Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1015

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“How to open?”

“Open first, then open, open again!”

Xia Yu said with a smile. In the plan he had just thought of in the 20 minutes of waiting, these 8 words were enough to run through the entire plan and were the core purpose of the action.

Wang Qi brows tightly frowns, analyze what Board-Chairman plans to do.

Is it short selling?

But for short selling, the stock price of each listed company in Swire Group has fallen. The cheaper one is Swire Family, which is contrary to the purpose of acquiring each company under Swire Group.

If it’s not short selling, what should we do?

Unable to figure it out, Wang Qi asked: “Board-Chairman, does the plan for hunting Swire Group need to be adjusted?”

Xia Yu said with a light smile: “The second half of the original plan needs to be adjusted, and the first half will continue as usual.”

“Apart from this, and then supplement and expand the original plan.”

Wang Qi is only secretly relieved, but he has spent a lot of effort to do the previous work, but fortunately, it is not used as a waste.

“Well, you don’t have to waste your brain to guess. I will tell you about the plan outline.”

Then, Xia Yu talked continuously, Wang Qi and Liu Tianci listened attentively. The more they listened, the brighter their eyes became.

More than an hour later…

Liu Tianci and Wang Qi put forward some personal suggestions on top of Xia Yu’s plan. Xia Yu adopted and integrated into the plan as appropriate, and a more complete overall plan appeared.

Xia Yu looked serious and instructed to the two people: “Tianci, Wang Qi, the general direction of the plan is these, the specific operation will be dead, act according to circumstances, if there are uncontrollable changes, please report to me at any time.”



Liu Tianci and Wang Qi responded successively.

Xia Yu was slightly nodded, then looked towards Wang Qi, and warned repeatedly: “Now Song Family can still last for a while. In this short period of time, Swire Airlines must be taken down first, and they can’t be delayed. If there is If necessary, you can contact Welley at any time, and you two will work together.”

After hearing about the plan just now, Wang Qi also knew that delaying for a long time was not a good thing, so he solemnly nodded and said: “Okay, I will speed up the progress.”


Xia Yu looked towards Liu Tianci again, instructed: “Tianci, your side will also make adjustments immediately according to the plan I said, and make sufficient preparations to strive for more benefits in the future.”

“The Bank Association strongly supports Hongkong and Shanghai Bank to complete the interest rate hike as soon as possible.”

“The completion of the interest rate hike and the end of the acquisition of Swire Airlines are both completed. It is time for the plan to start. Don’t hold back the two of you.”

“Don’t worry Board-Chairman, I will wait to find President Liddell to promote the interest rate hike policy together.” Liu Tianci replied.


Xia Yu not at all informed Song Bo of the temporary strengthening plan at this time.

Anyway, he will do his best to fulfill the promise and Song Bo’s request. Things like this kind of huge opportunity, let Song Bo understood do more harm than good.

In the afternoon, the acquisition team of Jiuding Securities Ltd. went to Swire Airlines again.

At the same time, Wang Qi mobilized a larger amount of funds to flood the stock market, not only acquiring shares related to Swire Group, but also other potential blue chip stocks as his acquisition targets.

The difference is that Wang Qi’s actions this time are more secretive. Only a few of them are directly under the name of Jiuding Securities Ltd.’s funds. Overwhelming majority funds are all shelled or used anonymous accounts.

For non-Swire Group blue chip stocks, the buying power is very strong, while for Swire Group company shares, the power is smaller and relatively hidden.

In this way, even if the share transaction volume of the Swire Group companies has increased, it can still keep up with the overall market volume increase. It is far less noticeable than some blue chip stock transactions and will not let Swire Family vigilance.

In the next few days, a series of newspapers from Jiuding Newspapers Co. focused on the dispute between the Swire Family and the Song Family. After the enthusiasm became popular, other media followed the trend and reported that the matter was raging. Both parties were under tremendous pressure. Instead, it gets more intense.

Swire Family continued to suppress Song Family. Two companies successfully held temporary Board of Directors, which successfully diluted the equity shares of Song Family and made Song Family lose a lot.

Song Family is Hong Kong’s old rich and powerful family anyway. It always has some background. Song Bo’s old fox method is also quite superb. He constantly visits related shareholders and temporarily stabilizes some shareholders through the exchange of interests and promises. , Even signed a concerted action agreement, so that Swire Family will not have an all-round advantage, and Song Family has not been taken away by a wave.

Evening after 7 days.

Swire Family Mansion.

“…I have looked for many influences and local consortiums. Most of the influences who know about it are thinking about profiting from somebody’s misfortune. The asking price is very low. Obviously, they want to make quick money and will not confront the Jiuding Consortium.”

“Even if influence at first, who didn’t know the details, showed interest, it changed his mind after a few days. Obviously, he flinched after inquiring about the situation.”

After talking about these situations, Wade Swire sighed, with a sad expression on his face, complaining to Uncle Norman Swire: “Uncle, our plan should have been seen through by Jiuding Securities Ltd., and now I really can’t stand it.”

“We had another negotiation with Jiuding Securities Ltd. this afternoon. The process was very difficult. The representative of Jiuding Securities Ltd. even said that the only way out for Swire Airlines was to be acquired by them. The negotiation once reached the edge of collapse. , And finally broke up.”

“Just less than an hour after Jiuding Securities Ltd. left, I was notified that Welley, as the Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd Board-Chairman, proposed to hold a temporary Board of Directors two days later.”

“If they are not wrong, they are trying to dilute our equity shares in Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd this time.”

Speaking of this, Wade Swire was extremely unwilling and aggrieved, but was unable to prevent this from happening.

Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd. Whether it is the Board of Directors and the Shareholder Conference, is controlled by Welley. Swire Airlines can only accept it. It depends on Welley’s mood.

He did his best to delay time according to Uncle’s request. It has been delayed for 20 days, and it is really at the limit!

Norman Swire was silent for a long time, shook his head and sighed: “Jiuding Consortium won’t let us delay time. There is no way. Now that we have reached this point, let’s sell the company.”

“Resolved the dispute with Jiuding Consortium, shrinking capital and focusing on cleaning up the Song Family.”

Wade Swire was silent, and asked for a long time: “Then Uncle, shall we take the initiative to find Jiuding Securities Ltd.?”

Norman Swire said with some interest: “After 2 days, it will be the Board of Directors of Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd. Jiuding Securities Ltd. will definitely not take the initiative to find the door in these 2 days. Instead of waiting for the interests to be invaded, it is better to lower your head and contact them. .”

“Anyway, at this point, I have lost my face in front of Jiuding Consortium, not much worse.”

“Even if you take the initiative to negotiate with them, the benefits will be damaged, the losses will be relatively smaller.”

Wade Swire nodded did not speak any more.

For a while, the living room quieted down, and the grasshopper’s call from outside the house seemed so loud.

In the afternoon of the next day, Swire Airlines contacted Jiuding Securities Ltd. to request a new round of negotiations.

The negotiation atmosphere at this time is quite fierce, but it has always been controlled within an appropriate range. Jiuding Securities Ltd. is also very restrained here, because Wade Swire has not negotiated perfunctorily, nor has it been a price.

Following continuously negotiations, the two parties’ offers continue to move closer.

Until 4:00 pm, the two sides finally reached an agreement.

Perhaps because of the threat of Jiuding Industrial Group’s intervention, Norman Swire still failed to hold on to the bottom line explained by Uncle last month, and the price fell below 1 billion HKD!

Jiuding Securities Ltd. wholly acquired Swire Airlines at a price of 9 100000000 70 million HKD!

Starting in April and ending in mid-July, it took nearly 4 months. Cathay Pacific’s acquisition battle finally won Perfection!

Wang Qi notified Welley as soon as possible, and the two of them went to Jiuding Building together to announce the good news to Board-Chairman Xia Yu!

PS: Xia Yu is going to send the future father-in-law tonight, Wang Qi is out, and I will talk about the matter tomorrow, so it’s gone today. Let’s rest early.

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