Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1008

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In the next few days, the street talk was all about the change of ownership of Cathay Pacific and related news.

After Jiuding Industrial Group won Cathay Pacific, Welley successfully took over the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company and Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd.

Needless to say, Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd. Originally, Xia Yu held 65% of equity shares, and the remaining 30% of 3 equity shares, 5% of which were in the hands of Cathay Pacific, which really belonged to Swire Airlines only had 4% at 20:8.

After Cathay Pacific changed ownership, Welley directly transferred the 4% equity shares of the Hong Kong ground handling company held by Cathay Pacific to Jiuding Industrial Group.

As a result, Swire Airlines completely lost control of the Hong Kong ground handling company, leaving Welley to squeeze.

As for the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, although it is a listed company, shares are relatively difficult to collect, but who made Xia Yu’s early work you did good?

Originally, companies such as Jiuding Industrial Group held 40% of 4% equity shares, plus Cathay Pacific’s 2% 20, which also crossed the 3/4 line.

In fact, the Swire Family has already lost control of the 3-drive carriage under Swire Airlines.

On the next day of controlling Cathay Pacific, Welley communicated with Wang Qi and together disclosed the equity shares to the stock exchange.

After seeing that Jiuding Consortium actually cumulatively controlled more than 2/3 of the equity shares of the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, combined with Welley’s announcement that it would not be privatized and the company’s stock price was seriously high, the stock price of the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company fell. Faster, the loss of Swire Financial Company further increased, making Swire Family heartache.

Just when the eyes of the outside world are attracted by these news.

Xia Yu quietly came to 9 Ding Insurance Co., Ltd.

For his own insurance company, Xia Yu has visited very few times, far less than the number of visits to Jiuding Bank and Jiuding Securities Ltd..

But this does not mean that he does not pay attention to 9 Ding Insurance Co., Ltd.

Just because Jason Gregg made him feel at ease, he didn’t need to mention more, this later generation “Wolf of Netherlands” can make the company’s business flourish.

Seeing the arrival of Xia Yu, Jason Gregg greeted him with a quick walk and said respectfully: “Board-Chairman, welcome your arrival!”

Xia Yu smiled nodded, and walked in with Jason Gregg and asked, “Jason, what new progress is there in the company’s business development now?”

Jason Gregg thought for a moment and smoothed his thoughts and explained the current situation of the company: “Due to the intensity of competition and market capacity, despite the support of the entire group, the internal resources of the group have been digested. Now Hong Kong is a local The speed of business development outside the group has slowed.”

“So the company’s development focus has been officially adjusted to accelerate the implementation of its globalization strategy. It was just discussed and decided on the 6th of last month to expand the company’s market across Asia by acquiring local insurance companies in various countries.

“Now, we are still doing the preliminary screening work. Thanks to the data help of Jiuding Newspapers Co., the screening work is proceeding smoothly. It is expected that the acquisition plan will be officially launched next month.”

Xia Yu nodded with satisfaction and commented: “Your direction is right, but you should note that mergers and acquisitions are not the key, and the focus should be on the digestion of resources after mergers and acquisitions.”

Jason Gregg immediately replied: “Understand, in terms of the prerequisites of the acquisition, I put the availability of resources first.”

Xia Yu gave him an appreciative look and continued to move forward.

If according to the normal historical process, the global insurance industry develops to the late 80s, there will be a global insurance industry mergers and acquisitions boom.

When the time comes through a series of mergers and acquisitions, one global insurance giant, powerhouse Yu Qiang, will appear one after another.

However, limited by capital, insurance companies that cannot participate in the mergers and acquisitions tide are either eaten up or left behind, and their market share is robbed.

In the insurance industry, the larger the size of the insurance company, the greater the advantage, and it is really difficult for small insurance companies to compete.

Although 9 Ding Insurance Co., Ltd. has consolidated its leading position in Hong Kong based on the original foundation and the resources of the entire Jiuding Consortium, Xia Yu knows very well that Hong Kong is just a small place with a population of 1000000 people. Even if you are here, it is unremarkable on the world.

Therefore, before the globalization of mergers and acquisitions in the insurance industry, 9 Ding Insurance Co., Ltd. can take the first step and continue to expand its business through mergers and acquisitions and consolidate its foundation in Asia. Then relying on the basic market of Asian business, Can have the confidence to compete with Europe and United States insurance giants.

For this reason, Xia Yu supports Jason Gregg’s plan from the bottom of his heart.

After a while, Xia Yu came to the office.

Immediately after sitting down, Xia Yu wanted to know the current status of the company’s business in Hong Kong. He asked Jason Gregg: “Jason, have the development data for the second quarter been calculated?”

Jason Gregg, who was preparing to make tea, immediately stopped his actions and replied: “Board-Chairman, it has already been done. The data for the second quarter is included in the development data for the first half of the year, which happens to be in my desk drawer. Yes, I will bring it for you.”

With that said, Jason Gregg immediately walked to the desk, opened the drawer, found out the company development report submitted by his subordinates a few days ago, walked to Xia Yu again and handed it to him.

“Board-Chairman, look first, I’ll make tea.”

Xia Yu hummed, each minding their own business and opened the company’s half-year development report.

In the first half of 1981, the company achieved premium income of 600 million 7000 3 1 million HKD, a year-on-year increase of 10% 4. The first-year regular premiums reached 5 200000000 2 1000 7 million HKD, a year-on-year increase of 1% 10. The first-year regular premiums of ten years and above reached RMB 4 2 4000 million HKD, a 2% increase from the same period last year. The premium for renewal reached RMB 1 10 400000000 3000 million HKD, a year-on-year increase of 3% 1. Short-term insurance premiums reached 10 2 million HKD, a year-on-year increase of 7% 7000. 1 ……

Hong Kong’s local premium income is 400000000 million 3000 3 1 million HKD, accounting for 16% of Hong Kong’s premium income share in the first half of the year. Point 6 ……Premium income outside Hong Kong is 200 million 40 million HKD ……

In the first half of the year, the claim amount reached 300000000 1300 5 160,000 HKD ……

As of the end of the reporting period, the company’s total assets reached 3 1.1 billion 5400 630,000 HKD and investment assets reached 29 100000000 9600 8 190,000 HKD.

In the first half of the year, the total investment income was 300000000 million 4000 2 1 million HKD, and the total investment return rate was 10% point 4, an increase of 1% point 3 year-on-year; the net investment income was 200 million 8,000 6 1 million HKD ……

Total investment income = net investment income + income from the spread of investment assets + gains and losses from changes in fair value-impairment losses on investment assets…


After reading the report, Xia Yu has an in-depth understanding of the situation of 9 Ding Insurance Co., Ltd.

In the first half of the year, after deducting all costs, the net profit reached an astonishing 600 million 4500 100 40 40000 HKD!

And the company’s total assets finally broke through 3 billion HKD, far surpassing Jardine Insurance Brokers’ period.

This result, which seems outrageous, actually fits the actual situation of 9 Ding Insurance Co., Ltd.

Many companies under Jiuding Consortium involve too many employees, and these employees have a lot of insurance, and then there is influence radiation.

In terms of auto insurance, 9 Ding Insurance Co., Ltd.’s market share advanced by leaps and bounds depends on the consortium’s leading position in the local auto sales market in Hong Kong and its layout in the field of auto manufacturing.

There are also construction engineering insurance, marine insurance, fire insurance, personal accident insurance, commodity liability insurance, etc. Relying on the resources of the entire Jiuding Consortium, 9 Ding Insurance Co., Ltd. is a strong player in the market share of its opponents.

In this case, the premium income in the first half of the year was able to occupy 16% of the Hong Kong insurance market.

Don’t think that it is very small. If you think about the number of insurance companies in Hong Kong as many as 300 41, you can know the real value of this ratio of 9 Ding Insurance Co., Ltd.

In terms of capital investment, relying on nearly 3 billion investable assets, although the net profit of investment is not as good as the net profit of premium income, it is not far behind, and it has far exceeded the overwhelming majority of banks, securities, funds and asset management companies. .

In general, this development report made him very satisfied, and Jason Gregg did not disappoint his expectations.

So it is appropriate to leave this matter to him today!

“Jason, the company is developing rapidly, you did a good job!”

After commenting on one sentence, Xia Yu talked about the purpose of coming today: “The company’s investable capital volume is no longer small, and the level of investment business is also very high, and there is just one thing left to you.”

Jason Gregg readily nodded and answered: “Board-Chairman, please give your orders!”

Xia Yu said: “It’s about the communications market.”

“Hong Kong Telephone Company, one of the two companies in the communications market in Hong Kong, has been controlled, and the cumulative shares rate is 2% 50 points 3, except that the remaining equity shares are in the public market, and the rest are in the Government. of Hong Kong and Swire Financial Corporation, so you don’t need to bother.”

“The key point is the Dadong Telegraph Company. You are responsible for acquiring public shares other than the controlling shareholder and the Government of Hong Kong.”

Jason Gregg narrowed his eyes and asked, “Board-Chairman, to what extent will it be acquired? Are there any requirements for the operation?”

Xia Yu instructed: “As much as possible to suppress the price, shares purchase Supreme is limited, the cost must be as low as possible, the specific strength is up to you.”

Jason Gregg nodded expressed his understanding.

Only after a moment of silence and thought, his frowns raised his personal concerns: “Board-Chairman, I remember that Dadong Telegraph’s parent company, United Kingdom Dadong Telecom, had a share rate of more than 40%, and the Government of Hong Kong It also holds 20% of the shares. If we want to acquire and seize control, it will be difficult to succeed.”

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