Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1012

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Xia Yu knows Song Bo’s purpose, and he has been waiting for Song Bo to arrive.

He kept Luo Wang staring at Swire Family, and sent him information on all aspects of Swire Family’s trends every day. Of course, he also knew that many companies under Swire Group were preparing to hold temporary Board of Directors.

And these companies, without exception, have Song Family shares!

After the Swire Family action, Song Bo can still last 4 days to call for help, which has surprised Xia Yu.

It can be seen that Song Bo is really at a loss.

But no matter how important things are, these few minutes are not bad.

He neither fast nor slow said: “Mr. Song, don’t worry, let’s talk slowly.”

With that said, he personally boiled water to make tea.

Now that I have seen Xia Yu, it doesn’t matter how fast or slow for a few minutes. Song Bo waited calmly. When Xia Yu poured him a cup of tea, he thanked him, took a sip of the tea cup and put it down again.

Xia Yu also didn’t want Song Bo to think that his attitude was perfunctory, so she pretended not to know the situation, to ask a question, when already knows the answer:

“Mr. Song, did Swire Family take revenge on you?”

Song Bo’s facial expression grave was nodded and told Xia Yu the real situation: “Yes, and Swire’s retaliation is very fierce. Now all managers who have a relationship with my Song Family have been targeted. The purpose of Swire Family It is clear that we want to completely eliminate the influence of our Song Family.”

“Apart from this, Swire Family intends to dilute our Song Family’s equity shares in some companies in the form of private placement. The Board of Directors of many companies have been controlled by Swire Family. I can’t stop it at all.”

Speaking of this, Song Bo took a special look at Xia Yu, and there was something difficult to understand in his eyes.

Xia Yu used to deal with Swire Airlines in this way, but now Swire Family deals with their Song Family in the same way. It is helpless to think of Song Bo.

With Xia Yu’s face, he would naturally not show an awkward expression. He directly asked: “Mr. Song, although it was expected before, but it really happened, I also sympathize, but since I promised, then I must not I will break my promise.”

“Just say, what do you plan to do? What do you need me to do?”

In a large-scale war with Swire Group, Xia Yu is confident of winning, but the process will definitely be much more difficult than fighting Jardine Matheson. After all, Swire Group has learned the lessons of Jardine Matheson and filled many loopholes. less.

Xia Yu ordered people to deduced that Swire Group can only be maimed by normal commercial means. It is almost impossible to be wiped out like Jardine Matheson, unless Swire Family chooses to give up, leave Hong Kong and return to United Kingdom.

And although the assets owned by the Swire Group are attractive to him, they are not particularly large. Therefore, after eating the fat of aviation, he does not particularly want to go to war with Swire Group.

But since he promised Song Bo, he will do it.

Now he gives Song Bo the right to choose. How to fight and to what extent it depends on Song Bo’s meaning, and see how courage and appetite he has!

Song Bo was waiting for Xia Yu’s words.

He narrowed his eyes, stared at Xia Yu, and said firmly: “I hope Mr. Xia can help me, so that my Song Family assets can be concentrated in the two companies of Swire Industrial Company and Swire Commercial Group. go with.”

Xia Yu raised her brows and didn’t immediately agree. Instead, she smiled and asked: “Mr. Song, I don’t know if you have brought the details of these two companies?”

As soon as Xia Yu finished speaking, Song Bo pulled out the information he had prepared from his briefcase and handed it to Xia Yu.

“Mr. Xia, please see.”

Xia Yu couldn’t help but received the information, and after adding some tea to Song Bo, he said: “Mr. Song, you have tea first, I will finish reading the information.”


In Song Bo’s gaze, Xia Yu opened the information, and the situation regarding Swire Industrial Group and Swire Commercial Group came into view.

The collection of this information is very detailed. It was collected by Song Bo after he decided to go to Xia Yu. It is related to the future of Song Family. He can say that he did his best.

Swire Industrial Group is one of the main listed companies under the Swire Group. It went public in December 1969. The total share capital now has reached 12 million shares. With the Hong Kong stock market recovering, the market value is as high as 285 2 billion 1.1 More than 4000 HKD, it is the top 10000 large company in Hong Kong.

Swire Industrial Group has six pillar companies, namely Swire Baked Food Co., Ltd., Swire Sugar Co., Ltd., Swire Rubber Co., Ltd., Swire Machinery Manufacturing Co., Swire Textile Co., and Swire Paint Oil Co., Ltd..

Apart from this, there are also 2 other large and small companies that have invested in or acquired shares, and the total number of subsidiaries under direct management is as many as 8.

Under the six pillar companies, there are more or less subsidiaries.

In fact, the entire Swire Industrial Group has as many as 40 companies directly and indirectly related.

Such a large number of companies is the foundation that supports the high market value of Swire Industrial Group.

To put it bluntly, even if the Swire Industrial Group is separated from the Swire Group alone, it can be comparable to the assets of most families in Hong Kong.

In terms of assets, Xia Yu roughly scanned it and skipped it. Although there are many good companies, it is not very attractive to him.

His focus is on the structure of equity shares.

In the equity shares structure of the Swire Industrial Group, the Hong Kong Swire Group shares 30% 3%, which is the first controlling shareholder.

The second major shareholder is the Swire Family Fund, and the shares ratio is 100 points 8 out of 2.

The following 8 major announced shareholder and shares ratios are: Hongkong and Shanghai Bank 5% point 9, Hong Kong Ho Family’s Ho Group 5% point 6, Song Family’s Song Group 5% point 4, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Group 5% point 2, Standard Chartered Bank 5% point 4, Bank of East Asia 3% point 4, Xiali Lira Group 3% point 4, Sun Hung Kai Securities 1% point 1.

The remaining 16% of 8 equity shares are distributed in the hands of other companies, institutions and retail investors. Because the share ratio does not reach the threshold of ten major shareholder, it is difficult to collect information without transparency.

However, Xia Yu can be sure that his Jiuding Securities Ltd. must hold a lot of equity shares, but Wang Qi followed his instructions and hid it secretly and did not announce that’s all.

Swire Industrial Group’s information is condensed into this.

Although Swire Trading Group is an established company that Swire Group depends on for growth, its size is far smaller than Swire Industrial Group, and it is not listed. The company has a total share capital of 80 million shares. Its valuation in “Economics Weekly” is 800 million 40 million HKD.

There are a total of 3 subsidiaries under the Swire Trading Group, all for business services, of which 4 are the most important companies, namely Swire Automobile Sales Company, Swire Cold Storage Company, Swire Resources Trading Co., Ltd. and Swire Dinghan Co., Ltd. .

Similarly, after seeing the list of subsidiaries of Swire Commerce Group, he initially judged that although these companies are valuable, they are not irreplaceable. Even if many companies compete with some of his subsidiaries, he has nothing to do with it. The point where acquisition is not possible.

In terms of the equity shares structure, because it is not listed, the Swire Group has stronger control over the Swire Trading Group, with group shares reaching up to 50% 7.

Then the second major shareholder is Song Family, and Song Group shares 12.4%.

The third shareholder is a British family, and Stephen’s company shares 10% a point 7.

Then there is the Hysan Group shares of the Ricci family at 100/7, Wheelock and Company shares at 3/100, and DCH Trading Company shares 6% at 2.


Xia Yu watched the entire document for more than ten minutes. When he put it down, his mouth smiled slightly, saying with a smile: “I have read the document seriously, Mr. Song, it is not so difficult for you to operate this idea. .”

“These two companies, Swire Industrial Group is a listed company, and the total shares of Swire Group and Swire Family have reached 2%.40. Even if you want to grab it, it is difficult to grab it completely. The key is that Swire Family is willing to let go.”

“Swire Commerce Group is even more difficult. The company is not listed. Swire Group directly shares 50% 7. Even if you take all the equity shares of other shareholders, plus your own, only 40% 3, you can only protect yourself. “

What Xia Yu is telling is the truth, Song Bo doesn’t quibble. It is precisely because of difficulties that he begged Xia Yu to come here.

He is self-aware, and if he lets him do it himself, success will always be impossible!

So he said sincerely: “Mr. Xia, I know what you said, but I can’t help it. There is only one pillar of our Song Family, which is the Song Group.”

“But the business of the Song Group is mixed but not strong. It is more of holding the equity shares of the subsidiary company of the Swire Group. There are many types, but the proportion of shares is small. It is a typical mixed but not strong form.”

“Now Swire Family is determined to retaliate against our Song Family. It is easy for them to defeat them separately, just like Swire Trading Group. Although our Song Family shares 12.4%, Swire Family has reached an agreement with the Stephen family and has taken control of the Board. of Directors, and now I’m convincing Lee Family and Marden Family, as long as they both reach an agreement, my equity shares will definitely be forcibly diluted and my interests will be seriously violated.”

“So I reflect on it. Ten birds in the forest are not as good as one bird in hand. I hope to exchange other equity shares for Swire Industrial Group and Swire Commercial Group’s equity shares.”

“As long as Swire Industrial Group and Swire Trading Group are in hand, plus our original Song Group, I can leave a solid foundation for my Song Family anyway. Even if I leave someday, my family will not survive. It’s too miserable.”

Speaking of this, Song Bo paused for a moment, staring directly at Xia Yu, and seriously said: “Mr. Xia, I know this is difficult, but now Swire Family is already infringing on my interests. I will ask them to replace them. They will never agree. Looking at the entire Hong Kong, you are the only one who can get them to agree!”

“I also hope that you can help us Song Family. From now on, my Song Family will only look forward to you!”

“And I will pay corresponding remuneration according to the rules.”

Xia Yu eyes narrowed, looking straight at Song Bo.

Song Bo’s meaning can no longer be clarified clearly, that is, his Song Family has been bullied. He came to worship the dock and asked Xia Yu to get him back and protect his interests.

This request is not excessive. After all, Xia Yu has promised before. Although Song Bo’s request is big, it is only close to the promised sideline.

And Song Bo also knows that his request It’s very difficult, and if it is really successful, Song Family will get huge benefits. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is to reshape the foundation of Song Family.

So he wittyly did not only hope that Xia Yu fulfilled his promise, but bowed his head to Xia Yu decisively.

As long as Xia Yu agrees, then the promise is fulfilled, adding a stronger Song Family as an ally, and earning a full amount of commissions for the acquisition, no matter how you look at it.

As for other benefits, such as Xia Yu pulled down from Swire Group, Song Bo was very witty and didn’t mention it.

Xia Yu analyzed these things with just a turn of his mind.

The only point is that Song Bo is sincere and insincere!

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