Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1010

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Norman Swire frowned and picked up the takeover bid on the desktop and scanned it carefully.

It was just that as he looked down continuously, his brow furrowed tighter and tighter, and when he saw his heart anger behind him, he was so angry that he threw the takeover bid “Pa” on the table.

“This is an insult to our Swire Family!”

No wonder Norman Swire is so angry. The takeover bid sent by Jiuding Securities Ltd. is simply too much. In his opinion, he has no sincerity. He wants to use his power to suppress others and force them to give in!

The takeover bid is for the entire Swire airline, and the price for a wholly-owned acquisition is 7 100000000 million HKD!

Only 7 100000000 HKD! ! !

This is seriously inconsistent with the true value of Swire Airlines.

There are currently 4 most intuitive assets in the hands of Swire Airlines, all of which are equity shares.

The first part is the 20% 8:5 equity shares of Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd. According to the normal valuation of the entire company of 300000000 million 50 million HKD, the value of this equity shares is 9900 70 50,000 HKD, which is close to 200000000 million!

The second part is the equity shares of Cathay Pacific. The original shares ratio was 2% 30. According to the normal company valuation of 7 2 billion HKD, the value should be 1.8 billion 1 3000 6 million HKD.

But there is no way, it was forcibly diluted by Jiuding Industrial Group, and now only 20% is left at 4:6. If the valuation of the private placement is 7 billion HKD, plus the private placement financing of 1.8 HKD, Cathay Pacific is now To calculate the total value of 9 billion, this equity share is also worth 100000000 million 2.7 million HKD.

The third part is the equity shares of the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company. Originally, after replacing the part, there are still 3% 20 points 3 4 left, not to mention the calculation based on the company’s market value of nearly 2 HKD at the peak of the previous period, nor the current real-time The market value, even if it returns to the normal market value of 5,000,000,000 7 100000000 million HKD, it is also worth 10 million 200000000 million HKD.

Of course, the 2% point 5 equity shares acquired in the Level 3 market are still in the hands of Swire Financial Corporation. Norman Swire has not been transferred to Swire Airlines, so it cannot be counted as Swire Airlines’ assets.

The fourth part is the 4% equity shares of Dongfeng Airlines. The value of this equity shares is the most clear, which is 20 million HKD.

Even without calculating the value of Swire Airlines’ office space, properties and personnel, the cumulative value of these 4 equity shares reached 1.1 billion 3000 2 1 million HKD!

Together with other assets, the real deal is 1.2 billion HKD!

Moreover, under normal circumstances, the acquisition of a company has to be acquired by premium, even if it is a 20% premium, there is a 1.4 billion 40 million HKD, right?

But look at the takeover bid quote from Jiuding Securities, it’s only 7 100000000 million HKD!

This price is a huge insult to Norman Swire!

Contrast this with the first time Wang Qi personally sent the takeover bid, the price of the takeover bid reached ten 600 million HKD.

Now I have sent a takeover bid for the second time and quoted a purchase price of 2 7 million HKD. How can I prevent Norman Swire from getting angry?

In this takeover bid, Norman Swire saw a line of words that did not exist but appeared brightly-I am domineering, I am bullying you!

Wade Swire fully understands Uncle’s anger. When he first saw this takeover bid, the anger in his heart was no less than Uncle’s current anger.

But on the way here, he gradually calmed down and thought of various influences and hidden dangers.

The price quoted by Jiuding Securities is low, but if you are willing to negotiate, there is still room for negotiation, but it will definitely not be higher than 1.1 billion HKD!

After all, they have completely lost the initiative!

Now Cathay Pacific, Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company, Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd and Dongfeng Airlines are all four companies in charge of Jiuding Consortium. They have completely lost the ability to defend themselves.

If Jiuding Industrial Group continues to do the same as Cathay Pacific’s private placement a few days ago, and now Swire Airlines, which has an asset value of 1.1 billion 3000 2 1 million HKD, its assets will continue to shrink significantly. Will it be worth 7 100000000 million HKD later? Hard to say!

Jiuding Securities Ltd. is definitely based on this point, and they dare to shamelessly quote the price of 7 100000000 million HKD.

But if you agree to sell, let’s not talk about the loss. The key is that the hatred between the two companies is irreconcilable. If you want them to bow their heads, their Swire Family will become the laughingstock of Hong Kong, and their reputation will be discredited!

Although the reputation is not good now…

Seeing that Uncle was still in anger, Wade Swire did not speak and waited quietly.

a long time.

“Hu ~”

Norman Swire let out a long sigh and forcibly calmed his mood as much as possible.

Seeing this, Wade Swire immediately asked: “Uncle, now that Jiuding Securities Ltd. has sent a statement of war, how should we choose?”

His potential line is, do we want face or tickets, or both?

Norman Swire said with difficulty: “Talk to them and sell it at a suitable price.”

After that, Norman Swire seemed to be unable to support the weight of his upper body, his back leaned on the sofa.

It was too difficult for him to make this difficult decision. The hatred and humiliation in it were not something ordinary people could bear, let alone his big shot of this level.

But from the point of interest, in the case of losing all the initiative, choosing to bow to Jiuding Securities Ltd. is the best choice. Blindly confronting it will result in greater losses!

Stay where there is life, there is hope, and when the result is doomed, get back as much as possible.

Wade Swire froze for a moment, ugly complexion, slightly nodded and said: “Okay, but Uncle, the price of 7 100000000 HKD is too low, we must negotiate, what is the bottom line?”

Norman Swire contemplated for a long time and said firmly: “1 billion HKD!”

Hearing this number, Wade Swire was embarrassed and asked worriedly: “Uncle, now our Swire airline’s assets are around 1.2 billion HKD. With the attitude shown by Jiuding Securities Ltd., their appetite is too great. Big, can we hold the bottom line of 1 billion HKD?”

“The last time Jiuding Industrial Group diluted our equity shares, we lost 300000000 million 70 million HKD. If they come from other companies a few times, they can easily make us lose another 200 million HKD.”

“I’m worried they won’t let go easily!”

Norman Swire also thought of his nephew’s concerns, but he thought more.

He replied: “This is just our preliminary bottom line. Let’s talk about it first. The longer the delay, the better, lest they free their hands and focus on our other companies.”

“You have to negotiate with a negative mindset. As long as they don’t completely lose their patience and want to warn us by diluting equity shares, then drag.”

“At the same time, you are releasing news and actively contacting consortiums in other countries to see if you can find other influences and transfer the contradictions to other consortiums.”

Wade Swire thought for a while, nodded replied: “Okay, I will contact the consortium that has an intersection with our family.”

After speaking, the living room fell silent.

After a while, Wade Swire said with some anxiety: “Uncle, if we do not find another influence to take over, and finally sell equity shares to Jiuding Securities Ltd., it will be a huge blow to our family’s reputation. The bad influence will be extremely far-reaching, and I am worried that there will be a situation where the Chinese consortium will unite and besiege us.”

This was the case with Jardine Matheson before. Facing the first wave of Xia Yu’s offense, Jardine Matheson gave in and gave in. Then the Chinese people were excited and saw the weakness of Jardine Matheson. Finally, they rallied and attacked, leading to the complete demise of Jardine Matheson. .

Now if they bow their heads to Xia Yu, “ceding land for compensation”, he is worried that there will be another besieged scene like Jardine Matheson.

A Jiuding Consortium is enough for them. If faced with the more powerful Chinese capital after the annexation of Jardine Matheson, Wade Swire has no confidence in his heart.

Norman Swire also considered this point of Wade Swire’s concerns.

He immediately said: “I took these into consideration, so I asked you to find other influences to take over and resist the pressure of Jiuding Consortium for us.”

“On the other hand, delaying time also leaves enough time for us to restore our prestige and loss.”

Wade Swire eyes shined, immediately asked: “Uncle, how do we restore the prestige?”

Norman Swire narrowed his eyes, his gaze became cold and deep, and said quietly: “If Song Family hadn’t betrayed us, Cathay Pacific would not be taken away, and we would not be reduced to where we are now. They must do Pay the price for your actions!”

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