Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1002

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Welley serene laughed, calmly took out a few copies from his briefcase, and threw them directly on the table in front of Wade Swire, and said unceremoniously: “The copies of all equity shares certificates total shares 50% 4, Go and see for yourself!”

In everyone’s eyes, Wade Swire ignored the irritation, took the equity shares proof in front of him with a calm face, and added the numbers in his mind after reading it one after another, and got a number -50% 4!

Tell Welley exactly!

Wade Swire looked towards the audience, and his eyes swept across the faces of Baker Jerry, Song Bo, and Hongkong and Shanghai Bank’s deputy Board-Chairman Liu William. The resentment in his eyes was undoubtedly expressed.

These 3 companies are accomplices!

At this time, Welley’s voice sounded again.

“Mr. Wade Swire, have you seen it clearly? Am I the first major shareholder of Cathay Pacific?”

The tone of the speech was flat, but the content of the speech was extremely arrogant.

Wade Swire was coldly snorted, threw the copy of the equity shares certificate back to Welley, and sat in the seat silently without a word.

Welley didn’t care, but faintly smiled, and continued to say to everyone in the audience: “Now as the first major shareholder, I announce that the temporary shareholder conference has officially started!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, go directly to the first agenda of this shareholder conference.”

“Due to a major change in the company’s shareholder status, and current board members Zhao Xiang, Liu Tai, and Jones Federer… failed to fulfill their diligence obligations when performing their duties, this seriously affected the company’s operations and damaged the company’s shareholder rights.”

“Therefore, the aforementioned board member of the company is no longer competent for the board member position of the company. According to the relevant provisions of the Company Law and the Articles of Association of Cathay Pacific Shares Co., Ltd., Jiuding Industrial Group, as the first major shareholder, proposes to adopt a cumulative voting system to remove the aforementioned board of the company. member Zhao Xiang, Liu Tai, Jones Federer…and the others’ board member positions.”

Welley tone barely fell, everyone present changed their colors!

Some are shocked, some are doubtful, some are looking thoughtful…There are so many!

The people Welley proposed to remove are all members of Wade Swire’s direct line, who were appointed by the corresponding seats of Swire Airlines’ equity shares. There are 7 people in total.

For example, Baker Jerry, Song Bo, and the board members previously arranged by Standard Chartered Bank and Song Family, who were on the united front with him, were all their own and did not propose to remove them.

For the seven independent board members for the company’s development, whether or not they were nominated by Wade Swire to join the company’s Board of Directors, or whether they belonged to his camp, Welley did not propose to remove them.

Apart from this, there are two other people who are not among the ranks of his proposed removal, it is Fan Keming (Matt Arnold) and Zhang Dasheng (Malen Demps) with a look of shock.

After these two people glanced at each other, they looked back and forth at Welley and Wade Swire in a daze, not knowing what was going on.

The two of them regarded themselves as members of Swire Aviation, and Wade Swire took the lead. Therefore, before Wade Swire came, they stood with the board members appointed by the shares of Swire Aviation Institute and their positions were very clear.

In particular, Fan Keming has this mentality. After all, he is an executive board member of the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company.

The Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company only holds 4% of Cathay Pacific’s equity shares, which does not reach the 5% line.

However, Swire Airlines assigned the rights corresponding to 1% of the equity shares to DescriptionHong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, which allowed the latter to have 5% voting rights and was eligible to own a Board of Directors Seat.

In addition to being the Board-Chairman of Swire Airlines and Cathay Pacific, Wade Swire is also the Board-Chairman of Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company and Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd. It is Wade Swire’s appointment to Cathay Pacific. the company’s.

Before they were born, Fan Keming and Zhang Da didn’t know what happened in their respective companies, so they were confused. They didn’t understand why Welley would let go of their two Wade Swire “direct lines”.

At this time, someone in the rioting stage looked towards them with strange eyes, seeming to wonder why they were “specially treated” by Welley.

Wade Swire is not confused, he is shocked at this time!

Welley is not actually trying to remove the entire Board of Directors, but only remove 7 board members who are completely loyal to him!

Welley is cutting his wings!

There is a huge conspiracy!

He had been in shopping malls for many years, he immediately thought of a possibility!

Welley wants to use the rights of the company’s highest authority, the shareholder, to break his foundation in the Board of Directors from top to bottom. Then, according to Cathay Pacific’s special Board of Directors structure, when the share ratio is less than 66.7%, Get the voting right of Board of Directors 2/3!

The most critical place to achieve this goal is the 7 independent board seats set up in the Articles of Association of Cathay Pacific Shares Co., Ltd.!

These 7 independent board members are Welley’s goals!

Welley most likely wants to suppress him, smash his prestige, and then force independent board members to stand in line!

If he is seized, Welley is likely to be hit by a time difference. When he was completely unprepared, he would control the company’s Board of Directors and remove his Board-Chairman position. At that time, he would really say that Tian Tian should not be called. The ground is not working!

Without dismissing the Board of Directors as a whole, the only way for Welley to lose his Board-Chairman status is to pass the Board of Directors 2/3 vote.

In the case of Board of Directors with 7 independent board members, his 30 board seats represented by his 7% 7 equity shares can no longer guarantee that his voting rights will always be more than 1/3!

It must be delayed, and Welley must not be crushed by a wave. It must maintain its prestige when other board members are unknown, and buy time for the next self-help operation!

Thinking of this, he slapped the table with a slap in his heart, as if to boost himself, and at the same time decisively objected: “I disagree!”

After speaking, he turned his head and looked towards Fan Keming and Zhang Dasheng, two “subordinates” with shareholder status, indicating that they should also stand up quickly.

Facing the gaze of Wade Swire, Fan Keming immediately stated his position, loudly said: “I also don’t agree!”

In Fan Keming’s view, even if he loses his status as a board member of Cathay Pacific, he is still the executive of Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, and Wade Swire is still his Board-Chairman.

Zhang Dasheng’s mentality is the same as that of Fan Keming, so he immediately stood in the line to stand up for Wade Swire.

“I am against it too!”

After his statement, everyone’s eyes focused on Welley.

Although Wade Swire, Zhang Dasheng, and Fan Keming hold only 3% of the total voting rights in equity shares 40, they still cannot be blocked.

But Welley just didn’t want Wade Swire to gain even a little momentum.

And he also wants Zhang Dasheng and Fan Keming to recognize the situation!

If two of them can betray Wade Swire on the spot, it will have a huge blow to the prestige of Wade Swire, which will help the company’s executive to recognize the situation and help him enter Cathay Pacific.

Not only that, in the plan before Welley came, as long as Zhang Dasheng and Fan Keming turned back, then their two board member identities would be preserved.

All of the Board of Directors belonging to Wade Swire’s family are cleaned out, and all the incomplete Board of Directors will belong to him.

In this case, Board of Directors not at all has been removed and abolished, and Board of Directors still exists, so there is no need to re-elect Board of Directors.

In this way, you only need to supplement the board seat.

There is a fundamental difference between re-electing company board members and re-electing Board of Directors.

The re-election of Board of Directors requires the consent of 2/3 of the shareholder conference site.

But just to elect one or two board members, only half of the shareholders’ meeting is required.

Welley just wanted to take advantage of this gap to veto all the board members proposed by Wade Swire, and then rely on him alone for more than half of the voting rights, and then send his own person into the Board of Directors.

After a few more operations, Wade·Swire will be powerless!

The most important thing now is to win Zhang Dasheng and Fan Keming!

Welley looked towards Zhang Dasheng abruptly, his eyes sharp as a knife, as if he could see through his heart, making Zhang Dasheng’s heart straight.

At this moment, Welley took out a stack of documents from the bag again and threw them directly in front of Zhang Dasheng.

Zhang Dasheng glanced, his face changed suddenly when he saw some of the words on it.

When Wade Swire saw the familiar cover, he naturally knew what it was, and his face became particularly ugly.

Welley’s voice sounded at the right time: “Zhang Tat-sheng, pick it up and take a good look, who is the boss of Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd!”

“Whether you can stay in the company or not depends on your own choice!”

Feeling the focused eyes all around, Zhang Dasheng swallowed nervously.

He glanced at the ugly face of Wade Swire, then back-up picked up a stack of copies and looked through it with some trembling.

Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd 20% 4’s equity shares proof!

Proof of 16% equity shares!

Proof of 15% equity shares!

10% proof of equity shares of one point 5!

The total shares ratio-65%!

After calculating this number in his mind, Zhang Dasheng trembled.

Jiuding Industrial Group actually holds 65% of the equity shares of Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd!

Although less than 2/3, as long as it exceeds 50%, he can be directly dismissed as a board member of the company’s Board of Directors through the shareholder conference as it is now.

As for his executive status, as long as Jiuding Industrial Group takes over, there is also a way to remove him.

As a relatively small shareholder, how can Swire Airlines win a major shareholder Jiuding Industrial Group?

If Welley wants to keep him, he can definitely stay in the company. Even if Wade Swire proposes to remove him from the board member position, he will not pass the shareholders conference.

If Welley were to kill him, he would be swept out properly.

Seeing the change of Zhang Dasheng’s expression, it was obvious that his position was shaking violently, and Wade Swire panicked.

He sternly said to Zhang Dasheng: “Ma Lun, you have to think carefully!”

Welley smiled faintly and said meaningfully to Zhang Dasheng: “Zhang Dasheng, there is only one chance. You are 4 15 years old and you should understand the importance of your choice!”

“I will confirm with you again. Do you agree or disagree with my proposal just now?”

Faced with the attention of the audience, Zhang Dasheng took a deep breath, his gaze instantly became firm.

Wade Swire, who has been watching the changes in Zhang Dasheng’s expression, clenched his fists subconsciously, and stared at Zhang Dasheng with bated breath.

For a long time, I only heard Zhang Dasheng spit out 3 words decisively!

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