Rebirth of the Director in Korea Chapter 463

“Let’s talk about it, what the hell is going on?”

At CJ Entertainment’s regular high-level meeting, Park Gentae threw the report in hand On the conference table, the expression on his face was a bit unpredictable, “Film fans gathered outside the CGV theater to protest against the filming, you can really do it, quietly let the CGV theater line become famous in front of the national audience!”

Sometimes the more rainstorm comes, everything seems calmer. Although Park Gentae didn’t say anything, you can tell by looking at the expressions of all around the subordinates. They are also playing drums in their hearts. The cold sweat on the forehead of one of the parties was almost shed.

“Early this morning, Hongkong Golden Harvest and Wayshow’s partners called my mobile phone and questioned the spontaneous protest behavior of domestic movie fans. Did you hand me this answer sheet? Or do you really think that the CGV cinema is a tool for your struggle, and you don’t have a lot of face?” While talking about Park Gentae, he slapped the tabletop, and finally slapped the table with a loud voice. It made everyone in the Conference Hall sweat.

CJ Entertainment’s CGV theater is not a wholly-owned theater of CJ Entertainment Group. It can be seen from the three letters of CGV alone that this is a theater with a transnational ancestry. C naturally It represents CJ Entertainment, while G is Hongkong’s Golden Harvest Entertainment Group (GoldenHarvest), and V is a multimedia theater jointly established by three Australian companies, Village Roadshow, and this time someone inside CJ Entertainment holds a CGV theater. The line being used as a tool, the other two partners naturally stopped doing it. For the time being, CJ Entertainment relied on the CGV theater line to do some small actions, just this time Bong Joon-woo directed the movie “The Host” The word-of-mouth is so overwhelming, and the number of moviegoers is a breakthrough. The record of the highest number of moviegoers in a single hall shows the potential of this movie. However, some people actually make small moves at this time. How can Jiahe Entertainment and Wayshow Entertainment watch it? Gotta go down.

If you count the movies with more than 3 million viewers in South Korea last year, JHJEntertainment can occupy a few seats. At this time, “The Host” strikes, and this momentum must rush to 500 Wanguan Films, at this time, the press film is not courting death. What is it? What is alive is to extrapolate the God of Wealth. It is simply a decision made only after the head is filled with shit. It is no wonder that Park Gentae was so angry early in the morning. As the CEO who is fully responsible for the CJ entertainment industry, Park Gentae felt like he was leading a bunch of pig teammates. fighting.

“Let’s talk about it, this time is the plan that was decided?” Park Gentae said, patrolling his eyes for a week, but no one dared to speak first, “Don’t you say it? Or think I’m really Didn’t find out?”

“Yes, yes…It’s me!” A man stood up tremblingly, and Lee Sung-in, who is currently in charge of TVN cable channel business under CJ Entertainment, stepped forward. A handkerchief kept wiping the cold sweat on his forehead, holding the table with both hands imaginary, it seemed that he would fall down if he didn’t pay attention.

Pok Guntae’s eyes slightly narrowed and then he spoke of which, “Oh? Section Head Li? I remember that you were in charge of the CGV theater line business before, right? Why are you now transferred to TVN? The cable channel department has so much energy, it is really looked down on you!”

“No, not like this!” Lee Sung-in hurriedly explained after hearing Park Gentae’s words. .

“Then tell me, what the hell is going on?”

As a giant aircraft carrier in South Korea’s entertainment industry, CJ Entertainment Group is far from the kind of few dozens of people. The small company in the group can be said to have mixed connections within the group, and the internal fighting between the company’s departments and departments is actually very fierce. If it is generally not the case between the CGV theater line and the newly established TVN cable channel There will be any connection, but Lee Sung-in appeared among them. When he was not transferred to the TVN cable channel, he was the Chief-In-Charge of the CGV theater line department. He has been in charge of the CGV theater line for many years, even after the transfer. The remaining relationship is even more tangled and complicated.

“Sorry, it’s my fault!”


“With regard to today’s CGV cinemas’ mistakes in the filming of “The Host”, our company is deeply sorry. This time the film scheduling problem is purely a mistake in the experience of the cinema manager. As a representative of the domestic cinemas, CGV cinemas have always been the highest quality CJ Entertainment and CGV Cinemas will continue to guarantee and protect South Korea’s film industry as a leader in the industry.”

When CJ Entertainment’s paper statement was issued, the direction of media public opinion suddenly changed. In addition, major CGV theaters successively added the “The Host” film series, and the voices from movie fans also increased. The younger you are, you have to admit that CJ Entertainment’s response is quick and the action is quick.

“President, do I still need to keep up with the follow-up promotion?” The assistant stood by and looked at Jung Hyuk-jae’s face and said hesitantly.

To be reasonable, for this public opinion propaganda, it can be said that JHJ Entertainment has made full preparations. From the very beginning, it placed itself in the position of the victim, first in the fans and The audience bought a wave of misery in front of the audience, followed by the propaganda, and then a wave of people gathered in front of the CGV cinema to protest. By the way, the media was bought to speak for themselves, forcing CJ Entertainment to face it head-on, so to speak from the very beginning At the time, Jung Hyuk-jae had already calculated each step.

It’s a pity that CJ Entertainment’s power in the entertainment industry is too great. The media public opinion turned over almost instantaneously, and it pushed the issue of film scheduling to the temporary worker’Cinema Manager’. It’s enough to deceive audiences who don’t understand this kind of remarks, but how can one of the theater managers make a mistake in their judgments? Could it be said that dozens of CGV theater managers in the country have made mistakes in their judgments?

“Withdraw it, now the initiative is no longer in our hands.” Jung Hyuk-jae put down the CGV theater line’s statement said with a smile.

Although Jung Hyuk-jae has not been able to successfully attack CJ Entertainment this time, Jung Hyuk-jae is not at all frustrated. CJ Entertainment is the leader of the domestic entertainment industry in South Korea. Battered and exhausted by small means, that’s the big news. However, although it has not been able to take more bargains from CJ Entertainment, at least JHJ Entertainment this time can be regarded as a big limelight among domestic audience fans. A wave of miserable sales made more audiences know about JHJ Cinemas under JHJ Entertainment. It is a piece of meat torn from the CGV cinema chain, not much, but it is enough for the JHJ cinema chain to develop in a wave.

The current situation between JHJ Entertainment and CJ Entertainment is like fighting a battle. CJ Entertainment clearly knows that JHJ is developing troops to accumulate the economy and preparing for a later wave of Gank, but for a while, it can’t find a place to talk. On the contrary, A tooth was broken by JHJ.

“This is fun!” Jung Hyuk-jae couldn’t help laughing.

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