Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1011

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It is not only Song Family who stabbed the knife, but also Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and Cao Guangbiao.

Forget about Cao Guangbiao and Henry Fok, they didn’t have a deep relationship with Swire Group, and the cooperation was also in Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd. It is too difficult to retaliate, and it is difficult to operate. Norman Swire directly ignored them.

Among the remaining three, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank and Standard Chartered Bank are still above the Song Family in accordance with the intimacy with the entire Swire Group and Swire Family.

And this time stabbing the knife, Hongkong and Shanghai Bank and Standard Chartered Bank stabbed deeper. In addition to stabbing the knife on Cathay Pacific, it was also stabbed on the Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company.

But Norman Swire can only choose to ignore it. Who makes Hongkong and Shanghai Bank and Standard Chartered Bank the food and clothing parents of Swire Group? If he chooses to retaliate, Swire Group will eventually lose more.

The Song Family is different.

In the strict sense, Song Family relied on the cooperation with their Swire Group and Swire Family to rise. If it weren’t for their Swire Family, how could the Song Family from mainland gain a firm foothold and flourish?

Song Family, however, came up as a comprador of their Swire Group. To put it ugly, Song Family is their servant and younger brother in the eyes of Swire Family, but this servant and younger brother are able to grow up relying on their This big tree , Have the qualification to eat at the same table with them.

However, now the servant did not care about the kindness, betrayed them, and caused them huge losses.

From the mentality, Norman Swire hates Song Family even more.

Not to mention comparing Standard Chartered Bank and Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, Song Family is undoubtedly a soft persimmon. Many companies under the Swire Group still hold shares, but the number is not large. As long as simple operation, it can be easily handled. live.

No matter how you look at it, Song Family is the best target for revenge.

Norman Swire wants to let the outside world know that although they lost to Jiuding Consortium, the tiger is a tiger after all and can eat people!

At the same time, he would like to take this to warn other brothers and partners in Swire Group to make them aware of the fate of betrayal! ! !


Hearing Uncle’s words, Wade Swire’s eyes flushed and angrily said: “Yes, Uncle, Song Family must pay a greater price, and our loss must be recovered from Song Family!”

The hatred of Song Family in his heart is no less than Norman Swire.

After all, in the Swire Family, it is Swire Airlines that really belongs to him. Now because of the Song Family, Swire Airlines has suffered heavy losses and the loss is imminent. In the entire Swire Family, his interests are the biggest losses.

Without Swire Airlines, which has been in business for many years, it is difficult and time-consuming for him to enter other companies to rebuild the foundation. The point is that there are still people in each company, and it is not easy to intervene.

Norman Swire glanced at his nephew and seemed to see through his inner thoughts.

But Norman Swire is not good at what to say or promise in this regard.

He said to Wade Swire: “Wade, you can do what I just told you, Song Family, I will do it myself.”

Wade Swire nodded responded: “Good Uncle.”


The battle between Swire Group and Jiuding Consortium was eye-catching, and public opinion is still not low.

Under the deliberate promotion of Wade Swire, the news that Jiuding Securities Ltd. wanted to acquire Swire Airlines spread out, and even the key information about the takeover bid spread.

In order to achieve this goal, Wade Swire did not refuse to interview reporters anymore, but answered a few questions when he was surrounded by reporters, indicating that he did not contradict the attitude of selling Swire Airlines, but for some key issues such as price and sales target Wait, I am vague, leaving a huge room for imagination.

Because Wade Swire did not resolutely resist the acquisition, even if Wang Qi guessed his scheme, for the sake of face and image, he was also impossible to let Welley immediately retaliate and dilute the equity shares of Swire Airlines.

He can only keep an eye on Wade Swire’s movements while sending people to frequently urge Swire Airlines to try to speed up the negotiation process.

In the midst of such disturbances, as Hong Kong’s Secondary 7 students graduated, 9 Tripod University, which has been promoting it, once again stepped up its publicity efforts. Hiding the sky and covering the earth are both soft advertisements for 9 Tripod University.

And in order to recruit students with good academic performance as much as possible, to lay a more solid foundation for 9 Ding University.

Under the guidance and approval of Xia Yu, Rich and Imposing’s 9 Ding University directly announced a series of scholarship systems and work-study programs, which caused a sensation in Hong Kong, and then quickly spread to the entire Southeast Asia.

The scholarships are divided into full, special, first, second and third class. The lowest third class scholarship has a semester of 2 HKD. The full scholarship waives all university expenses, tuition, room and board, and books. Free of charge, etc.

In the work-study system, nearly 1000 work-study positions are directly announced. Although the salary is not as good as the salary in the society, it is enough for students’ living.

As for this point of granting bursaries directly to extremely poor students, Xia Yu was raised by a professor during a meeting at 9 Ding University, but it was rejected by Xia Yu.

It is not that he is reluctant to pay, but that he does not want students to think of reap without sowing. The tuition fee of 9 Ding University is not high. For students, as long as they are willing to practice in society during the winter and summer vacations, they can definitely earn university tuition. of.

He also has the idea of ​​letting his company provide practical positions, which will not only achieve win-win results for all parties, but also enable students trained by 9 Ding University to become familiar with his company in advance, which will help future talents to join.

Apart from this, Xia Yu also pointed out to Wang Gengwu. After the candidates’ results were announced, the Admissions Office would keep a close eye on the top 100 candidates in Hong Kong and peak students from Southeast Asia countries, and find ways to recruit these students.

If the full scholarship is not enough, then pay different prices according to the student’s grades to do the work of the student’s parents. The publicity offensive is parallel to other offensives. Whether you give money or solve the employment problem, as long as you think the student is worth paying. The price, if the requirement does not exceed the bottom line, then smash it.

Sure enough, after the test results were announced, 9 Ding University did just that. The enrollment quality of the University of Hong Kong and The Chinese University of Hong Kong was far lower than 9 Ding University. Most of the smarter students were robbed. The two universities jumped up and down, and even publicly accused the nine universities of being tacky, using “money” to overwhelm people, which affected the school-running atmosphere…

However, Xia Yu didn’t care at all. Wang Gengwu was also cheeky and ignored. In special times, he used special methods. In order to make 9 Ding University grow better, it is nothing to blame.

When 9 Ding University’s reputation is completely defeated, these criticized methods will naturally disappear.

In the midst of disturbances, July entered in a flash, and midsummer was coming.

On this day, Xia Yu was blowing air conditioning instructions in the office. Song Bo entered Xia Yu’s office under the leadership of the reception staff.

Xia Yu just invited Song Bo to sit down, Song Bo sighed, and the words he said made him frown.

“Mr. Xia, I am here this time to ask you for help, now no one can save my Song Family except you!”

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