progress of the protests, this kind of protest has increasingly turned into a farce, and even the masses have begun to feel that this kind of protest by their film practitioners is more like keeping their jobs. Subsequently, the South Korea government passed the bill to cut quotas without refusing to do so.

As JHJ Entertainment, which was still in the seedling stage, Jung Hyuk-jae did not hold a banner to protest, because in his opinion all this is the general trend, not just one person or a group of people can The rolling wheels of history that have been blocked. Not only did he not participate in the protest march, but even the artists under his banner also requested that he not be allowed to participate. Just like Lee Joon-ki, who was in the limelight before, Jung Hyuk-jae even asked not to go. It’s not a wise man or a fool.

In his previous life, Lee Joon-ki participated in the program of “Internet Dialogue with Citizens” which was broadcast live on the five major portals at the time. During the program, he discussed the movie quota system with South Korea President Roh Moo-hyun. This behavior is a requirement of his company or his own personal behavior, which is a good thing for him to be able to be called.

On January 22nd, a new guest came to Jung Hyuk-jae’s house. It was approaching seven o’clock in the evening, the villa doorbell rang, and Jung Min-joo, who was watching TV on the sofa in the living room, jumped up and ran. While yelling “I’ll open the door, I’ll go!”

Behind him was Han Ga-in’s caring reminder, “Min-joo, you run slowly.”

Jung Min -joo ran to the door and glanced at the man in the monitor, with a slightly messy curly hair, plus a beard on his chin, which looked like a decadent middle-aged Ajhussi, and beside him was a *** *.

The door opened, and Bong Joon-woo saw the girl who opened the door in front of him. Before he could speak, the **** beside him smiled and asked: “You are the younger sister of Jung Hyuk-jae Jung Min-joo, right?”

“Well, my big brother is waiting for you.” Jung Min-joo was a little embarrassed, laughed, and then said again.

For the well-known director in South Korea, Jung Min-joo shook her hand to show that she didn’t know him. After all, girls in her grade like idols and celebrities on TV. Who will go? Follow a little old fogey who is almost forty years old?

For Jung Min-joo’s attitude, Bong Joon-woo was not upset either. He entered the door with a gift and put on his shoes. After arriving in the living room, he understood why Jung Hyuk-jae was not the one who opened the door. , Jung Hyuk-jae, who just came out of the kitchen in an apron carrying vegetables, looks like the president of a movie company, this whole family cooks!

Looking at Han Ga-in on the sofa in the living room eating fruit and watching TV, Bong Joon-woo understands it, and it’s no wonder Jung Hyuk-jae is willing to cook.

Han Ga-in in the living room got up from the sofa and said, “Director Bong Joon-woo, welcome! You are Director Bong’s wife, right? Welcome!”

“Where, we interrupted!” Bong Joon-woo put down the gift in his hand and shook hands with Han Ga-in, then said.

“Yes, that’s right! We interrupted.”

Jung Hyuk-jae, who came out of the kitchen, took off his apron and wiped his hands when he saw someone coming. Speaking of which with a smile, “Sunbae, sister-in-law, you are finally here!”

“Hey, it’s different when you are a family!” After seeing Jung Hyuk-jae, A relaxed smile appeared on Bong Joon-woo’s face. Although the two are not in the same class and the age gap is large, they are both engaged in the film industry because of the relationship between the alumni of the same school and the film industry. Speaking of going together, they became a pair of year-end friends in the circle, not to mention that the movie “The Host” was able to get rid of the dystocia because of the strong support of Jung Hyuk-jae. It is because of the relationship between the two. A little deeper.

Different from two big men who talked about the movie as soon as they met, Mrs. Bong on the side familiarly took Han Ga-in’s hand, and as a person who came by, she talked about the need to pay attention to mothers and babies. Some of the matters and parenting experience seem to be very harmonious.

Not long after, the two families sat at the dinner table and chatted while eating.

Jung Hyuk-jae doesn’t have many family banquets at home, and there are not many people who can attend family banquets. Yoo Jae-seok counts as one, and Bong Joon-woo in front of him counts as one.

“The movie is about to be released. I feel like I was making a movie when I was still in school. I always think about the box office of the movie? What is the audience’s opinion?” At that time, Bong Joon-woo’s old face couldn’t help but blush.

In the final analysis, Bong Joon-woo lacks confidence in the special effects of disaster films like “The Host”. It is really tortured by Hollywood movies. It is really hard for the audience to accept the domestic disaster movies. Buy it or not, after all, this is the first time, especially the cost of this movie is still so high, if you really lose, then it will lose Daebak, it is estimated that he is embarrassed to face his Junior Brother again.

Different from Bong Joon-woo’s worries, Jung Hyuk-jae appears more confident than him, “This movie may be beyond everyone’s imagination!”

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