Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1016

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“Are you here together?”

“Come in and sit down!”

Xia Yu, who was immersed in the written instructions, looked towards the door after hearing the knock on the door. When he saw Wang Qi and Welley coming together, his brows moved slightly and the expression said gently.

“Thank you Board-Chairman!”

After two people thanked respectfully, they walked into the office.

Wang Qi walked straight to Xia Yu, put a thick stack of paper bags on Xia Yu’s desk, and said, “Board-Chairman, this is the equity share certificate and transaction contract of Swire Airlines and its subsidiaries. I bought them all, and the total is 9 100000000 70 million HKD.”

“Well, thanks for your hard work!”

Xia Yu said with a faint smile, then took the file bag and opened it and pulled out something and looked at it.

He knew the price of the contract. Although he had authorized Wang Qi to sign the contract directly, after the transfer, Liu Tianci called and reported the matter to him, so he knew that the matter was successful before.

So after a simple look, Xia Yu satisfactorily put the documents and certificates aside.

After seeing Xia Yu, Wang Qi immediately asked: “Board-Chairman, Description Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company still has some equity shares in the hands of the public, and 5% in the hands of Swire Financial Company. Is Engineering Company going to privatize?”

Xia Yu thought for a while, shook his head and said, “I don’t need it for the time being. The stock price is still high now, and it will be more appropriate after a while.

Hearing what Xia Yu said, Wang Qi understood the meaning of Board-Chairman in seconds, and he didn’t say more.

After speaking to Wang Qi, Xia Yu looked towards Welley, who was sitting upright. Recalling Welley’s management skills, he pondered for a moment and said to him: “Welley, there is one thing you need to do.”

“Board-Chairman, please tell me!”

Welley immediately replied.

Xia Yu thought about it for a while and finished the draft and said: “I don’t like the two words Swire. Swire Airlines needs to be rectified. The company changed its name to Cathay Pacific Group Co., Ltd., under its jurisdiction Cathay Pacific Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Airport Services Ltd, and Description Hong Kong Aircraft. Engineering Company and also holds equity shares of Dongfeng Airlines.”

“The affiliation of Level 2 subsidiaries remains unchanged for the time being.”

“Cathay Pacific Group Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiuding Industrial Group. You serve as the Board-Chairman and CEO, and you also serve as the Board-Chairman of Cathay Pacific Co., Ltd.”

“Everyone related to Swire Family should be removed under the premise of ensuring the stability of the company, and the company’s assets should be sorted out as soon as possible, and the historical problems and burdens will be solved. If there are unsolvable problems, you will tell me. “

Welley replied excitedly: “Thank you Board-Chairman for your trust and promise to complete the task!”

The Board-Chairman of Cathay Pacific Co., Ltd. was promoted to the Board-Chairman of Cathay Pacific Group. This right and treatment directly raised a level. How could he be unhappy?

If total assets are calculated instead of net assets, after the capital injection of 9 100000000 million HKD in Cathay Pacific Co., Ltd., the assets of the entire group will definitely exceed 6 billion HKD.

In addition, he is also the Board-Chairman of Hutchison Whampoa. Although Hutchison Whampoa has lost weight, there are still more than 50 companies, which is also a Giant Overlord, which is not inferior to the Cathay Pacific Group.

In this way, he manages 100 100000000 million assets for Xia Yu.

As a person who came from Hutchison Whampoa and had a car on the road, it would be nice if he hadn’t been cleaned and fired. Now he can still be so highly regarded by Xia Yu, and he has fewer constraints than in Hutchison Whampoa. How can he not be excited?

Although I believe in Welley’s ability and mentality, I still need to mention something.

Xia Yu narrowed her smile, straightened her face, and said solemnly: “Welley, I am optimistic about your talents, but the key is to look at yourself and don’t live up to my expectations.”

Welley calmed down immediately and solemnly nodded: “Understood!”


The news of the completion of the transaction by Swire Airlines spread on the same day, and many media reported the matter next day.

Many media and people who eat melons have no regrets. After all, as Swire Airlines completes the transaction, the head-on conflict between Jiuding Consortium and Swire Group has disappeared, and there is no food for melons.

Fortunately, Swire Group still has hot spots, so many eyes are increasingly focused on the struggle between Swire Family and Song Family.

Xia Yu’s side is temporarily low-key, in order to speed up the secret layout and preparation when the line of sight is less.

Without the restraint of the Jiuding Consortium, Swire Family has more concentrated energy. It has dealt with Song Family wholeheartedly, which caused Song Bo’s pressure to increase sharply. He kept complaining to Xia Yu. Xia Yu could only advise Song Bo while urging him to speed up preparations. .

On July 7, at 17 5:4 pm on Monday, Hong Kong stock Four Major Stock Exchanges closed at the same time. The Hang Seng Index rose to 00 1800 points 61. The total turnover of Four Major Stock Exchanges on that day reached 2 billion 5 1 6000 million HKD. Still at a peak.

However, at 4:00 pm 48, the Hong Kong Association of Banks held a press conference to officially announce its decision to increase the bank’s various interest rates by 7%. After the interest rate hike, the prime interest rate rose from 8% to 2%. The savings deposit interest rate is 9%, and the mortgage interest rate has been increased to 1%!

The press conference is not over yet, and news is flying all over the sky.

Fortunately, the stock market has been closed, otherwise the stock market is very likely to fall.

The stock market trend of next Monday depends on whether the capital is calm or panicked after the news in the next two days after the weekend.


In the evening, Xia Yu met with Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok at an appointment.

The location was chosen at Henry Fok’s house. When Xia Yu arrived, Yue-Kong Pao had 2 cups of tea.

Upon seeing Xia Yu, Yue-Kong Pao smiled and congratulated: “A’Yu, congratulations, you have successfully eaten the aviation sector of Swire Group, and you have the title of an aviation tycoon.”

Henry Fok also played said with a smile: “A’Yu, ask you, can you count it? Haha…”

Xia Yu shook his head and reluctantly said with a smile: “A tycoon is not a tycoon. It’s just a gimmick. It is the gimmick made by the Hong Kong media. They are all for newspaper sales. Look at me if I am wearing a Hong Kong aviation tycoon. Isn’t it laughed to death by the world’s top aviation giants?”

Yue-Kong Pao once again jokingly said: “A’Yu, Cathay Pacific has you in charge. Will it be worse than those aviation giants in the future?”

“Those that are destined in the future will not be discussed in advance, I will walk with you. You used to dominate the Hong Kong shipping market and the bus market, plus the current aviation market. This day, there are all flying in the sky, running on the ground, and swimming in the water. , I think if the three titles are combined, they are called the Commander-in-Chief of the 3rd Army!”

“haha ……”

After laughing, Henry Fok arranged for the servant to serve food and called for his family to join in for dinner.

At the dinner table, we only talked about interesting things, not about business or heavy topics.

After eating and drinking, the three people came to the gazebo in the back garden to drink tea. The dim lighting matched the Insect Cry, which gave it a special taste.

Henry Fok took a sip of his tea and asked: “A’Yu, now there are a group of elite intellectuals in Hong Kong planning to go north to mainland next month. The organizer is the Founder Fu Chaoshu of China Daily. Has he ever contacted you? “

Xia Yu frowned, shake the head and said, “I didn’t find me.”

Then he asked again: “What is he going to talk about? Has he ever asked you?”

Henry Fok slightly nodded said: “He has looked for me, but I have been there this year. I can’t walk away during this time, but he also built a bridge for him.”

“He collected the opinions of many intellectuals, and the “Intermediate News” also conducted a poll. This time he went north to mainland. The starting point is good. If he can make a big gain on this trip, then we will have another important force. .”

Xia Yu said with a light smile: “I believe mainland will not let him down.”



After briefly chatting about this matter, Henry Fok ended the topic. He and Yue-Kong Pao looked at each other and finally talked about the true purpose of tonight.

“A’Yu, the pond in Hong Kong is now being stirred up by the press conference of the Bank Association in the afternoon. Your Jiuding Bank is a member of the Bank Association. You should know better than us. You have to give Old Brother advice. .”

Yue-Kong Pao then asked, “Yeah, A’Yu, you know the capital market far better than us. Now that banks are raising interest rates, the impact covers the entire Hong Kong, especially the mortgage interest rate raised to 9%, and loan interest also Add a per cent. This will not have a general impact on the real estate market. How can we go better?”

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