Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 462

“What tickets are sold out again?”

“What do you mean, it’s not like opening two halls in the morning!”

“You can’t buy tickets for the movies you want to see, and the movies you don’t want to see have no audience for a few consecutive shows. Is your movie theater fooling the audience like this?”

Angry fans gathered around the ticket sales In front of the stage, the ticket sellers were crowded, vying to ask for an explanation. The ticket seller in her early twenties was still a girl who had seen such a posture, saying’I’m sorry’ continuously in her mouth, and she was about to cry with moist eyes.

Film fans blocked the ticket counter for more than ten minutes and failed to ask for an explanation. They also dispersed in small groups. After all, this movie theater is not the only one nearby, it’s just a comparison. A little further away, some fans wrote their own experiences as posts and posted them on the Internet, which attracted the attention of many netizens.

“I wanted to go to the cinema to watch “The Host” directed by Bong Joon-woo while I was off today. I didn’t expect that I went to two theaters and didn’t get a ticket.”

“It’s normal. I also waited for a long time to grab two tickets and went to see it with my girlfriend. It is worthy of the work of Director Bong Joon-woo. It is really worth the movie ticket money!”

Everyone talked about the difficulty of buying tickets, and they immediately drew a voice of approval, “speaking of which this movie is one of the most recent domestically produced products, right? For director Bong Joon-woo I don’t think there is any need to say anything. It’s normal for tickets to be difficult to buy.”

“It’s just the reputation of director Bong Joon-woo. I think everyone will be without the slightest hesitation’s dedication. Movie tickets, right? This time it is a work invested by the producer of Jung Hyuk-jae. Not to mention the quality of the movie. I plan to go to the movie tomorrow. Do you have a team?”

“What else can I do? , I went to a few theaters, “The Host” has a lot of film schedules without even 10%, and more of it is one game in the morning and one game in the afternoon. Are the theaters so perfunctory?”

“What does the theater manager eat? With such a hot number of viewers and word of mouth, I am not willing to allocate more theaters?”

“I don’t see what the theater manager does not understand, it should be suppressed. I’m down.” Although everyone is discussing the plot and thoughts of the movie in the forum, some people still understand the tricks behind these things, a very simple thing, why do you want to film? One party must have touched the interests of the other party, and the press is a warning to one party.

“Can you post about where the cinema is not scheduled, or there are too few films?” A netizen in the forum asked below, and soon other netizens responded below .

“The CGV theater on the Konkuk University side only has two shows in a day.”

“There are also only two shows a day in Xindaolin, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It’s still a small hall!”

As more and more netizens participate, people with discerning eyes can also see the problems, because the most powerful movie theaters belong to a theater chain. CJ Entertainment’s CGV theater, as the largest theater in South Korea, South Korea CGV theater can be said to be the original leader in South Korea, especially the backing of CJ Entertainment makes CGV theaters all over South Korea, occupying South Korea. More than 35% of the cinema market, it can be said why movie fans find it difficult to watch movies, because almost there are CGV theaters near their homes and they will naturally choose it, and then the lineup of CGV theaters is pitifully small, up to three games a day, catching up Others took the lead in robbing it of time, which naturally caused everyone to complain.

“Does CGV Cinemas JHJEntertainment have hatred? Obviously it is a mutually beneficial situation. Even if there is hatred, it should be possible to temporarily let go of the hatred. Let’s talk about it?”

Look Up to now, some people in the forum still can’t see the situation clearly, and soon someone helped to explain, “To be precise, it’s not that CGV Cinema and Jung Hyuk-jae’s company JHJ Entertainment have an antagonism, but CJ Entertainment and JHJ Entertainment behind the CGV cinema chain. Have a grudge, think about CJ Entertainment’s layout in the entertainment industry for so many years. Last year, it took aim at cable TV. The acquisition of TVN can be said to be the 1st Step of CJ Entertainment’s shift to TV media. It hasn’t waited for it to implement the 2nd Step, OCN cable channel. It has been preempted by JHJ Entertainment. In the TVN and OCN arena, it can be said that the rich and imposing CJ Entertainment was completely unprepared by JHJ Entertainment.”

“Although TVN belongs to CJ Entertainment, OCN’s program It looks good!” The netizen expressed his true thoughts.

“Yes, although CJ is so good in the entertainment industry, I now watch OCN for cable channels. I watch “SNLKorea” every week!”

“Jung Hyuk- Jae deserves to be born in a variety show. The content selection of cable channels is several grades higher than TVN, which is interesting.”

Netizens on the Internet know that it is difficult to buy tickets, and the schedule is low. It is true that JHJ Entertainment did not notice it. In fact, there is no need to go to the theater to check it in person. You only need to look at the number of box office viewers to see the trickiness.

In the first week of the movie’s release, whether it’s a weekday or a weekend, as long as the quality of the movie is not bad, the number of movie viewers will generally increase, and in the second The number of viewers and the box office will drop in the week, but the rate of decline is generally not large, but the word-of-mouth movies like “The Host” ushered in a sharp drop in the number of viewers on the 2nd day of the release date. , Fools know what must be wrong with this.

“President, the CGV theater has sent a reply letter.” The assistant said and put the reply letter in his hand in front of Jung Hyuk-jae.

Jung Hyuk-jae picked up the reply letter and glanced at it. After reading a few sentences, he threw the paper aside. “What CGV cinema said that the low row of films is a market choice, and there is nothing behind it. Human intervention.” This kind of rhetoric deceives the little child, the ghost believes that there is no human intervention behind it.

“Okay, I see, you can go back.” With that, Jung Hyuk-jae waved his hand and said.

CGV is the leading card in South Korea’s domestic movie theaters. It’s very easy to suppress the opponent from the platoon. If it is a small company, a small production may have to admit its fate, after all, the arm can’t be twisted. The thigh, even more how, is not an arm. Compared with CJ Entertainment, it can only be regarded as a mantis trying to stop a chariot. Naturally, there is hardship.

But since CGV theaters have already said that this is the choice of the market, then let the market take a look at this time, whether it is the choice of the market or is someone deliberately operating it behind the scenes! After making up his mind, Jung Hyuk-jae called the director of the company’s publicity department. In order to fight this battle of public opinion, JHJ Entertainment needs to do all he can to have a glimmer of survival, after all, whether it is the time of establishment or The size of the company and CJ Entertainment are not in the same weight category. To win this battle of public opinion, you must come from the masses and give full play to the power of the masses.

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