Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1001

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Norman Swire did not answer, but directly expressed his attitude with practical actions.

He immediately came to the desk in the corner to put the phone on, dialed the office number of the Swire Financial Company, and immediately instructed after the connection: “I am Norman Swire, and I will try my best to raise the shares of the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company at any cost and act immediately. …”

Norman Swire didn’t talk about one minute, so he hung up the phone decisively to avoid delaying the action of Swire Financial Corporation.

After hanging up, Norman Swire gloomy face was in a mess.

Wang Qi didn’t tell him just now that he was already working on the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, and now he is attacking so aggressively, which puts him under tremendous pressure.

The main reason is still the equity shares structure of Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company.

Swire Airlines originally held 20% of the 6:2 equity shares of Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company. It was the first major shareholder and controlled the company together with the second major shareholder Cathay Pacific of 20% 4:8 shares. The two total shares 2%. .

However, in order to replace Dongfeng Airlines’ equity shares some time ago, Swire Airlines took out 2% of the 7 8 Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company’s equity shares for replacement, which resulted in the reduction of Swire’s shares to 20% 3. 4 2, became the second major shareholder lower than Cathay Pacific.

Under normal circumstances, it doesn’t matter. After all, even if there are 2% less equity shares of 7 8 points, the accumulated shares of Swire Airlines and Cathay Pacific have reached 40% 8 points 2, which is very close to the 2% line, slightly from Level 50. The market can buy some equity shares.

But things are completely different now!

The dominance of Cathay Pacific is about to be robbed, so under the interference of Jiuding Industrial Group, it will definitely not work with Swire Airlines.

Only the shares directly held by Swire Airlines were able to work 100%.

If the equity shares acquired by Jiuding Securities Ltd. are high enough, the trouble will be big…

Now Norman Swire is afraid that Jiuding Securities Ltd. has secretly acquired enough equity shares.

But no matter what, joining the rush is the only way. Even if the price is doubled, it will be no hesitation. Even if you can’t get it, you will have to make Jiuding Securities Ltd. bleeding!

If you don’t want to lose when you don’t know the details of the enemy, you must go all out!

Slightly shook his head, Norman Swire came back to his senses, to Wade Swire instructed: “Wade, you go to Cathay Pacific immediately, do as I just told you, and the rest depends on you.”

“As for Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd…”

Speaking of this, Norman Swire showed a complex look, and after thinking about it for a while, he instructed Wade Swire: “You arrange a powerful subordinate to pass, and do your best to support it!”

To be more discouraged and to discourage motivation, Norman Swire did not say that after all, Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd’s situation is worse than Cathay Pacific’s. It only wears a pair of underwear to resist, let alone other people, even he himself has no confidence.

Wade Swire solemnly nodded: “Uncle, I will make arrangements!”

On the shoulder of Norman Swire pats’s nephew, he solemnly said: “Go, I will dispatch in the middle of the kilometer, and feedback immediately if there is any situation!”

Wade Swire didn’t say more, he nodded heavily, and then turned and walked away quickly.


When Wade Swire came to Cathay Pacific in a hurry, it was obvious that the employees of the company were panicked and were not working at all.

After some employees saw him, they just shouted Board-Chairman, and nothing happened.

Wade Swire didn’t care about these different-minded employees. After looking for someone to ask about the situation, he immediately walked into the elevator and rushed to the conference room on the 5th floor.

The conference room of Cathay Pacific is divided into internal and external. The large and small conference hall is generally connected with the gourd, except that there is a wall and a door separating it.

When Wade Swire appeared at the door of the large conference room, he immediately attracted the attention of a bunch of people in the conference room.

Wade Swire swept his eyes and instantly recognized that these all are Cathay Pacific’s senior management, board members and supervisors, almost all of them were here except for business trips.

It’s just that these people are in groups of three or four, obviously they are gathering together.

Among the three groups of executives, board members, and supervisors, the board member group, which is the most confusing thing, is divided into five groups.

The largest number of people is 9 people, of which 7 are board members belonging to Swire airline seats, the other 2 board members are board member Zhang Dasheng (formerly known as Malen Demps) dispatched by Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd, and Description Hong Fan Keming (formerly Matt Arnold), the board member stationed by Kong Aircraft Engineering Company.

Then there is a series of 4 board members from Hongkong and Shanghai Bank grouped individually, headed by Deputy Board-Chairman Liu William.

Song Bo has two board members except Song Bo, and a board member in Standard Chartered Bank except Standard Chartered Bank Vice-President Baker Jerry, a total of 2 people get together.

And the seven independent board members hired to guide the development of the company according to the Articles of Incorporation were on the verge of getting together to observe the strange situation in the field.

Finally, it is the 3 people in the middle of the venue, or 2 people with Board of Directors status, and one person without Board of Directors status!

These three people are not only the focus of Wade Swire, but also the focus of the entire venue.

The 3 people are:

Jiuding Industrial Group Vice-President and Hutchison Whampoa President Welley!

Standard Chartered Bank Vice-President and Cathay Pacific board member Baker Jerry!

And Cathay Pacific’s current deputy Board-Chairman and Song Family Patriarch Song Bo!

Neither one is good!

At this moment, Welley, who was sitting in the middle position, stood up with a smile and said to Wade Swire: “Mr. Wade Swire, you are finally here. Now that all the shareholders are here, we will hold a temporary meeting. shareholder meeting!”

“Mr. Wade Swire, please come on stage and take a seat?”

Welley took his original position. This attitude of being a master of himself caused a anger in Wade Swire’s heart, but considering this occasion, the public could only hold it back in full view.

He walked straight to the stage with a dark face, but when he passed by the board member group belonging to the Swire airline camp, he paused and looked at a few people before continuing to walk inside.

After Wade Swire took the seat according to the seat card, other board members, supervisors, executives and other attendees also took their positions.

What’s interesting is that because this is a shareholder conference, the protagonist can only be a shareholder. The top row only has 4 people including Welley, Wade Swire, Fan Keming, and Zhang Dasheng, all of whom have voting rights represented by equity shares.

Baker Jerry, Song Bo and the others, who lost their identity as shareholders because of the loss of their equity shares, still sat in the middle position below as board members of the company and attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates.

the reason is simple.

Because the equity shares of Standard Chartered Bank and Song Family have been in the hands of Jiuding Industrial Group, they have lost their shareholder status.

However, the Board of Directors are not at all re-elected, so although they have lost their shareholder status, their status on the Board of Directors has not changed according to the “Company Law” and the “Articles of Association of Cathay Pacific Shares Limited.”

The difference is only from a shareholder who has the right to speak to a participant who does not have the right to speak.

“The person closest to the door closes the door!”

Welley said loudly instructed, and when he saw someone closing the door, he continued: “Now I announce the temporary shareholder conference…”

Before Welley had finished speaking, Wade Swire interrupted bluntly: “Wait a minute, before the meeting, I want to verify your shareholder identity!”

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the venue became tense, and a smell of gunpowder smoke gradually permeated. Everyone stared at the podium closely, and their eyes moved back and forth on Welley and Wade Swire.

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