Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1006

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For the temporary Board of Directors, the one sitting at the top is naturally the Board-Chairman.

Then from top to bottom are the deputy board-chairman, standing board member, and ordinary board member.

Then sitting on the periphery are the executive and supervisory board members.

Wade Swire was sitting expressionless in the top position, but his inner pressure was huge, especially in such an extremely dignified occasion, when he saw Welley’s mouth smiling, the pressure in his heart further increased.

Whether you can win the respite depends on today!

Thinking of this, he glanced at the independent board members, who was somewhat unsure, thinking of the work he did yesterday, and felt a little bit more confident.

“Board-Chairman, the time has come! Can the meeting begin?”

At this moment, the Secretary of Board of Directors looked at his watch, looked at Wade Swire and asked.

Wade Swire said expressionlessly: “Yes.”

The Secretary of the Board of Directors bowed slightly, then picked up the sign-in book, and made a pre-meeting statement according to the previous procedure: “This temporary Board of Directors should be twenty six board members, and it is actually 20. Because 6 board seats are vacant, according to Entrusted by Swire Airlines, the corresponding voting rights are entrusted to the Board-Chairman…the number of participants meets the requirements of the company law and the company’s articles of association…”

“Next, I announce that the meeting has started. Please relevant board members to propose and discuss and vote on relevant matters at the meeting.”

The Secretary of the Board of Directors tone barely fell, Welley blatantly launched an offensive, looking directly at Wade Swire, lightly said: “Mr. Wade Swire, as the Board-Chairman, do you have any suggestions for discussion at this time?”

In an instant, the eyes of the conference room participants focused on the top Wade Swire, one after another inexplicable gaze made the mood very bad.


Wade Swire glanced at Welley indifferently and uttered two words coldly.

Welley smiled without anger, said with a smile: “Since you don’t have one, then I will come!”

“Send proposal materials to everyone!”

After speaking, Welley looked towards the two people on the periphery. The two people who had been waiting for a long time immediately held a pile of materials and started distributing them from the periphery.

When the person who got the material looked through it, no matter whether he had guessed it or not, the complexity was greatly changed, which made a watching Wade Swire feel more and more nervous.

Finally, when the material was finally sent to Wade Swire, he immediately opened the cover, and the title of the proposal on the first page looked particularly dazzling, making his subconsciously fists clenched.

At this time, Welley’s voice sounded: “During his term as Board-Chairman, Mr. Wade Swire, Company Chairman, had problems such as’unclear strategy, unclear management, and improper employment’, which seriously affected the normal and healthy operation of the company. I propose to remove it. He currently holds the position of Board-Chairman!”

“I disagree!”

Wade Swire decisively opposed, and his voice was very loud.

It’s just that Welley heard his strong in appearance but weak in reality. He pulled his ears and taunted: “Mr. Wade Swire, what are you doing when you speak so loudly? It scares everyone. Just agree to disagree with a show of hands, don’t tension.”

Wade Swire was coldly snorted and didn’t quarrel with Welley.

Welley faintly smiled, don’t care.

He glanced across everyone’s faces, and neither fast nor slow said: “For my proposal, everyone shows their hands to vote. The Secretary of Board of Directors and the representatives of the Supervisory Committee do a good job of counting the votes, and those who agree, raise their hands!”

After speaking, Welley took the lead and raised his hand.

Immediately afterwards, Baker Jerry, Song Bo and other eleven board members of his group all raised their hands.

Then, four more independent board members raised their hands without squinting eyes.

There are 3 independent board members who have not raised their hands!

Everyone in the room looked towards these 3 independent board members.

Especially Wade Swire, both subconsciously held their breath.

These three people are the objects he and Uncle Norman Swire focused on in the past few days.

They clearly agreed to him and would stand by him on the temporary Board of Directors.

Now the three of them have not raised their hands, which makes Wade Swire feel a little…wait!

Just as Wade Swire’s mentality was a little relaxed, one of the three suddenly raised his hand slowly, causing Wade Swire to stare.

He couldn’t help calling the man’s name: “Jerome!”

It seems that due to the sudden tension, Wade Swire’s voice has become a bit sharp and harsh, and the atmosphere of the venue has become more tense.

The independent board member named Jerome gave Wade Swire an apologetic look, then turned his head and stopped looking at him, still raising his hand.

Ten 7 votes!

There are 2 people left to vote!

Jerome’s betrayal of his promise made Wade Swire nervous, and his eyes on the other two independent board members changed.

When he saw that one of them seemed to want to raise his hand, he couldn’t sit still, and immediately announced: “Yes, ten 7 votes, less than 2/3 of the total votes, the proposal is not approved!”

Welley was grinned by Wade Swire’s botched performance. He strongly attacked: “Wade Swire, please respect other board members. Elvis board member and Andrew board member have not voted yet, why are you so anxious?”

After that, Welley looked towards Elvis and Andrew, two board members, and said meaningfully: “Elvis board member, Andrew board member, everyone is waiting for you, after a long time, Wade Swire wants to Deprived of your voting rights!”

Welley emphasized the word “deprivation” a bit more, and the warning was very strong in the ears of Elvis and Andrew.

The two of them thought of the materials they had received earlier this morning, and finally chose to bow their heads and accept the plant.

Seeing that the two people did not look at themselves at all, they raised their hands one after the other, Wade Swire eye socket cracked, flustered and exasperated shouted:



“You deceive me!”

Elvis was helpless, with 10000 reasons in his heart, but he couldn’t explain it to the outside world. Who let him be caught by Welley!

On the contrary, Andrew, sighed in relief, sat silently in his position, completely ignoring Wade Swire.

Welley gave two people a satisfied look, and then looked towards the Board of Directors secretary and supervisor representative, instructed: “Count the votes!”

After a little calculation, the secretary of the Board of Directors handed the result to the supervisor representative.

The representative of the supervisor stood up and announced the result of the vote: “The proposal to remove the current Board-Chairman position, the result of the vote is as follows: the total number of votes is 27, the vote is 9 8 votes, 1 votes against, and zero abstentions!”

“The approval rate is 70%, 3 7 points, more than 2/3, the proposal passed!”

After the results were announced, the whole venue was buzzing.

Wade Swire was really kicked from the board-chairman status!

This makes the executives of the company present an unreal feeling, unconsciously, the awe of Welley in their hearts is even stronger.

From now on, Cathay Pacific has completely changed!

“Mr. Wade Swire, that position is not yours anymore, come down!”

“Sit there and go!”

Welley pointed to only one empty seat at the other end of the table and said to Wade Swire.

He had prepared this vacancy a long time ago, just to make it available at this time!

Wade Swire’s chest rises and falls rapidly, as if he hasn’t heard Welley’s words, he sits at the top and refuses to move.

Welley said mockingly: “Mr. Wade Swire, if you feel that Swire Family still needs face, then you will consciously get off the ground.”

“hmph! ”

Hearing the name of the family, Wade Swire expression moved slightly and took a deep look at Welley, then coldly snorted, gloomy face came down from the position, walked to the empty seat and sat down.

Welley nodded with satisfaction, and then winked a man.

The person immediately said: “Now that the Company Chairman is vacant, in order to achieve better and faster development of the company, we urgently need a Board-Chairman with a toasting strategic vision and superb management skills. I propose to re-elect the Board-Chairman now. Nominate Mr. Welley!”

“Mr. Welley is indeed very suitable, I agree!”


“Now proceed to the voting on the second proposal. If you agree, please raise your hands!”

As soon as the Board of Directors secretary’s voice fell, ten hands were raised.

No one is procrastinating this time!

Even Elvis and Andrew and the others raised their hands more resolutely and quickly!

After the Secretary of the Board of Directors made statistics, the representative of the supervisor stood up and announced the voting result: “With regard to the proposal to elect Mr. Welley as the Company Chairman, the voting result is as follows: the total number of votes is twenty six votes, ten votes for approval, 9 votes against, and zero abstentions. !”

“The approval rate was 70% 3, more than 7/2, the proposal passed!”

“Pa pa pa …”

In a burst of loud applause, Welley got up, bowed and thanked everyone with a smile on his face, then strode up to the head and sat in the board-chairman position.

At this time, Wade Swire’s performance is not important anymore.

There are also some people who secretly observe the changes in his expression, seeming to be watching jokes.

Sitting in the Board-Chairman position, Welley cleared his throat, and said in a hearty voice: “Thank you all for electing me as the Board-Chairman. I will definitely do my best… First, be diligent and responsible, and always put the development of the company first. ……2 is unity…”

With a few hundred words eloquently, Welley said that it is called a fluency. Obviously, the inaugural speech of the new Board-Chairman was prepared long ago.

“Bang bang bang bang …”

After a round of applause.

Welley said with a straight face and said: “Although I have just taken over the position of Company Chairman, I have long been concerned about the company’s situation. Although Cathay Pacific is the only civil aviation company in Hong Kong, the company’s growth rate has not kept up. The speed of Hong Kong’s development, the current shortage of aircraft, and the lack of routes have severely restricted Cathay Pacific’s international strategy to become a global airline.”

“Company expansion is imminent!”

“In order for the company to develop better, the company urgently needs a large amount of funds, which will be used to purchase and replace aircraft, open new routes, and expand company staff…”

“In order not to cause a greater debt burden on the company, I propose to raise a certain amount of funds for the company in the form of private placement shares. Within the body, please read the proposal materials and vote!”

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