Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1003

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“I agree!”

As soon as Zhang Dasheng’s voice fell, the audience was in an uproar.

Wade Swire’s face was extremely ugly, he stared at Zhang Dasheng fiercely.

Welley showed a satisfied smile and gave Zhang Dasheng an admiring look.

Then he looked towards Fan Keming next to Zhang Dasheng.

With Zhang Dasheng’s lesson from the past, and seeing Welley looked towards himself, Fan Keming had no bottom at all, for fear that Welley would also take out a stack of documents and threw it over, letting him choose again.

Youdao is what one fears is what comes to pass.

In Fan Keming’s flustered gaze, Welley took another stack of bound documents from her bag and threw them in front of Fan Keming. Lightly said, “Give you another chance to recognize the situation!”

Just as Fancoming was stunned, Wade Swire suddenly got up and walked towards Fancoming, seeming to want to snatch the documents in front of Fancoming.

Wade Swire’s sudden move exceeded everyone’s expectations.

But Welley immediately came back to his senses and scolded loudly: “Fan Keming, take the documents, otherwise you will regret it!”

“Roda, maintain order in the venue!”

Roda, the bodyguard brought by Welley, ran over from the edge of the venue.

Fan Keming was taken aback. He subconsciously grabbed the file and didn’t let Wade Swire snatch it. Even though the file was caught by Wade Swire on the side, he just grabbed it and didn’t let go.

Seeing that the bodyguard was coming, Wade Swire hurriedly scolded Van Kermin: “Matt, give it to me!”

Just when Fancoming hesitated, Welley’s bodyguard had run over and intervened between the two men, restricting Wade Swire’s actions.

Wade Swire’s robbery operation failed.

At this time, Welley stood up, squinted and said to Wade Swire: “Mr. Wade Swire, how many equity shares do we hold for the Hong Kong aircraft project? You will know later, why bother!”

“Your board-chairman should do this kind of behavior?”

“Now it’s still holding the Shareholder Conference, come back to your place and sit down!”

Facing Welley’s frigid irony and scorching satire, Wade Swire trembled with anger. He glanced at the file in Fan Keming’s hand unwillingly, then stared at Welley gloomily and said: “Welley, you are threatening a shareholder According to the “Articles of Association”, this shareholder meeting is invalid!”

Welley faintly smiled, looked towards Zhang Dasheng, and asked gently, “Zhang Dasheng, did I threaten you?”

Zhang Dasheng ignored Wade Swire’s gaze and resolutely said: “I have not received any threats!”

Welley faintly smiled, looked towards Fan Keming, and said softly: “Fan Keming, you can read the equity shares certificate by yourself, and then reply to Mr. Wade Swire. Have I threatened you!”

Fan Keming didn’t say a word. He opened the document from an angle that only he could see, and found that it was a proof of the equity shares of the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company.

He calculated in his mind that when the accumulated number reached 40%, 4:2.

He turned to the next page. He thought it was a certificate of equity shares, but at first glance, it was not in that format at all, but a narrative text and a string of numbers.

However, this narrative text and numbers greatly changed Fan Keming’s complexion and his scalp was numb.

It turned out to be a part of his invisible incident in the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company.

As long as it is exposed, it is enough to cause him to suffer from prison!

How could Welley have his handle!

He was obviously very careful, and no one else knew how Welley found it!

Van Kermington was shocked. He suppressed the shock and panic in his heart, and looked up towards Welley, just in time to see Welley only looking at him with a flat expression.

It was this calm expression that frightened Fan Keming.

Now Jiuding Industrial Group has become the first major shareholder of Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company. Although the share ratio is less than half, Swire Airlines has fewer direct shares.

If Cathay Pacific is successfully controlled by Jiuding Industrial Group, then the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company will also change ownership, and Welley will be his boss!

It may be the boss, first major shareholder, and holding his black material.

Faced with this situation, Fan Keming decisively turned his back on his small life and his future is important.

He resolutely said: “I agree with Mr. Welley’s proposal!”

After speaking, he immediately added: “All this is my voluntary!”

Wade Swire stared at Van Kerming angrily and asked: “Matt Arnold, you dare to betray me!”

Fan Keming shook his face and seemed to express his determination to Welley. He strongly retorted: “Mr. Wade Swire, I am the representative of the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company in Cathay Pacific. I have the right to make my own choice!”

Wade Swire became even more angry. He shouted angrily: “I, as the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Board-Chairman, announced the withdrawal of your representative status. I will directly represent you, and you will go out!”

Welley stood up to support Fan Keming at this time, coldly said: “Mr. Wade Swire, the revocation of Fan Keming’s representative status needs to be discussed and voted on through Board of Directors, you said nothing!”

“Now this is the shareholder conference venue of Cathay Pacific, and your identity as the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Board-Chairman is useless here!”

After that, Welley looked towards bodyguard Roda, instructed: “Pay attention to the order of the venue and continue the meeting!”

Fan Keming immediately sat down, holding the documents Welley had given him with both hands, for fear of being taken away.

And Wade Swire had to sit down again even if he was not reconciled.

Welley continued: “For the proposal just now, please show your hands if you agree!”

After speaking, Welley took the lead in raising his hands, and Fan Keming and Zhang Dasheng immediately raised their hands.

Welley looked towards the supervisor representative in the audience, instructed: “The supervisor representative is responsible for counting the votes and reading the results!”

There are only 4 shareholders, and the number of votes by a show of hands is obvious at a glance.

The representative of the supervisor immediately got up and said: “With regard to the proposal to remove the company’s board members Zhao Xiang, Liu Tai, Jones Federer…and the others’ board member positions, the voting rate was 100%, the approval rate was 60% 3 and the disapproval rate was 30% 7 !”

“The approval rate is over half, the proposal passed!”

As soon as the supervisor representative’s voice fell, Song Bo in the audience took the lead and applauded, followed by some people.

Although the 7 people whose identities were revoked as board members were very unwilling, they had to accept this cruel reality.

After the applause dissipated, Welley looked at the independent board members specifically.

After regaining his gaze, Welley continued: “The first agenda is over, the second agenda is started!”

“In view of the large-scale change of the company’s equity shares, all the equity shares held by the original shareholders Standard Chartered Bank, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank and the Song family were transferred to Jiuding Industrial Group. The current share ratio of the group is 50% 4, according to the shares ratio 5% With the provision of one board seat, Jiuding Industrial Group should have ten board seats.”

“For the stability of the company, the original Hongkong and Shanghai Bank 4 board seats, the Song family 3 board seats, and Standard Chartered Bank 2 board seats remain unchanged for the time being,”

“There is one board seat left. I propose that I myself be a candidate for the Board of Directors Member, and I propose that the shareholder assembly adopt a cumulative voting system for voting this time!”

“Now we will start to vote by show of hands, and the supervisor will make a good statistics of the votes!”

“If you agree, please raise your hand!”

After speaking, Welley took the lead in raising his hand again.

Fan Keming and Zhang Dasheng immediately followed up and raised their hands to agree.

Wade Swire sat on a chair with a dark face, feeling extremely angry and suffocated, but unable to stop him, he could only watch Welley relied on more than half of the shares right to show off in the shareholders conference.

The supervisor representative stood up again and said: “With regard to the proposal to nominate Mr. Welley as a board member of the company, the voting rate was 100%, the approval rate was 60% 3, and the disapproval rate was 30% 7!”

“The approval rate is over half, the proposal passed!”

“Pa pa pa …”

After the supervisor representative announced the results, Welley took the lead and applauded, his face showing a bright smile.

After the applause fell again.

Welley looked towards Wade Swire and asked: “Mr. Wade Swire, this temporary shareholder conference, my proposal has been completed, if you have no proposal, then this shareholder conference is over.”

Wade Swire was in a mess at this time, where there was any proposal, he said coldly: “No.”

Welley faintly smiled, looked towards everyone in the audience, and said loudly: “Then I announce that this temporary shareholder conference is officially over!”

Just when everyone thought Welley’s actions could come to an end, he suddenly said: “Except for Swire Airlines, the board member is vacant, and all other board members are present. I propose as a shareholder with 54% of the voting rights. After 3 days , That is, at 6 o’clock in the morning on June 17, a temporary Board of Directors will be held here. All board members and related attendees are requested to attend the meeting on time.”

Welley’s proposal was reasonable and could not be rejected.

Temporary Board of Directors is not a formal Board of Directors after all, and the holding conditions are more relaxed, as long as one of the following three conditions is met, it can be held:

One is a shareholder proposal representing more than 10% of the voting rights;

2 is the proposal of more than 1/3 of the board members;

3 It is proposed by the board of supervisors.

In fact, in Welley’s case, both the first and second conditions are met.

However, if you use the second condition, you still need other people to express their views with him. Wherever he directly sets the first one, it is more powerful.

The matter was a foregone conclusion, and Wade Swire could not help resisting. While he was frustrated with anger in his heart, he also secretly rejoiced that there were nearly three days left.

If Welley proposes to hold a temporary Board of Directors right now, all the shareholders are here, although the board member represented by Swire Airlines is insufficient, but his Board-Chairman can hold seats on his behalf, so all the board members are there. He couldn’t stop Welley’s proposal at all.

Wade Swire also guessed that Welley did not have full confidence in getting all independent board members, so he set the temporary Board of Directors after 3 days, otherwise it would be opened now.

And this is their only chance!

You must go back and report to Uncle!

Thinking of this, Wade Swire left the table directly, flicking his sleeves away, and his subordinates who had been dismissed as board member immediately followed in despair.

It’s just that he was absent-minded, and when he walked to the door, he hit the leg of a chair and almost fell. Fortunately, someone behind him was holding him up, but Wade Swire still looked battered and exhausted.

Welley seized the opportunity to jokingly said to Wade Swire who was about to disappear at the door: “Mr. Wade Swire, be careful, it would be a shame to break the Board of Directors who was absent for 3 days.”


There was a series of laughter immediately in the audience. Of course, those who dared to laugh clearly were from Welley’s side. Some company executives could hardly endure it.

Welley looked towards those executives and said casually: “In the next time, everyone will do their job well. There will be changes in the upper level of the company, but it will end soon and will not affect the normal operation of the company.”

“Everyone is gone!”

After speaking, Welley stepped down and walked to the independent board member, a group of people.

These independent board members are the key to his thorough control of Cathay Pacific. Now you can get to know them before you can do your work.

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