Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1009

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Facing Jason Gregg’s worries, Xia Yu smiled indifferently and said dismissively: “Jason, you don’t have to worry about this. I made an overall plan, and you just need to implement it as I said.”

Jason Gregg was taken aback, then looking thoughtfully nodded: “Okay.”

Next, Xia Yu asked Jason Gregg to take him around the company for 20 minutes, focusing on what he called the strategic plan for the expansion of external mergers and acquisitions. In general, everything he saw and heard He is more satisfied.

Before leaving, Xia Yu pointed out to Jason Gregg: “Jason, when implementing the mergers and acquisitions expansion plan, if it is determined that it is a high-quality potential company, it can be bold without violating the company’s main development model. Some, striving to become Asia’s top insurance company within 3 years. If you don’t have enough funds, you can apply to me, provided that your application can withstand the test.”

Jason Gregg’s face flashed with joy, and he quickly nodded replied: “Thank you Board-Chairman, I will follow your instructions!”


“You go back, I will come back when I have time.”

After that, Xia Yu got in the car and closed the door, then the car started and drove away from 9 Ding Insurance Co., Ltd., leaving behind the fighting spirit Jason Gregg.

After leaving 9 Ding Insurance Co., Ltd., Xia Yu did not return to the group headquarters, but went to Hong Kong Telephone Company to inspect and guide the work.

In terms of business development, he only raised one requirement, that is, not to compete with the Hong Kong Branch Office of Dadong Telecom for the time being, and focus on optimizing and upgrading its own business.

The reason for this request is that Dadong Telecom’s Hong Kong Branch Office already partly belongs to him.

Yesterday afternoon, Xia Yu received a call from George Berkeley in London about the privatization of United Kingdom Great Eastern Telecom that he reported nearly a month ago.

Just yesterday afternoon, the United Kingdom Parliament finally approved the privatization plan of United Kingdom Great Eastern Telecom Company, and a total of 50% of the equity shares were sold to private capital.

The distribution of equity shares has long been secretly divided, and Xia Yu has become the most profitable party.

Of the 50% of the equity shares released by the Government of the United Kingdom, Bright Fund took 100 out of 7, Standard Chartered Bank took 10% 2 and Bahrain Bank took 20%.

The remaining 10% of 2 equity shares were taken away by other families.

There are many reasons why Xia Yu can take so much.

One is that Duke Howard and Prince Philip have worked so hard that they have directly removed political obstacles, and even under their connections, possible obstacles have become a boost.

The second is the great influence of the Bright Fund itself in the upper echelons of the United Kingdom, plus George Berkeley, in accordance with Xia Yu’s instructions, put in place.

The third is the high bid! Bright Fund and Standard Chartered Bank’s quotations were the highest, and they also submitted highly operational reform business plans, which made the Government of the United Kingdom very tempted.

Therefore, Bright Fund and Standard Chartered Bank were able to get a total of 10% 9 of the equity shares of Dadong Telecom. This is already the limit that the two companies can directly get.

As for the Bank of Bahrain, which ate the largest cake, although it bought the most 20% of equity shares, it went smoothly.

Who made the Bank of Bahrain have two mountains, Duke Howard and Prince Philip?

So in the face of such a telecommunications company that has a huge influence in the existing or original colonies of United Kingdom, but has little influence in the United Kingdom and is still on the verge of loss, every great family in United Kingdom has not reached that kind of non-competition. Unbelievable point.

When George Berkeley confessed to Xia Yu, Rao was still excited by Xia Yu’s calm mind.

The telecommunications sector is a very important part of the public service sector, and there is no doubt about its influence. Although the main business of Dadong Telecom is not in the United Kingdom, but he is familiar with the reform of the previous life United Kingdom telecommunications sector, how could he not know how big opportunities there will be in the future What?

In addition to being significant, the share ratio is also a reason for Xia Yu’s joy.

Although Standard Chartered Bank is not his own wholly-owned shares, the secretly accumulated share ratio has reached 80% 4. It has absolute control, so the 6% 10 of the equity shares that Standard Chartered Bank won is in His pocket.

Needless to say, the 100/7 equity shares won by Bright Fund.

For the Bank of Bahrain, Bright Fund shares 20%, and Jiuding Bank shares 25%. In fact, Xia Yu holds 40% of 5 equity shares.

So this time the 20% of the equity shares eaten by the Bank of Bahrain, 100 out of 9 actually belonged to him after conversion.

A simple addition of the three data shows that he got 3% of the equity shares in the privatization of Dadong Telecom this time, accounting for more than half of this cake.

After listening to George Berkeley’s Annunciation yesterday afternoon, Xia Yu knew that the long-awaited time to completely monopolize the Hong Kong telecommunications market had arrived.

Xia Yu told George Berkeley to immediately carry out the 2nd Stage plan, which is to find a way to get Dadong Telecom to spin off the Hong Kong Branch Office.

As long as it succeeds, Bright Fund will be able to hold 40% of Dadong Telecom’s 5 equity shares and become the actual controller.

Of course, Xia Yu is not satisfied with this share ratio, so he plans to start with the stock market.

Because of Wang Qi’s heavy work tasks recently, Xia Yu assigned the task to Jason Gregg of 9 Ding Insurance Co., Ltd., and it happened in the morning.

After deploying the mission, Xia Yu returned to the layout of the aviation industry.

The fifth day after the temporary Board of Directors was held in Cathay Pacific, the temporary shareholder meeting was held again.

The Swire Family knew that they could no longer stop here, and it was a crime to participate, so this time the temporary shareholder conference, Swire Airlines did not send a representative over, which made the reporters regretful.

The proposed voting for private placement naturally passed smoothly.

After approval, it will be immediately submitted to the Securities Regulatory Commission for approval.

According to the current Hong Kong Securities Law, private placement of shares by unlisted companies does not require the approval of the Securities Regulatory Commission.

But who makes Swire shares, the parent company of Cathay Pacific’s parent company, a listed company?

With this relationship, the approval by the Securities Regulatory Commission cannot be avoided.

Swire Family wants to see if it can come back at this link.

However, Xia Yu had considered this point a long time ago, so the stock price for Cathay Pacific was 1.8 billion HKD instead of 800 million HKD in private placement, because Cathay Pacific’s net assets were around 7 100000000 million 20 million HKD.

As long as the valuation is not lower than the net assets, then Securities Regulatory Commission’s face can be justified, and the rest is to look at the respective Divine Ability.

At this point, Xia Yu was already fully prepared for 10000.

Therefore, when Cathay Pacific’s private placement plan was submitted to the Securities Regulatory Commission, it would normally take 3 to 6 months before the review was completed, but only one week later at this time, the plan was reviewed and approved. The Securities Regulatory Commission followed the procedures The skin is issued, and the approved plan is legal and reasonable and can be implemented.

After receiving the approval, Welley immediately implemented the plan, and the share capital of Cathay Pacific has changed from 200 million shares to 300000000 million shares!

The share ratio of Jiuding Industrial Group to Cathay Pacific has finally increased to 60% on paper 9:3!

After the success of Welley’s action, Wang Qi, who had been prepared for a long time, immediately ordered people to issue another takeover bid to Swire Airlines, and the takeover bid finally reached Wade Swire.

Today is different from the past. Wade Swire, who has been undecided, can only rush back to the family with a takeover bid, find his own Uncle Norman Swire, and report it to him.

Victoria Peak, the lobby of the Kadoorie family mansion.

“Uncle, Xia Yu is extremely greedy, and now he has launched an acquisition from us, what should we do?”

Wade Swire looked at Uncle facial expression gravely, wanting to know his decision.

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