Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 460

After the South Korea’s film industry liberalized the censorship system, many films were based on the principle of not being black. They were blacked out when everything was going to be done, but as South Korea The president and prime minister of China is often exposed in movies and has become the target of many filmmakers.

As a representative of South Korea movies, Bong Joon-woo, his movies are loved by many fans, and his movies are often called “realistic fables”, “gloom of human nature”, and “social pain”. “The cruel truth”, he always allows people to glimpse the entire human world through a corner, and makes people understand that justice is never a shout of arms, and that human nature will eventually go through thousands of times.

Many people like Bong Joon-woo, and many people don’t like him. Among them, several well-known film critics in the movie circle have publicly stated that they don’t like Bong Joon-woo. movie of.

“Bong Joon-woo -ssi is a very good storytelling director, whether it is his “Barking Dogs Never Bite” or “Memories of Murder”, Bong Joon-woo tells us There are wonderful stories one after another. People who like him love him to heaven, and those who don’t like him will not watch it at all. Unfortunately, I belong to the category of people who don’t like his movies. He excludes them. The movie is like a scalpel to me, every time it cuts a different affected area, making people truly touch the darkness of this society, and every time I feel lost for a while because of his movie.

Just because of the particularity of my profession, I have to watch the latest movies, such as this time Bong Joon-woo brought us the story “The Host” which lasted nearly a year.

The content mentioned below may involve spoilers. If there are audiences who have not watched it, you can buy a ticket and read this review again…”

2nd day At nine o’clock in the morning, the box office for the early morning premiere of “The Host” has not yet come out. Although I have not seen the early morning results, when Bong Joon-woo came to a JHJ ​​theater under Jung Hyuk-jae company When he saw the constant flow of people in the theater hall, Bong Joon-woo’s heart finally let go.

People always see him as a well-known director in the movie circle, but they don’t know that every time he moves is like walking a tightrope, he will fall off the cliff of ten thousand zhang if he is careless. For Bong Joon-woo nowadays, film is not only a craft for making a living, but also an ideal and a demand expressed by the people who want to represent a part of the masses to society. Film is also a carrier. , Not a tool.

Everyone’s impression of Bong Joon-woo seems to be the sum of business and art hooks,’commercial artistry is excellent, the best commercial movie, commercial and artistic combination is just right’, etc. Impression, to be honest, Bong Joon-woo is more tiring than anyone else. He must pay attention to the artistry while not allowing investors to lose money. The commercial performance is even better. This is an extra test of a director’s skills. “Barking Dogs Never Bite”, “Memories of Murder” and other works, the investment is not high, under the premise of ensuring the artistry, millions of movie viewers have also recovered the cost, but this time “The Host “But it is not the same as his previous works. As a large-scale production movie last year to the present, can it be recognized and loved by audiences and fans? On this point, Bong Joon-woo is also a little worried, afraid of movie fans. There are not many of them, so I’m afraid they won’t be recognized by the audience.

“Are you the director of Bong Joon-woo?”

Bong Joon-woo with curly hair and shaggy beard is actually very easy to recognize, especially for these deep movie fans. They may not know Idol and the star, but the director Screenwriter in the circle can say one, two or three. This is not because Bong Joon-woo was recognized by the fans just after he arrived.

“You guys are watching the movie together, right?” Bong Joon-woo didn’t deliberately conceal anything. He looked at the youngster who looked like a young couple in front of him and smiled and asked, “You are here. Did you watch “The Host”?”

“Yes, Director Bong Joon-woo, you may not know, I am your loyal fan and fan, and my goal is to become a director like you !” The boy in the little couple hurriedly took out paper and pen from his backpack and handed it to Bong Joon-woo, as he said.

Bong Joon-woo saw the surprising result with paper and pen. After signing his name proficiently, he said with a smile: “Then you need to work hard from now on.”


“Bong Joon-woo Sunbae, the past few days our school has a film week event. Would you like to have time to check it out? By the way, tell us about your film road?”

For the younger generations in the circle, Bong Joon-woo always holds the attitude of supporting as soon as he can help. After a little thought, he agreed, “This is my manager’s phone number. After the time is confirmed, I will contact him. Just fine, when the time comes, I will give you another surprise.”

“Really? Thank you Sunbae!” The boy took the paper with the phone number written on it, and put it next to him like a treasure , “Sunbae, then we won’t bother you.”


“Have all the questionnaires taken back for the premiere?”

Early in the morning, all the employees in JHJ Entertainment Company were busy doing a group, box office statistics, questionnaire survey recovery statistics orders. I can’t stop at all, and there are tasks from the leadership platoon from time to time, and one person can’t wait to break into two people to use.

“It has been recovered, and now we are counting the ratings of the audience. It is estimated that it will be counted in ten minutes.”

“Hurry up, the president is still waiting! “The supervisor is continuously urging the employees he accepts behind him. In the office not far away, Jung Hyuk-jae is having a good meeting with Bong Joon-woo.

“The box office of the premiere has almost come out, Sunbae, you seem to be a little worried?” Looking at Bong Joon-woo in front of him, Jung Hyuk-jae couldn’t help but say with a smile.

“I’m sick. Whenever a new movie is released, I’m always worried about this dislike, and I’m worried about that other people don’t want to watch it. Haha, I’m born to worry about my life!” Bong Joon-woo laughed at himself. Said.

The two were chatting, the office door was pushed open from the outer sect, and the employees came in with the statistical data.

“President, the number of box office viewers at the early morning premiere has been fully counted. In addition, most of the questionnaire surveys at the premiere venues of 33 theaters across the country have also been collected. Movie fans People generally report that the movie is not the same as they thought, but it is beautiful. Here are the specific statistics.”

Jung Hyuk-jae picked up the data sheet and glanced at the numbers on it. The heart finally let go, “Sunbae, get ready to treat your guests!”

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