Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1000

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When Norman Swire came to the door of the small conference hall under the leadership of the staff, he knocked on the door, then unscrewed the lock and pushed the door directly.

The two groups of people who were chatting intensively in the small conference hall immediately stopped talking, looking at the doorway where Norman Swire was.

Norman Swire also saw all the scenes inside.

When I saw the face of the man standing across from his red-faced nephew Wade Swire, Norman Swire was so heavy that it was inevitable that the complexion slightly changed.

Because that person is a well-known figure in Hong Kong, and Xia Yu’s capable man is also the evil wolf raised by Xia Yu in his eyes-Jiuding Securities Ltd. General Manager Wang Qi!

Next to him, there was a youngster and a few middle-aged people, he just glanced at them and ignored them.

The silence of the three parties is only a momentary thing. Norman Swire immediately came back to his senses, walking towards Wade Swire, while expresslessly to ask a question, when already knows the answer: “Mr. Wang Qi, come to me today Does your company have any purpose?”

As soon as his words came out, his indifferent and unwelcome attitude was undoubtedly revealed.

Wang Qi didn’t care. He smiled faintly, swayed his horse, and said brightly: “Mr. Norman Swire, my purpose is very clear today, that is, I hope to be able to acquire Swire Airlines wholly. The takeover bid book has been given to your nephew. Mr. Wade Swire!”

With that said, Wang Qi gestured to Norman Swire, looking towards the document at Wade Swire’s desk.

Norman Swire just glanced expressionlessly, not interested in picking it up and opening it.

He then sat down bold and uninhibited, and blatantly refused: “Swire Airlines’ equity shares will never be sold. Mr. Wang Qi can go back to Xia Yu!”

Now that Uncle Norman Swire is here, Wade Swire naturally retreats to the 2nd line, leaving the full power to Uncle to handle. He sat down again and stared at Wang Qi indignantly.

Wang Qi narrowed his eyes, then took the person to sit again at will, with his elbows on the table, palms crossed, and his body leaning forward slightly, posing a very aggressive posture. The words neither fast nor slow, but they gave others. A vocal feeling: “Mr. Norman Swire, you don’t have to reject Danger Land so resolutely. It would be unwise for you not to leave a way out for yourself when you don’t know things.”

Norman Swire sneered strongly refuted: “Mr. Wang Qi, in your Chinese words, I have eaten more salt than you have eaten. Are you sure you are teaching me now?”

As soon as this was said, everyone beside Norman Swire stared coldly at Wang Qi. Many people’s faces showed anger, insulting their heads, isn’t it just insulting them?

Although the atmosphere became giving tit for tat in an instant, Wang Qi’s complexion didn’t make any waves. He faintly smiled, “It’s not a lesson, but just a fact. Mr. Norman Swire may wish to consider this matter carefully. The takeover bid has already included many The situation is clearly written, I think you can develop Swire Group to this point, you must be a person full of wisdom!”

“Now it seems that you need to calm down, then I will come again next time!”

After speaking, Wang Qi got up, looked towards the people behind him, and motioned for them to leave with him.

Before he came, Wang Qi had already deduced what might happen, and the situation that Swire Family tried to resist and resent was what he expected.

So he never thought that Swire Family would raise his hand obediently and surrender. If Swire Family was so easy to talk, then Board-Chairman Xia Yu would not have to put so much effort into the preliminary work.

This is destined to be an acquisition full of ups and downs. Board-Chairman Xia Yu gave him enough time and he has enough patience!

The most important purpose of this time is to send a takeover bid book, and at the same time show your attitude, as much as possible to create psychological pressure on Swire Family.

The things have been delivered, the attitude is very clear, and all the goals have been achieved. What’s the point of staying here to fight.

Seeing that Wang Qi was leaving, Norman Swire was a little unexpected.

But he was not confused. When Wang Qi was about to leave, he seized the opportunity to ask: “Mr. Wang Qi, have you also acquired the equity shares of Cathay Pacific held by Standard Chartered Bank and Hongkong and Shanghai Bank?”

Wang Qi step one stopped, staring at Norman Swire for a long time, showing a smile, replied without hiding: “Mr. Norman Swire, I know what you want to know, I can tell you all!”

Norman Swire complexion slightly changed, staring at Wang Qi calmly, waiting for his next words.

Immediately afterwards, Wang Qi’s voice sounded again: “Now we have 50% 4 of the equity shares of Cathay Pacific and 65% of the equity shares of Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd!”

“I believe that at this time, someone is already taking over these two companies!”

“You will get news soon!”

“Confrontation will only make things worse!”

“Mr. Norman Swire, we won’t let you suffer. I believe you will not be controlled by emotions.”

After that, Wang Qi nodded to Norman Swire in the ugly complexion, and then decisively took people away, leaving only Norman Swire and the others with a bad mood and an ugly face.

For a while, the atmosphere in the small conference hall was stagnant. Others knew that Norman Swire was in anger, and they didn’t even dare to gasp.

Less than one minute after Wang Qi and the others left, there was a series of rapid footsteps outside the door, the sound getting closer and closer.

When the owner of the footsteps appeared at the door, Norman Swire and the others stared at him.

Under the gazes of Boss and the others, the employees who were already panicked had their legs shaken and almost didn’t kneel down. They seemed to have their throats pinched. The urgent things they wanted to report could not be said at all.

Fortunately, Wade Swire released the siege and asked in as peaceful a voice as possible: “What happened?”

The reporting staff froze for a moment, and then hurriedly said: “Board-Chairman, Cathay Pacific just called, Jiuding Industrial Group a group of people holding the certificate of equity shares and the contract, at Dong Song and Standard Chartered Bank Vice-President Under the leadership of, came to take over the company forcibly. The specific situation is unclear for the time being. All executives have been collectively called to the meeting. Now we will inform you of the meeting.”

After speaking, the employees looked towards Wade Swire and Norman Swire and the others, but were stunned to find that the shocking situation of the Board-Chairman hadn’t happened. Did the Board-Chairman understood in advance?

Naturally, no one pays attention to his psychological history.

Wade Swire looked towards Uncle Norman Swire solemnly and said, “Uncle, they really did it. If it is 50% 4 of the equity shares, it would be really troublesome! If we don’t pass, they can pass the temporary shareholder meeting Directly dismiss Board of Directors and take over the company!”

“Even if we go, I’m afraid we won’t be able to stop it…”

The reason why Wade Swire is so pessimistic is that the United Kingdom law gives shareholders sufficient rights.

According to the current Article 184 of the United Kingdom Company Law, as long as 10% of the shareholders have unanimously proposed, a temporary shareholder meeting can be convened. No matter what the articles of association or any agreement between the board members, the shareholders can pass the shareholder meeting. The General Assembly voted to remove any board member whose term of office has not expired.

And although the “United Kingdom Company Law” protects the board member of the company, it also protects the shareholder, where the “one-vote veto” can be invalid.

Because as long as the shareholders conference is to remove the Board of Directors according to the general resolution procedure, rather than taking special procedures, then the “United Kingdom Company Law” can be applied, and the Board of Directors can be removed as long as a simple majority of shareholders attending the meeting agree.

Give a simple example.

If all shareholders have participated in the shareholder meeting, as long as the valid votes representing equity shares exceed 50%, it can be passed.

And if Wade Swire does not go now, and the other two companies will not go, only Jiuding Industrial Group, then because the share ratio of Jiuding Industrial Group meets the meeting standard, the meeting can be smoothly held, and the voting rate is 2%. , Unilaterally dismissed Board of Directors and forcibly took over the company.

This is the right of the first major shareholder and the super major shareholder with more than half of the shares.

So no matter whether you go today or not, as long as Jiuding Industrial Group decides to remove the Board of Directors, then the general resolution will be passed, and Norman Swire will also lose the Board-Chairman throne.

His one-vote veto power can only be used to re-elect the Board of Directors.

Because in the matter of re-electing Board of Directors, the company’s articles of association have already stipulated, and the “United Kingdom Company Law” also stipulates that the board of directors can be re-elected only with the consent of 2/3 of the shareholders present.

Therefore, it is easier to remove Board of Directors, as long as more than 50% agree.

If the Board of Directors is elected, 2/3 of the turnout is needed!

I went to the meeting today, so there are still opportunities for resistance and chaos as a shit-stirrer.

If you do not go, then Jiuding Industrial Group will be in place in one step and successfully elect the Board-Chairman representing their interests, which will be even more detrimental to Swire Aviation!

Norman Swire is a veteran of Shanghai. He has done a lot of domineering things in the capital field, and he doesn’t bully Chinese too much. Naturally, he knows these routines well.

He immediately ordered: “You go over, must do everything possible to stop it, and at the same time figure out the situation!”

Wade Swire solemnly nodded, combined with what Wang Qi said before, and said to Norman Swire: “Uncle, they should do something with Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd. If there is a time conflict, I went to Cathay Pacific, and I can only let others past.”

He did not let Uncle pass, because although Uncle Norman Swire is the Board-Chairman of the Swire Group, it did not serve as a board member or Board-Chairman in Swire Airlines and a series of companies below, so it could not represent Swire Airlines in past meetings.

At this moment, another series of rapid footsteps came from far and near.

Norman Swire, who had experienced it once, had heavy faces and stared straight at the door.

Sure enough, another employee ran in, lose one’s head out of fear, and said the matter directly: “Board-Chairman, just received a notice from Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd that the company’s major shareholder has changed to Jiuding Industrial Group. , They inform you to have a meeting in the past!”

Wade Swire said with a gloomy expression: “I understood…”

He just wanted to go down, his head suddenly looked towards the door.

Sure enough, a familiar scene appeared again.

It’s just that this time is not what they expected.

Seeing that it was not the employees in the reception department, but the middle-level employees in charge of the capital market, Wade Swire suddenly snorted.

Is it…

Sure enough, the next nervous report from the employee who came to report verified the guess in his mind and changed his expression.

“Board-Chairman, something went wrong. The shares of Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company skyrocketed because Jiuding Securities Ltd. bought shares in the market at a double price!”

“Jiuding Securities Ltd. does not hide it at all. It seems that everyone can’t wait for everyone to know that the capital market has been shaken by this statement of Jiuding Securities Ltd..”

“Are we going to raise funds to join the acquisition?”

Wade Swire didn’t answer. He turned his head and looked towards Norman Swire, his expression was very ugly, almost crying.

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