Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1007

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After Welley finished speaking, someone immediately distributed the prepared proposal one after another to the participants.

Wade Swire’s face changed a lot when Welley spoke.

After I got the bill, I opened it immediately and searched for key sentences and numbers.

“… After Jiuding Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Standard Accounting Firm, Standard Law Firm and other parties have determined the assets of Cathay Pacific Company, Cathay Pacific Company is valued at 1.8 billion HKD, and the company’s existing total share capital 200 million shares, each share Estimated price of 9 HKD ……”

“…It is proposed to designate a private placement of 9 million shares to Jiuding Industrial Group at a price of 200000000 HKD per share and raise 9 100000000 million HKD…”

“The funds raised will be used to purchase 4 Boeing 747 aircraft…”

After seeing these sentences and numbers, Wade Swire trembled with anger, his white face became bloodshot and dark red because of his excitement.


Wade Swire slapped the slap again on the table, shocking most of the people in the conference room, and everyone’s eyes focused on him.

Seeing that he is so angry, people who have seen the proposal can naturally understand, but understanding is due to understanding. Now expert fights, they can only watch the show and watch the play quietly.

“Welley, don’t go too far!”

“The valuation of Cathay Pacific on “Economics Weekly” is clearly 2 1.8 billion HKD. You are wantonly encroaching on the legitimate interests of the shareholders. You are illegal!”

“The Securities Regulatory Commission will never approve it! You never want to succeed!”

Wade Swire shouted angrily.

No wonder Wade Swire is so angry, it is true that if additional issuance is made according to this proposal, their Swire aviation interests will be seriously damaged!

Swire Airlines currently holds 30% of Cathay Pacific’s 7 equity shares. According to the valuation of 2 1.8 billion HKD, the value is 1 billion and 3000 6 1 million HKD.

According to the valuation of 1.8 billion HKD, his equity shares are only worth 600 million 66 million HKD.

Shrinked 300000000 70 million HKD out of thin air!

Although through the layered equity shares relationship, the loss allocated to their Swire Family is actually about 3 layers.

But even with 3 floors, there are more then 100 million!

In addition to the loss of assets, the decline in the proportion of equity shares and Jiuding Industrial Group’s strengthening of the actual control of Cathay Pacific are also reasons for Wade Swire’s anger.

According to this proposal, the total share capital of the company will be changed from 200 million shares to 300000000 million shares.

Swire Airlines currently holds 7000 4 million shares, the proportion of the company’s total share capital will be reduced from 30% 7 to 20% 4 points 6 7.

And Jiuding Industrial Group’s share ratio will increase from 50% 4 to 60% 9 points 3 3!

More than 2/3!

In addition, after the dilution of Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd and Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, there are still 100/6 equity shares.

Then the number of board seats belonging to Jiuding Industrial Group will grow to ten!

Jiuding Industrial Group’s control of Cathay Pacific will be easier!

Even if he fought for a few independent board members, it would not be a constraint.

Not to mention that with this time, if Welley maliciously diluted their equity shares over and over again, the loss would be even greater.

So Wade Swire is now talking about anger, but what is hidden below is actually panic.

Facing the angry threat from Wade Swire, Welley said with a cold laugh: “Mr. Wade Swire, I dare to mention this proposal. It must be within the scope of the law. If you don’t understand the law, don’t blame it.”

“As for whether the Securities Regulatory Commission will endorse, that’s something for the future, so you don’t need to worry about it!”

After speaking, Welley said loudly: “For this proposal, everyone shows their hands to vote!”

After speaking, Welley raised his hand again.

A similar scene happened again.

Except for Wade Swire, all those present who were eligible to vote raised their hands.

Wade Swire was so angry that his eye socket was cracked, his eyes were bloodshot, and his face looked sinister at Welley.

But Welley simply ignored him!

The Secretary of the Board of Directors and representatives of the supervisors once again cooperated to count and announce the number of votes: “The proposal on private placement of shares financing, the total number of votes is 27, 20 votes in favor, 7 votes against, and the approval rate is 70%. 4/7, in line with the provisions of the Company Law and the “Articles of Association”, the proposal is passed by voting!

After that, everything is settled!

Wade Swire was so angry that his chest seemed to burst, and he couldn’t bear it anymore, and he didn’t care about his demeanor, got up and kicked over the stool, and left in full view.

When opening the door, due to excessive force, the door of the conference room slammed into the wall and made a loud noise, making most people in the conference room looked at each other in blank dismay.

Outside Cathay Pacific.

Reporters and melon-eating crowds stared at the hot sun eagerly, no matter how little they chatted, their eyes never left the gate for 3 seconds.

When Wade Swire’s silhouette appeared by the gate, the reporters waiting outside immediately became agitated.

“Wade Swire is out!”

I don’t know who shouted, and then reporters rushed towards him frantically. If it weren’t for the police to stop him desperately, Wade Swire would be overwhelmed by the crazy reporters.

“Mr. Wade Swire, what has happened to make you so angry?”

“Mr. Swire, why are you the only one to leave the meeting?”

“Mr. Swire…”

Listening to the noisy words, Wade Swire, who was in a bad mood, had a headache, especially when he felt that someone behind him was pulling his clothes to prevent him from leaving. He directly shook his head and turned his head furiously shouted: “Shut up! “

The journalist who was pushed rolled his eyes and yelled “I hit someone!” and fell to the ground.

The reporters who were besieged became more excited and kept pressing the shutter, filming the misery of the “beaten reporter” and the appearance of Wade Swire ruthlessly leaving.

The atmosphere at the scene became more tense.

Wade Swire’s bodyguards sensed that it was not good, and immediately stepped up their defenses, and tried their best to cover the employer from crowding the crowd and getting into the car.

Although many reporters were unwilling to see Wade Swire’s car driving away, it was not a shame.

Although they didn’t get useful information from Wade Swire, they can get it from other people behind.

Instead, the scene that happened just now was a huge explosion.

Some reporters have already thought about the headlines of tomorrow’s news, such as “Cathay Pacific has changed dramatically, Board-Chairman Wade Swire is leaving in anger!”

Another example is “Cathay Pacific Board-Chairman beats reporters out of control!”


In short, after Wade Swire’s appearance, those present are increasingly looking forward to coming out after the Welley and the others meeting.

After about 20 minutes, Welley and the others finally came out talking and laughing.

Facing reporters, Welley stayed here for interviews.

Many other people also accepted interviews, and what happened on the temporary Board of Directors was completely reproduced in the reporter’s mind.

By noon, everyone in the upper echelons of Hong Kong understood the results of Cathay Pacific’s struggle.

Swire Family failed miserably!

Cathay Pacific officially changed ownership and was strongly eaten by Jiuding Consortium!

Chinese-owned Jiuding Consortium VS British-owned Swire Group In the first round, Jiuding Consortium won!

The capital market reacted more quickly. In an interview with Welley, he replied that the stock price of Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company was seriously inflated. The market needed to return to rationality and would not intervene in the acquisition of shares. After that, the shares of Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company began to plummet.

Jiuding Securities pulled away long ago.

Norman Swire immediately asked the people of Swire Finance to stop buying shares after getting the report from his nephew.

Without the main force of the two parties, other small trash fish in the periphery can’t make the big wave at all, so it is strange that the stock price does not fall.

Wait until the market is closed at half past ten.

The stock price of DescriptionHong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company fell to 13 HKD per share, which is a 6-Layer drop compared to the opening price in the early morning!

The market value has evaporated more then 2 billion HKD!

And the downward trend is still unabated. After the stock market restarts in the afternoon, it will definitely continue to plummet. Maybe it will fall back to its original market value, or even lower.

This makes Norman Swire spit blood in anger who has been watching.

Swire Finance has acquired over 2% of the equity shares of Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company at a high price in the past 5 days. If the stock price falls back to the original price, his loss will exceed 200000000 million 50 million HKD!

It’s a fool!

I believe that in the near future, this matter will be an afterthought for many people.

When someone is worried, others are happy.

When the Swire Family was overcast, Xia Yu was rewarding her powerful subordinates at the Peninsula Hotel.

After pushing the cup and changing the cup.

Xia Yu put down the wine glass and said to side Welley: “Welley, the next private placement will still need to be voted by the shareholder conference. You hold it as soon as possible, and I will deal with the Securities Regulatory Commission.”

“In addition to this matter, you also need to take over the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company and Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd to ensure the stability of the company and not let the Swire Family disrupt it.”

Welley nodded responded: “Okay, Board-Chairman!”

Xia Yu was slightly nodded, and looked towards Wang Qi on the other side, instructed: “Wang Qi, when Welley has completed the private placement, you will initiate an acquisition from Swire Airlines again, and the price can be lowered at first, anyway, we occupy If they are acquainted, they can relax the conditions slightly.”

“By the way, Dongfeng Airlines still has 20% of the equity shares in their hands. I asked them to buy them back. It was originally mine.”

Wang Qi solemnly nodded, thinking about it and asking: “Board-Chairman, what is the right bid for Dongfeng Airlines’ equity shares?”

Xia Yu thought for a while, said with a light smile: “Up to 200000000 50 million!”

“You can bid 200000000. Let’s talk slowly. They have no other choice anyway.”

Now that they have completely turned their faces with Swire Family because of the Cathay Pacific company, Liangzi has already been formed, and it is impossible to untie them. It is better to continue to weaken their strength. It is also a good thing to be able to reduce tens of millions!

In the case of tearing the face, the 20% of their equity shares held by them have a shit. Since the company is not listed anyway, he can work with Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok to kill the Swire Family.

Asset transfer or private placement dilution, there is always one suitable for them!

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