Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 461

“Hey, I told you that “The Host” is very beautiful, why don’t you believe it?”

CGV theater in Jiangbei District, a pair The youngsters who looked like couples walked in. The boy followed the girl’s side and said and kept gesticulating with his hands, “I told you that this movie is very good-looking. It is definitely a movie made by Bong Joon-woo. It’s the best one in the movie, and the special effects are much more exquisite than some monster movies. I feel that the special effects shots are comparable to Hollywood. You must know that the special effects of this movie are completely produced by domestic special effects companies.”

“Oh.” Compared with the excitement of the boys, the girls seem a little less interested.

The two came to the ticket office at the front desk of the CGV theater. The boy took out his wallet and said, “Hello, here are two movie tickets for “The Host”.”

“I’m so sorry, sir! We don’t have any screenings of “The Host” today.” The beauty at the ticket office pointed her finger at the big screen as she spoke. From the above, we can see all the film screenings of the day. As she said, “The Host” did not show any screenings at all today, and a whole column was left under the poster, which looked particularly awkward.

“Isn’t it? There is no schedule for this movie?”

“Sir, I’m really sorry! The film schedule is set by our theater manager based on the actual situation. You can Go to other theaters to watch.”

“Go away! I have agreed to go shopping with me today, what movie to watch, wait for us to come back to the theater, OK?”

The boy was a little disappointed when he heard the beauties of the ticket office on his face. Then he left under the pull of his girlfriend. But like him, the fans who chose to watch “The Host” in the cinema today are not the first ones. Two big waves of movie fans came, and when they found that the CGV theater was not lined up, they all left with disappointment.

“Eh, did the couple just watch “The Host”?” The colleague at the souvenir sales office quietly came to the ticket office and asked in a low voice.

“Yah!! didn’t expect so many people watched this movie today.” The conductor said as she glanced at her strap watch, “This is only in the morning. It’s a quarter past ten, and it’s Saturday. It is estimated that it will be the peak time for movie watching.”

Every day, especially whenever there are new movies released recently, the cinemas are definitely overcrowded. Whether it is popular movies, Hollywood blockbusters, or niche movies, you can find an audience, and on weekends, they are the cinema staff. The busiest time.

“Is there really no screening of “The Host” today?” my colleague asked in a low voice.

“No, not only there is not today, but tomorrow’s shows are pitiful. It seems that there will be one in the morning, and it’s still at nine o’clock in the morning. I guess there will be no who.” The female conductor heard the colleague’s words. After thinking for a while, he said.

“I was thinking of watching the new film directed by Bong Joon-woo after the shift today. Now it’s fine, I can only go to another theater.” Speaking of which, both of them I couldn’t help laughing. Didn’t expect to work in the theater. It was unexpected when I didn’t even see the movie one day.

Although both of them work in theaters, they still know some inside stories about movies. Just like today’s “The Host” 0 row film situation, I haven’t encountered it before. It’s nothing more than a theater. The line party wants to rectify some people, or just hit it. After all, as the cinema line party that directly faces the audience in the movie circle, they are the masters of various distributors and producers, who even hold the resources of fans. You don’t need to do too much, just press and arrange the film to make many publishers and producers have unspeakable bitter suffering.

However, under normal circumstances, it’s not as perfect as it is today. This is not a trivial press film, but a real zero-row film. It can be said that it is not given to “The “Host” is a little bit out of the way, there is no filming how to occupy the film market after the Spring Festival.

“Give me a movie ticket for “The Host”.”

“Not good means, there is no screening of “The Host” today.”

“What does it mean that there is no show? It was already in the early morning. You told you that there is no show here today?”

“What is the phone number of your theater manager?”

In the morning At ten o’clock, major shopping malls ushered in a new wave of post-holiday shopping peaks, and the movie theaters that are standard in major shopping malls are also overcrowded. At other times, it is estimated that the theater manager will see this situation and wait for everyday all to be like this. Today, this CGV theater in Jiangbei District is full of people, but it is the last scene that the theater manager wants to see.

“Give us an explanation, why is the movie “The Host” not shown in your cinema?”

“I came all the way to watch “The Host” today. “, then you tell us fans that there are no screenings today?”

The theater manager is a middle-aged man, with a layer of oil on the top of his bald head, and sweat on his forehead. After it came out, it was obvious that he was surrounded by many movie fans. He, the theater manager, is not good enough. It is estimated that he will be beaten if he is careless.

“Dear fans, I know that everyone loves the movie “The Host”, and as a theater, we also like “The Host” to attract more audiences, because The problem of copying the film led to the fact that our theater did not arrange the film for “The Host” today. I can assure you that everyone will be able to see this film at this time tomorrow.” The theater manager yelled.

But to be honest, his this remark is actually not very useful, at most it is to let some impatient fans temporarily leave, and the rest of these fans are still gathered in the theater. Waiting for CGV Cinema to give them an explanation.

Even so, his remarks still attracted a lot of discussions. It is because there are too many audiences in the theater, no matter how you get the movie. Related information, everyone comes to the theater for only one purpose, which is to relax and enjoy an audio-visual feast of art and beauty, but the reality is that “The Host” is simply not planned to be shown in the CGV theater in Jiangbei District. It made the audience and fans feel angry.

Many netizens even publicly bombarded CGV theaters on the Internet to express their love for “The Host” and their dislike for CGV theaters.

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