Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1019

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After the entire group entered the Qiu Family’s living room and sat down one after another, Xia Yu found a topic and chatted with Qiu Deba. Qiu Deba was also very curious about Xia Yu’s Legendary experience and asked about it from time to time.

Qiu Deba married 2 wives and has 3 sons and eleven daughters. Except for the married daughter, there are now 3 sons and 4 daughters in the family.

Among them, eldest son is Qiu Jinshan, a middle-aged man who is over 40 years old. From the outside, he is an old and stable person. According to the investigation of Xia Yu, Qiu Jinshan is not bad in ability and serves as a board member of Qiu Clan Group. Directly manages the Central Industry Co., Ltd., one of the three largest listed companies of the Qiu Clan Group, and assists Qiu Deba in managing the family business.

The second son is Qiu Jinliang, wearing a pair of gold glasses, over 30 years old, with a fair complexion, looks like a gentleman, with a Confucian temperament, and assists the family in running the listed company of Malaysia Hotel Group.

As for the youngest son, only 12 years old, named Qiu golden sea, he is a cute little boy, but Xia Yu previous life heard the name of Qiu golden sea, he became a well-known director and filmed a lot of influence Huge movie.

During the chatting between Xia Yu and Qiu Deba, Qiu Jinshan and Qiu Jinliang listened quietly, obviously interested in some things Xia Yu told.

Qiu Golden Sea, the youngest, couldn’t sit still. He didn’t seem to be sensitive to business at all. His butt was writhing on the sofa. If it hadn’t been for the father’s approval, he would have gone to play.

Fortunately, dinner rescued him.

At 7 o’clock, all the sumptuous dinners were served, Qiu Deba stopped talking and greeted Xia Yu and the others to serve together.

It was so lively between pushing the cup and changing the cup.

The distance between the two parties has narrowed a lot after a meal.

After dinner, Qiu Deba and Xia Yu went back to the tea table in the living room to chat.

When the atmosphere was warm, Xia Yu officially entered today’s theme.

Xia Yu said bluntly: “Qiu Old Mister, the equity shares of Swire shares are really important to me. I hope you can always cut your love and transfer the 100:7 8 equity shares held by Qiu Family to me. .”

Qiu Deba, who was originally smiling, narrowed his smile a little, and immediately agreed not at all, but asked with a faint smile: “Mr. Xia, haven’t you already won the Swire airline? Why do you still want to be with Swire Family? Fight?”

Xia Yu looked helpless and said: “Qiu Old Mister, I thought there was nothing going on at first, but things are unpredictable. People begged me to help deal with Swire Family. I couldn’t get rid of it, so I had to brace oneself. .”

Qiu Deba moved in his heart. Although he was curious about who asked Xia Yu to help, since Xia Yu didn’t say anything vaguely, he couldn’t ask any more questions.

He also said helplessly: “Mr. Xia, your fight with Swire Family is really an expert fight, just like before, in just 2 months, due to the loss of the backbone of Swire Airlines, Swire shares’ stock price plunge, the market value has dropped from the peak of 8 more than 1 billion HKD to less than 6 billion HKD now.”

“You continue to fight Swire Family now, it seems that I won’t be able to quit, hey…”

Xia Yu heard the deep meaning of Qiu Deba’s words, and he was busy and solemnly apologized: “Qiu Old Mister, I am very sorry about this, because Swire shares and Swire Airlines have always been controlled by the Swire Family, so when I competed I only stared at the Swire Family, really did not consider the loss of your other shareholders.”

“But it shouldn’t be too late to wake up. I am willing to buy your equity shares at the original stock price. What do you think?”

Qiu Deba’s face revealed a pondering look, as if his heart was struggling violently.

Xia Yu thought for a while, and said in a soothing tone: “Qiu Old Mister, there are some things that are not convenient to tell you clearly, but from my personal point of view, I am very willing to become close friends with Qiu Family, so I don’t want to Seeing Qiu Family suffer a loss again.”

“I think I have always believed in Chinese. If you believe me, I suggest you stop holding Swire Group’s equity shares. Even if you don’t sell it to me, I hope you sell it as soon as possible.”

“This is my heartfelt suggestion!”

Qiu Deba browses frowned and stares at Xia Yu, and finds that Xia Yu’s eyes are full of sincerity, not like lying.

He realized that Xia Yu was not threatening him, and the anger that rose up in his heart immediately disappeared. He suddenly realized that there must be a bigger plan in it.

In the battle between Swire Family and Xia Yu, he is undoubtedly quite optimistic about Xia Yu. Xia Yu can also take away Swire Airlines under the strict control of Swire Family, then it will cause more damage to Swire Family and Swire Group. Nor is it impossible!

When he received Xia Yu’s greeting, he had initially decided to sell equity shares to Xia Yu. The success or failure depends on Xia Yu’s performance.

Now that Xia Yu suddenly said these things, Qiu Deba’s mentality has changed again. He hopes to make friends with Xia Yu more and more. It may be too late.

After all, if the Swire Group falls again, the only British consortium in which Hong Kong can have a big influence will be Wheelock and Company.

Now the Jiuding Consortium of Xia Yu is already the Giant Overlord of Hong Kong. When the time comes, there are no more constraints. It is definitely the time of Dragon 4 Seas. It is undoubtedly the best result to become a cooperation partner with Xia Yu.

The result is doomed, so it is undoubtedly better for him to get in the car early.

So he first thanked: “Mr. Xia, first of all thank you for your reminder.”

Then he continued: “You can also transfer the equity shares of Swire shares to you, but my Qiu Family is not short of cash.”

“At that time, the purchase of equity shares of Swire shares was first for investment and to obtain a hen that would lay eggs, and 2 for the purpose of broadening contacts and using the influence of Swire Group to gain broader development space.”

“If I sell equity shares to you, it would be difficult for me to invest where I have the funds, so I will brazenly make a request.”

Xia Yu made a please gesture and said: “Please speak!”

Qiu Deba pondered for a moment, and said in a suitable tone: “You called me an outstanding banker before, but you are ashamed. Compared with Mr. Xia, what kind of banker is the person who lost all of my venture banks? “

“But the banking industry is indeed the industry where my Qiu Family has risen. I also hope to continue to make great achievements in the banking industry, and my eldest son Jinshan is also very interested in the financial industry.”

“So I hope to be able to exchange shares with Mr. Xia and exchange for equity shares of the bank.”

After speaking, Qiu Deba looked at Xia Yu with scorching eyes and saw that Xia Yu’s brows were slightly wrinkled, and his heart gradually rose.

Xia Yu was indeed a little dissatisfied, and she also understood why Qiu Deba gave such a big gift in the afternoon. His feelings were for his bank.

Jiuding Bank is his foundation. Even Yue-Kong Pao and Henry Fok did not get Jiuding Bank’s equity shares. Now Qiu Deba’s request really makes him unhappy.

It’s just that Xia Yu is very human after all, and the slightest dissatisfaction in his heart is soon suppressed by reason.

Xia Yu thought of Qiu Family’s past.

Qiu Deba’s father is a wealthy rice merchant and a shareholder of many banks. In 1933, Qiu Deba, who was only 16 years old, joined the OCBC Bank founded by his father. Then in 1959, he had been Deputy General Manager of OCBC Bank for a long time, but because of the small amount of shares, Qiu Deba could not enter the Board of Directors, so he decided to leave for another development.

Then in 1960, after leaving his job, Qiu Deba and several people partnered with 10 million ringgit capital to open Malayan Bank in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.

It took only 6 years. By 1966, Maybank had 108 branches and began to break the monopoly of foreign banks in Malaysia. Therefore, Qiu Deba was recognized as an outstanding banker. Qiu Family also used Malaysia. Come to the Bank of Asia to lay the foundation.

But the good times did not last long. Because Star City was independent from Malaysia in 1965, Qiu Deba, whose foundation is mainly in Star City, became a thorn in the eyes of the Malaysian government.

The political hostility of the Singapore-Malaysian division spread, and Malaysian officials manipulated it behind the scenes. After 1966 rumors in 4, it was rumored that Qiu Deba borrowed money from his bank without a mortgage, which led to a run on Malayan Bank and its collapse. On the verge, the Malaysian government seized the opportunity to take over forcibly, and then reorganized Maybank in January 1967, and became Maybank’s most major shareholder.

Although Qiu Family still holds a portion of Maybank’s equity shares, where has it ever won a government?

No good for him, the pot didn’t let him back.

It was not until 1976 that he resigned from the board member position of Maybank, and Maybank, which he founded, became fully owned by the Malaysian government.

Although Qiu Deba lost Maybank, after he tasted the sweetness of banking, how could he give up?

Therefore, we are still getting involved in the banking industry. For example, Brunei and Brunei Sudan’s younger brother run Brunei National Bank.

However, due to the resistance of Star City and Malaysia, Brunei National Bank has been unable to obtain the bank license of Star City and Malaysia, leaving Qiu Deba with nowhere to use it, and he is very aggrieved.

At this moment, Xia Yu had an idea and thought of something, her brows gradually eased.

Qiu Deba, who had been paying close attention to Xia Yu, moved in his heart and raised his sinking heart again.

After a while, I just heard Xia Yu say: “Qiu Old Mister, Jiuding Bank is not for sale and shoulders a heavy responsibility. I will not sell equity shares to anyone. In Hong Kong, Yue-Kong Pao and the others asked me before. I did not transfer even one share, so please forgive me!”

The relationship between him and Yue-Kong Pao is as everyone knows. Xia Yu cited this example. Even if he rejected Qiu Deba, Qiu Deba could not be angry.

Just when Qiu Deba smiled reluctantly.

Xia Yu changed the conversation and continued: “But Qiu Old Mister, with your old experience and creativity in the banking industry, if you don’t run a bank, it is indeed a waste of your talent.”

“I also look forward to working closely with you in the banking industry.”

“I think so. Except for Jiuding Bank, we are cooperating with other banks, and the bank is not bad. What do you think?”

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