Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1017

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Facing the worries of Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok, Xia Yu said with a light smile: “Don’t worry, can I still adjust your bank loan interest rate?”

Yue-Kong Pao pulled his face and said with some dissatisfaction: “A’Yu, you have misunderstood what I meant. The bank interest rate should be as much as you want. The loan interest rate you gave us was the lowest in Hong Kong. This time your storage cost has also increased. If you want to borrow money later, you still want to lend me the original loan, which makes you lose money. Then where do you put my face?”

“What I want to ask is to what extent and direction the bank’s interest rate hikes may lead the real estate industry in Hong Kong. If we follow our previous plan for the real estate industry, how should we act this time?”

Xia Yu looked at Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok, who was looking at her with scorching eyes. He pondered for a long time, and seriously said: “Old Pao, Old Fok, with the land we got now, it has been enough to develop for several years, I personally suggest Do not continue to invest funds to acquire land for the time being. Projects that have already started construction continue to be constructed, and then prepare funds for bottom hunting.”

Bargain hunting?

When Xia Yu said this, it was Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok who had seen winds and waves, and they were still shocked.

The word bargaining is not a mess!

Henry Fok hurriedly asked: “A’Yu, do you mean the stock market crash will come again?”

Yue-Kong Pao also asked solemnly: “A’Yu, will this bank’s interest rate hike cause a stock market crash?”

No wonder they take it so seriously, who made them all experience the 1973 stock market crash?

The stock market crash caused many Chinese companies to close down or were on the verge of bankruptcy. Many companies broke their capital chains, but it was difficult to borrow money from banks.

Many more are because shares are used as collateral. When the stock price drops to a certain level, if the loan cannot be paid off, more shares can be taken out or the assets will be confiscated directly by the bank.

But the situation of the British company in the stock market crash was completely different.

The British company was able to easily borrow from banks controlled by British-owned banks such as Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and Hang Seng Bank.

It is precisely because of that stock market crash that Four Major British Consortiums lavishly low-priced mergers and acquisitions Chinese-owned companies, each consortium has at least 100 fifty-sixty companies, and as many as 300-400 companies, and its strength has expanded dramatically.

The two of them were very lucky and made it through. But without the help of some Chinese banks such as Bank of China (Hong Kong) and Nanyang Commercial Bank, it is hard to say whether they will be submerged in the stock market crash.

Now if there is another stock market crash, the uncontrollability and risk will be too great, and they must prepare as soon as possible so as not to pit themselves and Xia Yu again.

Moreover, if you prepare well in advance, you can’t be able to take the opportunity to explode like the Four Major British Consortiums after the last stock market crash.

Regarding the stock market disaster, Xia Yu planned to let the two people know before he came, and even decided to invite their two hard-core allies to join in, so he nodded and said: “Yes, the stock market disaster is indeed coming.”

It’s just that there are some things that he is not convenient to say. For example, he wants to promote the occurrence of the stock market crash, which is definitely not possible. Fortunately, he prepared the same convincing reason.

“In fact, the interest rate hike by the Association of Banks is just an introduction. The stock market crash is about to occur. In fact, the main reason is the dual impact of the global economic downturn and Hong Kong’s recession.”

Yue-Kong Pao frowned, and asked: “A’Yu, please explain more clearly.”

Xia Yu smiled and nodded, and continued: “I won’t say much about the reason for the bank association to raise interest rates. It was made very clear at the press conference.”

Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok expressed their understanding together, and then continued to look at Xia Yu quietly, waiting for his narration.

“Let’s talk about the global economic downturn. Europe has not yet come out of the economic quagmire, and the main force United States has not come out. Not only that, after the Fed announced an interest rate hike, capital returned to United States, but the United States stock market is still repeated Down and down, this has led to a weakening of investor sentiment.”

“United States is a capital target. Their own capital market is in a downturn. Europe’s stock market is also affected, let alone Hong Kong stock. After all, Hong Kong has too many foreign financial institutions, and these institutions have outflowed funds. The arbitrage rate spread is the proof.”

“As for Hong Kong’s economic recession, don’t look at Hong Kong now looking prosperous, but we all know that many labor-intensive companies have built factories in mainland, and their production capacity has been transferred. Although under my proposal, The Government of Hong Kong is building the Yuen Long Science and Technology Industrial Park, but it will take time to produce results.”

“In the time of the transfer of manufacturing, the contribution of the real estate industry to the economy has been further highlighted, but now we are suppressing housing prices. Other real estate companies have further increased their land acquisition costs due to bank interest rates. The ability to resist risks is gradually declining. This is what investors are looking at.”

“The current capital market has reached a record high, but according to my modeling analysis, it is a precursor to the’right shoulders’ trend. In the language of the charts, this is the appearance of a crash.”

“The stock market crash that may occur this time is caused by a combination of internal and external problems, so there is almost no way to prevent it. What can be done is to delay it. For example, use capital to stimulate the stock market and artificially create a general trend. Under the general trend, Hang Seng The Index will continue to rise.”

Speaking of this, Xia Yu paused, looked at Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok again, shrugged and said helplessly: “But you also know that flood control can only rely on negligence, not gambling, this time if it is artificially delayed The longer the ground is, the higher the Hang Seng Index will rise, and the stronger the power will be when it breaks out later!”

“The only way is to keep supporting the stock market until the world economy gets out of the quagmire, opening the ceiling for Hong Kong stock, and then the Yuen Long Science and Technology Industrial Park is completed as soon as possible to attract enough companies to build and put into production, and to consolidate Hong Kong’s economic foundation. .”

Xia Yu’s long talks are all dry stuff, Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok can be easily distinguished.

But it is the recognition of Xia Yu’s words that their mood becomes more complicated.

The stock market crash seems to be inevitably coming!

For a long time, Yue-Kong Pao said with eyebrows: “A’Yu, now Song Family and Swire Family are fighting fiercely. This is also the factor that helped the Hang Seng Index rise. Now Song Family is in danger. If Song Family is cleaned up by Swire Family, then The stock market crash is almost coming?”

“If we count this way, isn’t our time only a dozen days?”

To Yue-Kong Pao’s surprise, Xia Yu smiled and shook his head and said, “Old Pao, how can you be sure that Song Family will lose?”

Yue-Kong Pao immediately said: “Song Family is at a disadvantage in terms of capital and equity shares. How could they…er…”

“A’Yu, you seem pretty sure Song Family will win? Why?”

Xia Yu took a sip of tea and lightly said with a smile: “Because Song Family asked me for help, I will end.”

Yue-Kong Pao shook his whole body, looked at Xia Yu with scorching eyes, and asked: “A’Yu, didn’t you just come to an end with Swire Group? Are you planning to clean up Swire Group again?”

“Your decision absolutely exceeded everyone’s expectations!”

Xia Yu said with a light smile: “I didn’t take the initiative to fight Swire Group at this time, but Song Family gave me vital support when acquiring Cathay Pacific. At that time, I promised Song Bo that if Song Family suffered revenge and loss for that incident. As long as Song Family speaks, I will lend a helping hand.”

“So this time Swire Family retaliated against Song Family, Song Bo begged me, I naturally impossible to break the promise.”

“If you want to help Song Family acquire Swire Industrial Group and Swire Commerce Group when the share ratio is at a disadvantage, you can only go to war with Swire Group.”

“Anyway, I’m already offend dead, just hit it.”

“Old Pao, Old Fok, how about it, do you have any ideas for a fight together?”

In the last sentence, Xia Yu said to two people with a smile.

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