Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1005

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Jiuding Securities Ltd. operating room.

Xia Yu saw that Wang Qi was pointing Yuan Tianfan to the actual combat drill, but did not notice his arrival.

Xia Yu walked behind them, watched quietly, and soon showed a satisfied smile.

“cough cough !”

Xia Yu coughed softly and awakened Wang Qi. He looked back and then respectfully said hello to Xia Yu: “Board-Chairman, you are here!”

“Good Board-Chairman!”

Yuan Tianfan said hello to Xia Yu, and then turned his attention to the operation panel.

“Take me to see the situation of Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company!”

Xia Yu was instructed by Wang Qi.


“Please follow me, the project team is here.”

After Wang Qi responded, he immediately led Xia Yu to a somewhat closed office, which was relatively quiet.

Walking in, Xia Yu saw 3 people inside, of which 2 traders were operating in an orderly manner, and the other was doing auxiliary work.

Jiuding Securities Ltd. has its own set of perfect working system. Work is first at any time, even if the leader comes, work is not important.

This work system can ensure that employees will not be setback due to external factors during strict financial operations.

So even if Xia Yu and Wang Qi came in, the three employees were still working attentively.

Fortunately, the level of Xia Yu is higher than them. You can get most of the data by yourself without reporting.

Xia Yu and Wang Qi walked behind the three and looked at them quietly.

Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company opened at 4.72 HKD shares this morning, but now the stock price has soared to 15.25 HKD shares.

The real-time stock price is more than 3 points 2 times the opening price!

This shows how fierce this shares competition is!

In fact, it was the same. Jiuding Securities tried bayonet as soon as it came, and directly placed the buy order at the double price, which instantly detonated the market.

Then Norman Swire ordered Swire Finance to intervene at any cost to grab the fund.

Both parties will not give in. In addition, the stock price of Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company has naturally risen rapidly because the public shares are less than 2/100 of the total share capital.

It’s just that the stock price is high, but Jiuding Securities Ltd. does not buy many shares in the account.

The reason is simple. The real purpose of Jiuding Securities Ltd. is not to snap up shares, but to increase prices!

With the enemy in the dark, Xia Yu had known for a long time that the equity shares held by Swire Airlines were only 20% 3 points 4 2.

After a period of low-key fundraising by Jiuding Securities, only about 1000 1.5 million shares circulated in the market, equivalent to Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company total share capital of 100:7.

Even if all the 100:7 of the equity shares were bought by Swire Airlines, I would never want to increase the shares ratio to 6/6!

It’s just that in these circumstances, Swire Family doesn’t know that’s all.

If Norman Swire knew that Xia Yu had accumulated 40% of the 4 equity shares of Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, then he should be able to guess the true purpose of Xia Yu.

“Has the opponent confirmed his identity?”

“Is it Swire Finance, or another agency commissioned?”

After retracting his gaze, Xia Yu asked Wang Qi.

Wang Qi immediately replied: “It’s Swire Finance. I asked them to investigate when they first stepped in. They didn’t hide it at all.”

Xia Yu was slightly nodded and thought about it instructed: “Continue to speculate on prices and secure as much of their funds as possible. You have 3 days to operate today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.”

“When the day after tomorrow morning, I will ask people to do something to Cathay Pacific. If it succeeds, then 20% of the 4:8 equity shares of the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company held by Cathay Pacific will be available, when the time comes Description Hong Kong Aircraft It is difficult for Engineering Company’s stock price to continue to increase.”

Wang Qi nodded solemnly replied: “Okay, after the market opens that afternoon, I will arrange to increase the intensity.”

“Well, apart from this, the shares of all listed companies under the Swire Group. You arrange for someone to secretly acquire them in case of emergency. Don’t sell them without my instructions.”



At noon of the same day, the Economics section of Global Satellite TV focused on the amazing increase in the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company stock price.

At the same time, what happened in Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd in the morning was also leaked out, and then spread out at an alarming rate.

Compared with ordinary citizens who simply eat melons, the upper class in Hong Kong pay more attention.

After all, the two parties in the struggle are the leaders of British and Chinese capital, and it is obvious that Swire Group is at a disadvantage.

The incident between Hutchison Whampoa and Jardine Matheson is still vivid, and everyone’s nerves are still sensitive. Now this kind of thing is happening suddenly, so these big shots don’t pay attention.

There are even more delicate people who have begun to think carefully and secretly raise funds in order to get ahead when the time comes.

In the next two days, public opinion boiled like water. Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, as the only listed company under Swire Aviation, was in fierce competition. The stock price directly broke through 2 3 HKD per share. The company’s market value is breakthrough 10 billion, and it has launched a charge towards 4.5 HKD!

unimaginable This is just the market value of an auxiliary company supporting the aviation industry!

Some timid investors and small institutions have already cleared their positions halfway through, and shares have basically entered the pockets of Swire Finance.

The public’s attention is focused on the capital market, but the discerning people know that the key lies in the secret bloodless struggle.

In the past two days, 2 independent board members of Cathay Pacific have been visited in turn. There are no more than two choices, either to Swire Airlines or Jiuding Industrial Group.

Intimidation, temptation, intimidation and other tactics have appeared, making these 7 board members torment, personal and family life has been seriously affected, to the point of sleepless nights and sleeplessness, I can’t wait for the board of directors to have a meeting earlier. thing.

at last!

When the first rays of dawn penetrated the clouds and spread across the bay of Victoria Harbour, June 6th finally arrived!

Early in the morning, reporters squatted at the door of Cathay Pacific, all long-cameras were eagerly waiting, and on the periphery were many people eating melons.

Welley considered this situation, so he reported to the Government of Hong Kong Police Station in advance and applied to maintain order. Therefore, Cathay Pacific has pulled many cordons outside the company, and many police officers are in control.

Cathay Pacific employees need to go through layers of inquiries before they can enter the company. Even if they enter the company, what are they thinking about working?

As time went by, executive and board members began to enter.

When Wade Swire, Welley, Song Bo, Baker Jerry and other key figures appeared, they all caused a huge sensation. The reporters acted like they didn’t need money for film, pressing the shutter like crazy.

At 9 o’clock, the conference room of Cathay Pacific was closed and the temporary Board of Directors officially started.

The time to determine the fate of Cathay Pacific has finally arrived!

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