Rebirth Strongest Tycoon Chapter 1020

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Chapter 1019 600 million 30 million!

Expecting the sense of loss to be regained makes Qiu Deba more curious.

He asked, “Mr. Xia, can I know which bank it is? Is it Hong Kong or Southeast Asia?”

Xia Yu thought for a while and said with a smile: “Qiu Old Mister, the business covers these two areas. You can rest assured that this bank is enough to accommodate the two of us, and you cannot replace all of the equity shares with Swire shares. “

Hearing this, although he didn’t know which bank it was, Qiu Deba had already smiled.

Even according to the original market value of Swire shares, his 100/7 equity shares are worth more than 8 million HKD.

If according to Xia Yu’s words, how can this bank be worth 1 billion HKD!

If it is only worth 1 billion HKD, the controlling interest is their Qiu Family.

If the value of 1 billion HKD is greatly exceeded, although the controlling interest may not be obtained, Qiu Deba is also satisfied.


With such a high value, there seem to be only a few banks that cover Hong Kong and Southeast Asia?

Is it the public bank founded by Zheng Hongbiao, who co-founded Malayan Banking with him and then left?

Or is it the UOB established by Sarawak Huang Family and other Chinese families?

Or is it the OCBC Bank founded by Star City Rubber King and Tan Kah Kee’s son-in-law Li Guangqian?


each and everyone The bank flashed in his mind, but Qiu Deba felt that Xia Yu might not be able to acquire it, so he could not determine the target at all.

He said with a bitter smile: “Mr. Xia, what you said made me even more curious, like a cat scratching in my heart, if I don’t know the result, I won’t sleep well tonight.”

Xia Yu laughed, but didn’t tell him, but just asked, “Qiu Old Mister, you just said, the bank I mentioned does not meet your requirements? Is it suitable as a cooperation platform for our two companies?”

Qiu Deba said without hesitation: “If what is said is true, then of course it is appropriate. I agree to exchange shares!”

Xia Yu nodded immediately confirmed: “It must be true. When the time comes, you will know that it will definitely not disappoint you!”

Qiu Deba heard Xia Yu’s unspoken implication, he narrowed his smile and asked: “Mr. Xia, don’t you plan to trade with me in the near future?”

Xia Yu explained with a smile: “It’s not recently, I’m already in the layout now, and it will take some time to get it.”

“But I hope that Mr. Qiu can first transfer the equity shares of Swire shares to me.”

As soon as he said this, Qiu Deba’s smile froze, and his two sons also had expressions that hesitated.

“Mr. Xia, do you not conform to business rules?”

Qiu Deba said softly.

Xia Yu neither fast nor slow, said with a light smile: “Qiu Old Mister, listen to me, I always pay attention to you in business, and I also act in accordance with the rules, so in the contract, I am willing to write additional clauses. “

Qiu Deba heart moved and made a please gesture, beckoning Xia Yu to continue.

Xia Yu added: “This can be written on the ancillary terms. I will take out a bank worth 1 billion HKD within a year as the object of equity shares replacement. If the time is up, I will use Jiuding Bank’s equity. shares instead, and interest is paid according to Star City’s lowest lending rate in the banking industry.”

“Mr. Qiu, what do you think?”

Xia Yu’s words have been said for this purpose, and the attitude has been put forward. Of course Qiu Deba has no opinion.

He even wished that Xia Yu could not find a bank worth more than 1 billion HKD. It was not ideal to replace Jiuding Bank’s equity shares with Swire shares’ equity shares.

Even if Xia Yu really took out such a bank, it also met his needs and he was also satisfied.

Therefore, Qiu Deba said with a smile: “Mr. Xia, since you are so majestic, I will appear to be incapable of life if I disagree.”

“Just do what you said, I can trade anytime!”

Xia Yu smiled and asked: “Qiu Old Mister, what about the price of Swire shares’s equity shares?”

Xia Yu has said before that it is calculated based on the previous market value of Swire shares, which is now more than 35% premium, which can be said to be very face-saving.

He is not the kind of person who doesn’t know right and wrong, so he didn’t make any unreasonable demands, and simply said: “Just follow the meaning you just said Mr. Xia.”


After Xia Yu finished speaking, he raised his hand to look at the time of his watch and found that it was almost 9 o’clock.

It’s too late tonight.

Thinking of this, he said to Qiu Deba: “Qiu Old Mister, it’s too late tonight. How about we sign the contract at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning?”

Qiu Deba nodded with a smile: “Yes, I said I can do it anytime, as long as it is convenient for you.”

“Then I will visit again at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning!”

After speaking, Xia Yu picked up the teacup and drank the tea in one cup, then stood up.

“Okay, I will wait for you at home!”

Qiu Deba also stood up, stretched out his hand to Xia Yu, and Xia Yu reached out to hold it.

“Qiu Old Mister, let’s be here tonight, I will go back first, thank you for your hospitality!”

“Rough tea and light rice, Mr. Xia just doesn’t dislike it.”

“I see you off!”

After some greetings, Qiu Deba put Xia Yu in the car, and watched Xia Yu’s car drive away from his manor and disappear into the night.

Qiu Deba happily took his two sons back to the living room.

eldest son Qiu Jinshan asked curiously: “Dad, which bank do you think Mr. Xia can take out?”

Qiu Deba shook his head and said, “I can’t guess. Although Xia Yu is famous, his main relationship is in Hong Kong and Macau, and his connections in Southeast Asia are only average.”

“Moreover, his Jiuding Bank is well-known in Southeast Asia. Relying on high deposit interest rates and lower lending rates, it is extremely aggressive. Banks in the same industry hate and fear Jiuding Bank. If he wants to acquire these banks, it will be difficult. Not generally big.”

Qiu Jinshan was silent. As far as he knew, this was indeed the case. He also ran Brunei National Bank. Even if Brunei National Bank did not leave Brunei, in that small place, he felt the invisible competitive pressure of Jiuding Bank.

Qiu Deba continued: “But we don’t have to worry about it. Even if Xia Yu doesn’t take out Jiuding Bank’s equity shares, it’s not bad for banks such as Dao Heng Bank, Ka Wah Bank, Hang Lung Bank, etc. under Jiuding Bank. After being acquired by Jiuding Bank, capital increased and expanded rapidly. Three banks are distributed in Southeast Asia countries. To this day, no matter which one is worth more than 3 billion HKD.”

“As long as Xia Yu is willing, any one of them will be enough to fulfill the agreement.”

“Anyway, we just wait, no matter which one he takes out, as long as it is a bank!”

Qiu Jinshan nodded said: “Dad, you are right, no matter which bank it is, as long as it is a bank.”

Qiu Deba was silent for a moment, sighed, and said: “Unexpectedly, after losing Maybank, the planning and planning have been unsuccessful for so many years. Brunei National Bank will never be able to get out of Brunei. Now he saw other hopes, this fate. what……”

“As long as Xia Yu can fulfill his promise, the next time I meet Zheng Hongbiao, see how he laughs at me!”

Hearing father’s words, Qiu Jinshan and Qiu Jinliang 2 brothers looked at each other, but did not answer the conversation.

Zheng Hongbiao knew that they were father’s old friends, and they kept calling Uncle.

Both Zheng Hongbiao and Qiu Deba worked at OCBC Bank. More precisely, Zheng Hongbiao can grow rapidly at OCBC Bank without the help of Qiu Family.

Therefore, after Qiu Deba resigned from OCBC Bank, Zheng Hongbiao also came out and established Maybank in partnership with several others, and jointly built the bank.

It was just that Zheng Hongbiao had fewer equity shares in Maybank. In 1966, Zheng Hongbiao chose to give up during a bank run, and he immediately founded Public Bank.

On the other hand, Qiu Deba holds most of the equity shares in Maybank, and regards Maybank as his lifeblood, he is reluctant to leave. He hopes to get back from the Malaysian government. This battle will last ten years. Finally, he conceded defeat and withdrew, wasting ten years for this, making Qiu Deba sigh with regret every time he thinks about it.

On the other hand, Zheng Hongbiao, after decisively withdrawing, immediately established Public Bank and chose the right strategy. Only five months after opening, he set up a number of branches and then expanded rapidly.

By 1976, just ten years have passed.

That year, Qiu Deba sadly ended and left Maybank, but Zheng Hongbiao’s Public Bank listed on the Kuala Lumpur stock exchange.

Ten years ago, Qiu Deba took the lead, and Zheng Hongbiao was only an auxiliary. The scenery belonged to Qiu Deba and was hailed as an outstanding banker.

Ten years later, this title was moved to Zheng Hong’s header, which was not much better than Qiu Deba’s glory back then.

Although the two of them are still good friends, Qiu Deba is depressed whenever he thinks that his younger brother ran ahead of him.


Now I finally see hope.

And there is hope of overtaking in one fell swoop!

“I hope Xia Yu will fulfill the equity shares delivered to the bank soon…”

Secretly said in one’s heart, Qiu De pulled back to the room to wash and fell asleep.

That night, Qiu Deba had a dream, in which he became a big banker in Southeast Asia world-shaking…

Early the next day.

After eating breakfast, Xia Yu brought the acquisition team to Qiu Deba’s home again before 9 o’clock, and met Qiu Deba’s father and son, and the staff they brought.

After Xia Yu and Qiu Deba explained the situation, the acquisition teams of the two parties quickly negotiated and acted.

Xia Yu and Qiu Deba were drinking tea and chatting, and the atmosphere was very warm.

Soon, a complete contract was sorted out. The lawyers of Xia Yu, Qiu Deba, and the impartial party all stated that the terms were very reasonable.

In terms of price.

Qiu Family’s 100:7/8 equity shares of Swire shares are valued at 636 million HKD.

After the contract was signed, Qiu Deba handed the proof of equity shares to Xia Yu.

Looking at the proof of equity shares in his hand, Xia Yu thanked him with a smile on his face: “Qiu Old Mister, thank you again for your generosity!”

Qiu Deba laughed, waved his hand and said, “Mr. Xia, I dare not be it.”

“It is the honor of my life to cooperate with you!”


“Mr. Xia, will you have a light meal with me at noon?”

“No, many thanks Qiu Old Mister, next time, I have to go to Kuala Lumpur today. Some things have to be done today, and I will rush back to Hong Kong tomorrow.”

“Is that so? Okay, your business matters, wait for next time, you come to Star City must inform me.”

“Will do.”


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