Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1018

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Chapter 1017 The Disadvantages of Equity Shares Pledge

“Haha, do you need to talk about it? Of course I did!”

“Now that Song Family and Swire Family are hovered between life and death, many people have already begun to stir, including me. Now that I know you will intervene, what am I hesitating!”

Yue-Kong Pao said loudly with a smile.

“I must be counted. I may not be able to play a major role in overcoming difficulties, but if you fight a tailwind, you are still capable of giving you a strong voice.” Henry Fok said jokingly and modestly, but the meaning was also very clear. .

“A’Yu, with your usual style, should you make a plan?” Yue-Kong Pao asked after laughing.

Xia Yu nodded said: “A preliminary plan has been made. I will tell you now.”

Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok immediately focused their attention on Xia Yu.

“After I acquired Swire Airlines, there are more than 2 large and small companies under Swire Group, but the overwhelming majority are all unlisted companies.”

“And in this, I have agreed to Song Family to help them acquire Swire Industrial Group and Swire Commercial Group. The equity shares held by Song Family in addition to the other companies that are connected to these two groups will be used. As the cost of the acquisition, if there is something you need, tell me directly when the time comes.”


“However, because of the imminent stock market crash, it is too uneconomical to acquire Swire Group companies at the current high or even higher stock price. Therefore, the real acquisition is to be placed at the back for bottom hunting. In the early stage, my plan was to speculate on the price. stand up.”

“Whether it is the shares of listed companies or the equity shares of non-listed companies, they compete with Swire Family in all directions, forcing them to spend a lot of money to acquire and increase their holdings. The more money they pay, the more harm they will suffer when the stock market crash occurs. The more you have!”

“At that time, unless Norman Swire wants to ruin the entire family, we can only spit out most of the assets. We seize the opportunity to buy the bottom. We will pick up the valuables and discard the worthless. The funds can also be used to acquire the market. Other companies on the…”

After quietly listening to what Xia Yu said, both Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok understood, and Yue-Kong Pao even stroked his palms to applaud.

“A’Yu, other people don’t know that the stock market crash is about to happen. Your plan can definitely collapse Swire Group in one fell swoop! A good strategy!”

“If you do it properly, it won’t be a problem to double your assets!”

“It seems that now we have to raise funds with all our strength, the more the better!” Henry Fok said with a drink.

In fact, Xia Yu’s plan is really simple, but because other people can’t guess that there will be a stock market crash, so as long as Xia Yu and the others remain silent, Swire Family must jump into the pit in order to preserve assets.

The debt ratio of the Hong Kong Swire Group is now close to 100 to 100000000 million HKD, and the debt to the entire United Kingdom Swire Group is more than 15 billion HKD.

This is just group-level liabilities.

If the Swire Family wants to deepen its control over the entire consortium, then it has to go in parallel, allowing each holding group to increase shares rights, and on the other hand, let the family funds increase their holdings.

Unless the group increases its holdings, unless it has a large amount of working capital, it must use the group’s assets and equity shares to mortgage the loan.

To increase the holdings of the Swire Family Fund, it is necessary to use the money of the Swire Family, or use the equity shares and assets held by the family fund to mortgage loan.

In any case, assets and equity shares must be mortgaged, depending on whether the borrower is a bank or another family or institution.

However, once the company’s stock price fluctuates sharply and the stock price of pledged shares falls below the market value warning line set by the bank when signing the loan contract, the pledger must add the pledge or deposit, otherwise the bank has the right to sell the equity shares after the agreed time. Make up for their own losses.

This principle has the same meaning as stock trading entrusted by stockholders to securities companies, and securities companies can force closing positions when stockholders lose money.

So as long as Swire Group and Swire Family have more loans and wait for the stock market crash, unless they can get money or equivalent assets to supplement the pledge, even if they don’t want to sell, they can’t help it.

“Old Pao, Old Fok, once we start a fight with the Swire Group, the Hang Seng Index breakthrough 2 1000 points is with no difficulty, but when the stock market crash comes, I am 100/90 that I can fall below 1000 points.”

“As for the time when the stock market crash ends, it’s hard to say, when the time comes, I will definitely remind you.”

Xia Yu continued.

“Okay, when the time comes we listen to your instructions.”


Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok have replied.


Early the next morning, Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok successively held meetings of the subsidiary company to shrink the company’s upper-level strategy and enhance its ability to resist risks.

At the same time, the two of them also urged their companies to speed up the collection of funds and increase their capital holdings.

In addition to the company, they tried to find ways to increase the liquidity in their hands.

And early that day, Xia Yu boarded the plane to Star City.

About three and a half hours later, Xia Yu arrived at Changi Airport, which was opened just before half a month in Star City, and then stayed at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Star City.

In the afternoon, Xia Yu took the opportunity to inspect his company in Star City, and then rested until 5 o’clock in the evening. After making some preparations, he drove to Qiu Family.

Coming to Star City in person this time, Xia Yu’s goal is Qiu Deba!

More specifically, it is the 100:7/8 equity shares of Swire shares Co., Ltd. held by Qiu Family!

After Jiuding Securities Ltd.’s team came to the door repeatedly to no avail, and Qiu Family was kindly received, and did not agree or explicitly refuse, Xia Yu guessed that Qiu Deba should be waiting for him to come in person.

As for Qiu Deba’s purpose, Xia Yu couldn’t guess, but it might be clear tonight.

The agreed time is 6:00 pm and a half. When Xia Yu’s car arrives at Qiu Family, it is 6:20 40%, which is very suitable within 5 to 1 minutes in advance.

Facing the arrival of Xia Yu, Hong Kong’s most powerful big shot, Qiu Family gave a grand welcome ceremony.

When Xia Yu’s car went through the big iron gate of the house and came to the front entrance of the inner villa, he saw Qiu Depai, who was over sixty years old and had white temples, and his descendants were standing at the door in person. He immediately ordered the car to stop. , Let Li Wuming take the carefully prepared gift, after getting out 3 steps and 2 steps towards Qiu Deba.

“Qiu Old Mister, you are a junior. It really makes me feel uneasy to please your old family to welcome me with a celebration!”

Xia Yu pretended to be grateful and fearful, and shook hands with Qiu Deba and said quickly.

When he met Qiu Deba for the first time, Qiu Deba directly gave him such a big gift. Although it showed Qiu Family’s enthusiasm and attention, Xia Yu could not accept it as it should be by rights.

Otherwise, even if Qiu Deba’s face will still be full of smiles, it is difficult to guarantee that Xia Yu will not be a human being in the heart.

Moreover, they all say that people must ask for something in courtesy. This time it was obvious that Xia Yu came to the door to ask for something, but now Qiu Family has such a big battle.

It’s said that it’s no wonder that there are many people who give gifts. Xia Yu feels that Qiu Family’s gifts are too big, but there is no way to have any opinions.

And after receiving such a big gift, if Qiu Family has something to ask for, Xia Yu will have to think about it.

And what Xia Yu asked for could not make Qiu Family suffer.

“Haha, Mr. Xia is too modest. I don’t know that you are God of Wealth, or even my legendary character in Chinese. I have admired you for a long time, but I never saw it.”

“This time Mr. Xia is able to visit my Qiu Family. It is the ultimate happy event of my Qiu Family in these years. If it weren’t, it would seem that my Qiu Family is not good enough.”

Qiu Deba laughed and said.

Xia Yu shook his head and smiled bitterly and said: “Qiu Old Mister, you praise me too much. You are always recognized as an outstanding banker, God of Wealth of everyone in mind. When you were always in business, I was not born yet!”

“This time I came to learn from your Old Senior.”

Qiu Deba hurriedly waved his hand and said, “Hey, I don’t dare to learn from the past. It is all my business to talk about each other. We must have a good chat tonight.”

“Mr. Xia, please come inside!”

“You always please!”

PS: There will be tonight, but it will be very late. Let’s rest early and see tomorrow, good night

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